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Spiritual meaning of running into an ex: Is it a comeback?

It’s been a while since you and your ex-boyfriend broke up, and the pain is still there. You’ve tried and tried to fix your relationship, but nothing seems to work. You decided to move on and forget all the bittersweet moments you shared.

However, one fine day, you bump into your ex. You stared into each other’s eyes as if the universe was telling you something.

You’re wondering the meaning of running into your ex, although you’ve been apart for a while.

If you run into your ex at a random place, it’s the universe’s way of telling you that you’re still in each other’s orbit. On a spiritual level, you’re still connected that you wind up at the same place and at the same time. It’s a sign that your ex probably misses you.

 A reunion with their ex could spark a second chance for some people. This chance started when you got home, your ex or could be you will send a message to that person, telling your feelings during the moment you saw them.

This conversation or meeting could serve as a closure or reconciliation, and it’s up to you how to play the thing called fate.

How do you know if your ex will come back spiritually?

The universe plays a significant role in any relationship, if you notice. If you pay close attention to the things and signs you’re looking for, then the universe could be telling you something.

If you think your breakup with your ex was unclear, and there’s this voice saying at the back of your head to fix it, don’t ignore it. Just listen to it; it could be a sign that there’s more to your ex than you think.

There are different signs the universe is telling you that your ex will come back to you and your paths will cross once again.

The first indication is that the breakup was no one’s fault. Remember why you broke up. Is it because your ex was moving far away? Is your ex going abroad for a work opportunity? Or there’s just a misunderstanding?

If your relationship ends because of different factors that are beyond your control, it’s the universe’s way of telling you that maybe the door isn’t closed for the both of you. You would also know because you don’t hate the person.

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The only thing you feel when you think of them is joyful memories.

If it hadn’t been for those inevitable factors, you’re confident that your future would’ve lasted longer.

One possible sign that your relationship with your ex isn’t over is when you still keep in touch. And you don’t feel awkward when calling this person, mainly because they also send you messages.

Even though your daily conversations are gone, you’re still updated with their lives because you are friends on different social media platforms or through your social circle.

Technically, you broke up, but it doesn’t feel like it because you’re still updated with each other’s lives. The way you keep your relationship casual could be the universe’s plan for you to stay in touch and rekindle your romance.

Another sign that you and your ex will come back together is deep down, and you still care for them. Even you’re not officially together, if anything bad happens to this person, you’ll be right there for them no matter what.

Your breakup isn’t terrible that your feelings for them instantly stopped and moved on right away. The love you will have for one another may not be as intense as before, but you know that there’s still a genuine love left, and you’re not going to let that person feel lonely.

You’re not always with them like you used to but deep inside, you still care about them, just like what you’re doing with your friends.

Another possible sign is that you and your ex are building yourself to strive for the same goal. Maybe the breakup happened because you’re both busy achieving your goals, and you’re going in opposite directions.

The universe has already set the plans for our lives, but we don’t know how long it will take to achieve that goal or travel in opposite directions. Nevertheless, the universe can give you a hint when it changes its plan.

After a few years of not being together, wait for the cosmic collision to happen. If you see your ex still working on the same project as you or you belong in the same professional circles, the universe will make a way no matter you’re apart from one another.

One possible indication that you’re not over with your ex is when your physical attraction hasn’t faded. Of course, you’ll meet another person that you’re attracted to, but nothing can beat your ex.

Every person you find attractive has a resemblance with your ex, whether the shape of the lips or how this person laughs. When you’re with your ex, you notice that your heart is beating too fast, and there are butterflies in your stomach. In a crowded place, your eyes only focus on them.

Call it a cosmic message, but it no denies that you still find them attractive even you’re no longer together. Moreover, even after your breakup, you’re still friends with them.

You don’t feel any hatred or resentment towards them. In fact, you’re enjoying their company.

You can ask for their advice when you need it. After all, they know you better more than anyone else.

The most exciting part is how you’re still comfortable with their presence. There’s no tension and awkwardness when you’re together. You’re in a cosmic position to rekindle a romance if you feel this.

Another sign from the universe that your ex is coming back is when you can still read each other. When you’re together, you still sense their mood and overall feeling.

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When they smile, only you can tell whether it’s genuine or not or whether they’re trying to hide something because you know how they act naturally.

Also, you notice when their eyes are wandering, or their voice lowers when they speak, you know that something’s bothering them. Well, these are signs that you shouldn’t ignore, and the universe tells you to pay attention.

What does it mean if you dream about running into your ex?

Dreaming about an ex is common and does not necessarily mean that you’re rooting to get back together. Your dream and unconscious mind are far more complicated than that.

When you dream about running into an ex, it means that you need closure. You don’t feel at ease with how things ended.

Whether you want to fix the relationship, breakups happen even you don’t plan it. This dream means that you wish something differently; maybe you could have said something to save the relationship.

But before you send a regretful text or call to your ex to get this so-called closure, keep in mind that you don’t have to actually speak to your ex to get the closure or feel resolved about how the relationship ended. Sometimes, this dream is the universe’s way of telling you that it ended now.

There are other types of dreams about your ex, such as recurring dreams about this person. If you dream about your ex often, it indicates your hidden desire to see them in your waking life. It could be that you haven’t seen this person for a long time and you wish to reminisce these memories you spent together.

These dreams represent your emotions for someone who holds a special place in your heart. In some cases, recurring dreams about your ex signify that this person is your first love and that love represents passion and intimacy.

Another weird dream about your ex is seeing this person getting married to someone else. This dream signifies lots of confusion and emotional stress in your present relationship.

This person is a remembrance from the past that’s either good or bad.

If your relationship with this person was good, it symbolizes that you’re still holding on and you’re not over yet with the breakup. Therefore, seeing this person marrying is painful and is unacceptable, as if you’re stuck and confined in the past.

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Dreaming of a dead ex is a warning sign. It indicates some danger in your waking life.

It could mean that the relationship is over now, and you can’t return to this person. You can finally move on from this relationship and forgive this person if they do something terrible to you.

Dreaming of an ex signifies inner healing and the end of a toxic relationship.

Seeing your ex rejecting you in your dream denotes that you must let go of your past and stop living in it. Focus on building your relationship with the present in your waking life.

Rejection from an ex means that your subconscious reminds you to heal from the past wounds you have experienced during your previous relationship. 

You should not think about old memories with your ex as it could give nothing more than suffering or open healed wounds, especially if your breakup didn’t go well.

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