Scorpio Rising: Its Astrological Meaning -

Scorpio Rising: Its Astrological Meaning

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The Scorpio rising is a position in the zodiac. It takes place when the sun is rising over the eastern horizon at the time you were born. People who have the Scorpio rising on their birth chart hold so much power. They’re strong, mysterious, and illuminating. Their strong presence is both their power and weakness. They’re the mystery of this world.

The Scorpio’s sun sign provokes our egotistical nature. Contrary to it, the rising sign influences how we react to the outside world. It is our initial impressions and reactions to the physical world. The Scorpio Rising Sign will portray traits in a different manner than the Scorpio Sun sign. Both, on the other hand, show Mars's tenacious persistence and Pluto's transformational character.

Scorpio as a Zodiac Sign

The Scorpio is the eighth sign of the zodiac and is a fixed water sign. Its representative animal is the scorpion. Its representing constellation is the Scorpius, located at the Southern celestial hemisphere. The constellation lies between Libra and Sagittarius. Together with Cancer and Pisces, they make up the water trigon of the zodiac. The zodiac sign Scorpio is primarily ruled by Pluto and Co-ruled by the planet Mars.

Impact in Astrology

Scorpio is a water sign, although it is sometimes misidentified as a fire sign. Those born under this astrological sign exude a strong sense of commitment and drive. Scorpios are tenacious and loyal beings. As an addition, they also have a keen sense of intuition and may be “prophetic”.

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Scorpio Mythology

The legend behind the zodiac sign Scorpio comes from Greek mythology. The scorpion's connection to Orion's death is the most well-known version of this tale. Orion is one of Poseidon's numerous sons with Euryale. Euryale is the Gorgon's second eldest sister. Artemis was a favorite of Orion's, and the two became hunting companions.

Artemis' brother, Apollo, was envious of this closeness. As revenge, he asked Mother Earth to help him bring a massive scorpion. Orion was stung and murdered by this massive and powerful scorpion. Per Artemis' request, Zeus casted the scorpion and Orion as constellations. This is to honor of Orion's sad death. Because Orion is a famous hunter, even as a constellation, he is thought to arise and hunt every winter. He vanishes, though, when summer arrives, when the scorpion first appears in the sky.

Basic Traits

Those born with the Scorpio rising sign dislike complying with social norms. This is because of the diverse attributes the two ruling planets, Mars and Pluto give off to them.

Many people hate them for that, but it’s who they are. They don’t want to force themselves into doing something they don’t take interest to “belong”. They hate being someone they’re not. People born under this astrological sign despise superficial appearances more than anything else. They prefer to be “frank and authentic” than “nice and fake”.

Even with their rebellious nature, they don’t like acting out and being the center of attention. They’re the silent rebels of the universe. They prefer to be quiet at the back unless you provoke them to speak up. At times like this, you should prepare yourself for their tough and honest view that vary from yours. If you’re not ready to get contradicted, let them be at the background, like how they wanted

Scorpio Rising in Forming Relationships

They prefer to be in relationships with people who are trustworthy. Being a water sign, they invest more on emotional depths rather than intellectual connections. They prefer to have deep connections that weighs more than material security.

They are intricate and “picky” about who they choose to open up to. This is because they focus on sincerity over practicality and other things. It’s hard to let their guards down, especially in building relationships. For most people, they appear as someone who has unrealistically “high standards”. But, since they give all out when they’re interested in someone, it’s rather a wise move to be “choosy”. It is their primary defense mechanism to avoid themselves from pain.

Impact to the World

Similar to Virgo rising, people born under the Scorpio rising sign have a significant ability transform situations. This is because of Pluto's significant influence in their sign. May it be for the better or worse, they can transform these situations by just being in there, or just being a part of it. But there is always a consequence in everything they do. Depending on the things they did, the consequence can either bring them good or bad karma.

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Scorpios have such intimidating and powerful presence. Even if it’s unintentional, it is easy for them to make other people feel insecure and downgraded. Not only can they transform events but can also change one’s outlook of himself in a small amount of time. While it’s not their fault for being born with this kind of energy, at most times, the other person will blame them for it.

If you have this astrological placement, you probably heard at least once in your life the phases: “I hate how you make me feel about myself” or “You always make me feel like I’m not good enough”. It’s unfortunate, but in your life, you’re mostly blamed for the failure of others.

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Potential Challenges

  • You might have difficulties building genuine relationships because of your strong presence

A person with this astrological placement need not to become fake just so she won’t hurt anyone. What she need is to give a little effort into checking in with people they want to connect with. Ask them if they’re presence in any way bothers them and try to be sensitive of others’ feelings.

