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Tigers Eye Meaning: Healing Properties, Benefits & Uses

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Tiger's eye is a crystal with powerful and energizing yellow-golden bands running across it. Tiger's eye belongs to the Chalcedony mineral family. It has a silky sheen, and most of its parts have sheer opaqueness. Tiger's eye is a metamorphic rock that is usually reddish-brown with iron streaks.

History of Tigers Eye

The Tiger Eye is an earthy, rich gemstone that invites the wearer to embrace their inner strength of willpower to call for higher forces. There's no denying that Tiger Eyes stone has intense energy, colored with golden bands, specks of sand, and dark black and brown streaks.

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The traditional use of Tiger Eye Gemstone was through a protective amulet against evil powers. It can protect the wearer from curses and ill-wishes. Beyond its defensive capabilities, the Tiger Eye also has a variety of healing properties, which is similar to Onyx. Tigers Eye was so rare in the 16th century that they believe it is more valuable than gold.

Reasons Why You Should Start Using Tigers Eye

  • Physical Healing

Tiger's eye strengthens your blood flow that boosts resilience and power while maintaining your body's balance on all levels. It promotes fertility to women or couples having a hard time getting one. It stimulates the endocrine system by ensuring that your hormones and biochemistry will get back to normal. If Tiger's eye is unavailable, there are other crystals for fertility that you may find helpful. Tiger's eye has long notoriety for treating the eye by improving night vision. 

Tiger's eye will relieve your stomach and gall bladder problems and eliminates painful contractions. It can also improve in aligning your spine if you struggle with good posture. This stone will help speed up the healing of bone fractures by placing it on the surface of the affected area. You can also put the Tiger's Eye on either side of the head for you to energetically rebalance your brain's hemispheres.

Since the Tigers eye stone contains sun energy, it can help with seasonal illnesses like flu. Similar to the Howlite stone, it relieves your body when you are having nightmares and have trouble sleeping each night. It will also help lower your blood pressure and eases asthma attacks. From time to time, leave your Tiger eye stone on direct sunlight to recharge and spur its healing energies.

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  • Emotional Healing

Tiger's eye is a stone with a protective character and can also bring good emotional guidance to the wearer. It can concentrate the emotions, fostering emotional maturity. The Tiger eye stone will be assisting you in solving problems critically without the influence of your emotional flux. 

It is a strong stone that aids if you want to release any fear and anxiety while also promoting harmony and balance. It is perfect for treating depressive occurrences by removing what is bugging you. It will help you recognize your needs before thinking about others. Tiger's eye will balance your yin and yang. It will benefit your emotional body by energizing it will optimism.

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  • Mental Healing

Any toxic mental energy will wash away as part of the healing process. It will help you move aside any mental distress that hinders your growth. The stone also retains the heat of the sun, allowing you to reduce the weight of dark days for those who suffer from seasonal depression. 

  • Manifesting Prosperity

Tiger's eye eliminates any passivity and encourages you to think creatively. It challenges your artistic skills and your willingness to try new things. It will help you conquer fear during public performances, sell your business in the marketplace, or share proposals in important meetings. Tiger's eye amplifies the senses, allowing you to focus on small details and plan for positive action. It provides a snapshot of events and assists when things are moving too quickly. 

It is one of the most effective tools for overcoming a problem, and it is beneficial when you are afraid of making a mistake. It's perfect for reinforcing inner strength, bravery, and self-confidence so that you can tap into your energy. It's a motivating stone that replaces laziness and procrastination with enthusiasm and inspiration. It releases blocked creative energies and igniting your inner entrepreneurial. It boosts motivation and makes it easier to put ideas into action.

  • Relationship Healing

Tiger's eye is a stone that observes practicality and balance. It's perfect for calming down pressure in families and relationships caused by disagreements in outlook or ideas causing conflict. It encourages your connections to be open with various perspectives, religious views, or life approaches to see all sides of a problem and reach an agreement.

Tiger Eye can aid in the healing of a variety of relationships. It can help overcome low self-confidence, strengthen relationships with oneself, and complex emotional links to wealth. Tiger's eye works to unravel restricting values and clear toxic energy in your life.

The Metaphysical Benefits of Tigers Eye

The Tiger Eye stone's energies focus more on both your root and sacral chakras. It has a plethora of excellent healing properties and benefits that help balance physical and emotional health in one fell swoop, similar to Peridot. The Tigers Eye is more than a pleasing appearance. It serves as a reminder to tap into your inner power, stands a little taller. It reminds you to avoid self-sabotaging because all the light and love you need is already inside.

Tiger's eye is all about taking excellent self-confidence to the forefront and embrace it. It is a soothing companion for those who need help with their lower chakras. It is an earthly stone that harmonizes with the root chakra, the solar plexus chakra, and the sacral chakra. These are the chakras of protection and power, where you feel grounded and rooted to the earth under your feet. It will secure you enough in this world to jump higher and explore more profound levels of spiritual consciousness.

It can be challenging to feel secure and relaxed without a stable foundation for these chakras since they contribute significantly to keeping your bodies anchored. These stones are excellent amplifiers, which means they can tap into and enhance divine gifts. Using the gemstone as a spiritual amplifier to connect with higher realms might help the aura if you want to connect deeper to your third eye. But it's worth noting that the Tiger Eye is a more earthly root chakra stone.


Tiger's eye is an excellent amulet for banishing terror, enhancing security, and providing valuable transformational powers into your daily life. It is a powerful stone for those who have trouble staying rooted in their beliefs and values. It encourages you to take action and assists you in making choices based on logic and comprehension rather than emotion.

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