How to Get a Taurus Man Back: Be His Target! -

How to Get a Taurus Man Back: Be His Target!

You can get the most stubborn Zodiac sign to want you back! Keep reading to find out how.

The Bull of the Zodiac doesn’t like to be chased or pleaded with; he needs gentle but deliberate gestures that entice and urge him to come back. Like a matador to a bull, be a target, and he’ll come charging back into your life!

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How to be a target, you ask? Be present and offer yourself; let the Taurus man know you want to get back together, then wait for him to make up his mind.

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While you wait, don’t stop convincing your man that getting back together with you is the best option for him. Work hard to make him miss you and regret losing you but don’t pressure him to decide right away.

The Taurus man can be hard-headed, but he still has a soft spot for the woman he loves long after a breakup. You have to appeal to the rational and practical part of him so that he can allow his emotional part the freedom to chase after you.

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This article will walk you through the tricky and complicated process of getting your Taurus man back and keeping him with you for good. It can get confusing, but with any luck and lots of patience, you’ll soon succeed!

Get the Taurus man

Getting the true nature of the Taurus man is the first step to getting him back. You have to understand the inner workings of his personality so that you can work your way to influencing his heart and mind.

The Taurus man has a Fixed Earth sign and is represented by The Bull. He is the epitome of stubbornness and stability, having a strong will and unchanging mind.

There is a hidden but significant part of the Taurus man that is sensitive and emotional owing to his ruling planet of Venus, the goddess of love. He can appear strong and solid as a rock, but he can fall passionately in love or go off the rails when mad.

The Taurus man loves routine and comfort; he will become accustomed to doing the same things day after day and not budge until he finds a motivation to change. He will stay in a stable relationship because of the comfort and familiarity it brings, not so much for the excitement and new experiences that come with it.

The Taurus man will leave a relationship if it becomes too disruptive for him and his current goals in life. He will take a long time to decide when to leave someone, but there is very little chance that he will change his mind when he does.  

Get the Taurus man back

The key to getting the Taurus man back is patience; slow and gentle steps are the way to respond to his stubbornness and harsh actions. Chasing after him and begging him to come back will not work but will only make him run away from you.

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Below are the things you can do after your breakup with the Taurus man to make him come running back to you.

Give him some time

The Taurus man will need some time for himself to process your breakup and to think and plan his next move. Try to stay away from him for a few weeks to show that you respect his boundaries and let him know you care for his well-being.

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Take this time away from your man to process and organize your feelings and thoughts regarding your breakup. Some time alone away from him can make you see the impact he has on your life and if it’s indeed a good idea to get back together with him.    

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Initiate contact with him

Don’t wait for the Taurus man to contact you after your breakup, or you’ll wait for a very long time. If you show your interest in reconnecting with him first, he will have the assurance that you will not reject him.

This assurance will give your Taurus man the confidence to explore the idea that you can get back together again. You contacting him first may be the sign he’s waiting for so that he can decide to make a move towards reconnecting with you.

Let him know how you feel

Reflect on your feelings and let your Taurus man know what these are. He will not make a move unless he has all the variables accounted for, and that includes knowing your clear and definite feelings for him.

Playing hard-to-get or making him jealous are the worst things you can do if you want your Taurus man back because these steps will only make him doubt your feelings. Treating the Taurus man with directness and honesty is the best way to a reconciliation with him.

Take responsibility and apologize

The end of any relationship is never the fault of one person; the sooner you realize this, the sooner you’ll accept that you also have a part to play in the issues and problems of your relationship. Apologize to your Taurus man and be sincere in taking responsibility for your past actions.

The Taurus man will not admit it, but he will be full of guilt for the failure of your relationship. He will love to know that you share his feelings and hold no grudges against him; he will be more willing to forgive and move to a new start with you.

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Focus on yourself

The Taurus man will take some time to decide, even when he knows you still love him and intend to get back together with him. You have to have your own thing to focus on while you wait for the Taurus man to make up his mind.

Being clingy by contacting your Taurus man all the time or being always available for him will make him lose interest in you. Make him interested in you by keeping busy and active in pursuing your goals; wait for him but focus on your current career, accomplish your projects with flying colors, and improve your technical skills.

Catch his eye

The Taurus man may still be on the fence about getting back together, but you can start attracting him closer to you to hasten his decision. He is a visual guy, so you need to up your game in styling and dressing up to catch his eye.

Switch up your look from time to time; sometimes, a change in your hair color or length can make a big difference. Try a new lipstick or makeup, use those sexy shoes, or wear a dress that shows off your body; do what makes you look good and feel confident, and that will draw him towards you like a moth to a flame.

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Resolve any cheating issues

If you or your Taurus man did any cheating that led to the breakup, your cheating issues need to be resolved before you can restart your relationship. Otherwise, these issues will remain on your minds and creep up on you and weaken your trust in each other.

A Taurus man who cheated or has been cheated on is not impossible to return to a relationship. Work through your issues together and get some professional help if you need to; it’s possible as long as you work hard and commit to your goal.

However, this could also be a flagrant red flag.

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Make the Taurus man stay

The Taurus man stays with a partner for many reasons, and I listed some of these below. Work hard to give him these reasons, and he’s sure to stick with you through thick and thin.

You are a respectful partner

The Taurus man has his own life to live the way he wants, and you have to respect that. Learn to accept and live with his strengths and weaknesses; compliment and appreciate his strengths and support him on his weaknesses.

Know your Taurus man and be attentive to his needs and desires so that you can provide them to him even before he asks. Always be there when he needs you, encourage him to express his thoughts and feelings, and value his financial, physical, or emotional contributions to the relationship.

You are a true friend

The Taurus man stays in a relationship when there is genuine friendship between him and his partner. He should feel the lightness, warmth, and comfort just by being with you; he has to forget the demanding and high-pressure life he lives when you’re around.

You have to be the loyal friend who would support your man without making him feel lacking or weak. You don’t have to agree with him on everything; be a true friend by understanding his point of view and getting over your differences.

You are a passionate lover

The Taurus man seeks comfort in a relationship, but that doesn’t mean you have to live a dull and unexciting life together. Your task as his partner is to balance and complement him, to bring out the Venusian in him by keeping the romance alive.

Inspire your Taurus man to try new experiences in all areas of your relationship and even in the bedroom. He will not initiate, but he will be a willing participant in trying out new adventures and enjoying them with you.

It may take some time for your Taurus man to show up at your front door, or for him to let you inside his life again. 

But if you're willing to give it another go with your Venusian man, studying his interests, personality, and character should be your first stop. Anna Kovach teaches you all of that in her famous Taurus Man Secrets guide.

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