  • You may have difficulty balancing things in your life

Because of the placement of this rising sign in certain houses, elemental frictions are present. This will make Scorpios feel extreme highs and lows. They feel like what they have are only two options. They will either “care too much” for someone or “not care at all. They may feel like you can only choose one side between the two polar sides of a stick.

  • As you are very careful of who to let in your life, you have the tendency to be too judgmental of others

Nothing is wrong with being cautious. Being too suspicious might become a problem. You might have difficulties in making friends and other meaningful relationships. If you happen to meet someone who doesn’t share the same beliefs you have, you give this person the “cold shoulder”. This happens more so often. You’re quick to build your wall up high. You deny that person the chance to redeem himself of the negative image you created of him. The road would likely become lonely when you fail to recognize this negative aspect.

Strengths of the Scorpio Rising

  • Your intuitions are mostly accurate

Some even label people born under the Scorpio rising as “potential psychics”. Most of the time, their accurate institutions scare other people. Their psychic-like abilities are pretty evident when they judge people of their character. It's hard for them to let people in because of these judgments.

When something doesn’t feel right about a person, their initial negative impression of them is probably right. They have strong “gut feeling”.

  • You are passionate about something or someone you love

Mar's fiery influence bring out the strong passion in these people. They can go through great lengths just to achieve something they badly want or someone they want to have. When doing something they don’t fancy, however, one can never expect a good result from them. They tend to focus onto something they are really passionate about. On things like this, they always try to be better at it each passing day, so they’re good at having what they want. May not be the Jack of all trades, but they’re surely a master of one.

Suitable Careers for People with the Scorpio Rising on their Astrological Birth Charts

People under this zodiac position are burning with passion and dedication. They have all out focus and concentration on tasks they’re interested in. Once they’re decided to do something, they always make sure they’re able to bring out the best results. You can’t stop the fire in them once it’s already burning.

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For the people under this sign, consider jobs that demands a great deal of effort and attention. You have a natural charm and is a good judge of character. This will help you establish a career related to tending people’s needs. Listed below are career types a Scorpio Rising is best suited for:

  • Psychologist

Scorpios are great at interacting toward others. Despite their reputation for being enigmatic, they have this energy that is easy to get along. This is a valuable skill to have if you want to work in the mental health profession. A Scorpio is good at devising strategies. Their ability to map out situations might also be advantageous in this position. They are capable of seeing the overall picture of a client's situation. Scorpios also know the appropriate therapies that would help them recover fast.

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  • Researcher

No other job requires a lot of focus than being a researcher. In order to have valid and reliable results, a great amount of focus and passion is needed. There is no place for mediocrity in the research field. A researcher needs to have great dedication to give out new knowledge to the world.

When someone do this job out of responsibility, the results will disappoint them. In a field of intellectual people, they would become a laughingstock. If you are a Scorpio Rising and has plans of becoming a researcher, I say “go for it!”. Don’t be afraid to venture out a sea of intellectuals. You are good enough. Your passion will never disappoint you. You are made for greater things, a bringer of new light to science.

  • HR Professional

 A human resource personnel provides help to the organization. They are in charge of organizing interviews and assisting with the recruiting process. The ability to assess and judge people up to a certain extent is important to the job. They are also in charge of trainings and orientations. This position is best suited to individuals who are comfortable in social situations. Even if Scorpios exude mysterious energy, they have the ability to communicate with others easily, if they have to.

If you're a Scorpio who wants to pursue a career in human resources, you've got a great journey ahead of you!

  • Writer

Once people who has the Scorpio Rising on their zodiac are set to do something, they are up for it in the long run.

In being a writer, it is a requirement to finish what you have started. Writing requires a lot of patience and passion. Writers need to be fully invested on what they’re doing. If not, they usually have a hard time finding inspirations for their contents. Worse, they can suffer serious writer’s block. If you have a knack of creating stories and letting your imagination run wild, this career might be fit for you!

  • Lawyer

Scorpios rely on their intuitions most of the time. Their primary drives are their instinct and emotions. But, this doesn’t mean they are lacking on the intellectual side. People born under this astrological position also have the gift of intelligence. In being a lawyer, it is a good quality to be mysterious and secretive to secure the confidentiality of a client. Scorpios value privacy the most.

Unless their opinions are in need, they prefer to stay quiet and observe in silence. Good observation skills are especially important in being a lawyer. It will help you see the little things that has the possibility of winning a case. Scorpios are also good at comprehending great amounts of details. In the field of law, there is a lot of reading and comprehension for one to be competent in his job.

Famous people with this placement:

Lana Del Rey, Nicole Kidman, Tom Cruise, Robin Williams

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