Twin Flame Climax: Ultimate Guide to Sexuality! -

Twin Flame Climax: Ultimate Guide to Sexuality!

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Two people who have this magnetic attraction have a strong sexual component. It makes them irresistible to their significant other even in the highs and lows of the relationship.

Twin flame connection can generate pleasure for the twin flames, whether physically or non-physically. They can feel each other's climaxes in your astral body if you are not together.

Can you imagine how two people have an immense connection with each other spiritually? How much more if they touch each other physically?

We all know that the twin flame bond is not about sexual desire. However, it is a natural phenomenon for them to express their love for each other through the act.

Molly, one of my readers, shared her insights about twin flame orgasm. She felt very intimate with her twin flame to the point that she also felt vulnerable at first, but eventually it got better and more comfortable.

Some people are hesitant to talk about sex and orgasm. The history of sexuality is associated with abuse, inequality, and power issues.

The wisdom of the sacred nature of sex was lost, and a cultural shift portrays it as sinful. Every spiritual tradition in the world knows about sacred sexuality as it is part of life.

However, unconditional love is about the templates of intimacy in relationships. It is a beautiful exchange of energy between twin flames.

I was in a really bad place before I knew my twin flame. Working two jobs, struggling to pay rent and just always so lonely.

After meeting him, I launched a business and made $11,300 the first month, moved into a bigger place, and I’ve never looked back. You can speed up your twin flame’s journey to you by identifying them.
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(P.S. Finding your twin flame is a meeting of souls, and could lead to a tumultuously hot ‘bedroom’ experience.)

Lovemaking is a mutually satisfying sexual exchange that naturally amplifies the bonding. It opens your heart even more, to allow the person to unite with you.

The twin flame climax is the peak experience where one can indulge in love, unity, and healing. The oneness of twin flames creates an indescribable bliss as you merge as one in ecstasy.

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The soul tells you the longing of the twin flame, and it is not right to invalidate it. You must honor and embrace by not denying the impulses of sexual desires.

However, it is necessary to bless and purify one's body as part of the sexual encounter. It is not just about making love as an act of satisfying sexual cravings.

As mirror souls, you both have the same energies. Once you engage in sexual activities, you are an open book to your twin flame.

You exchange everything in your heart and soul, including intentions, emotions, knowledge, and memories. There is no longer privacy whatsoever, so it becomes an avenue to get to know each other more.

What are the Benefits of Spiritual Sex?

There are many types of sex with distinct definitions. But let's talk about how you can benefit when you have sex.

It expresses profound love for your partner, and you reflect on yourself through your twin flame. They mirror you, and you mirror back to the world as a lovely couple.

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You are one unit, and there is no definite separation in your twin flame relationship. When you are together, you are in love, and you share that love with the world.

Believe it or not, you can attain enlightenment because you raise your higher vibrations. You are releasing your tension and opening your chakras.

Others say that the twin flame sexual energy helps clear away old wounds in the past. It can also serve as a cleansing activity from cultural and societal issues.

It can be a result of any trauma from childhood or any previous sexual behaviors acquired. Another thing that could block the energy flow is the lack of trust and low self-esteem.

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When you focus on something else while doing the act, you cannot have a meaningful orgasm. Having distractions in your mind could affect your performance in bed.

In addition, your twin flame can feel and sense everything about you. Thus, they become distracted as well posing difficulty in reaching climax.

Remember that it is a way to express the fire burning in your body with every cuddle and kiss. Your whole body is connected with your spirit and mind as you dance through each other.

Everything changes after the peak of performance because you let go of anything holding you back. You feel, see and want more in every aspect of your life.

The awakening of sexual pleasure stays and grows deeper in your twin flame relationship. It is an incredible experience unlike any other in this world, and there's no going back.

When complete trust is present in the relationship, your body responds very well to stimulations. You'll be surprised how you can do things that you never knew were possible.

Lovemaking brings and keeps twin flames together with a strong sense of mutual appreciation. You create a powerful shared experience that intensifies your bonding.

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It also improves the circulation of blood and energy towards different chakras throughout your body. What you are doing gives you pleasure but also supports health and happiness.

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What are the Types of Climaxes?

Do you know that you encounter healing when you reach climax or orgasm? You heal yourself, your partner, and the world that surrounds you.

When you reach the peak of sexual arousal, your heart rate, and blood pressure increase. You release any sexual tension in your body and enter a state of consciousness.

The first type is when you find yourself crying during your climax. It results from the emotional release you have been keeping for too long.

The feminine energy in the twin flame most likely feels ashamed for crying, especially in front of their partner. The masculine energy could intimidate their twin flame a bit because of their presence.

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However, there is nothing to be ashamed of when you do this. Your twin flame partner understands you completely, and they know what you need.

If they don't, you can explain to them that it's not their fault and nothing is wrong. It shows your vulnerability and opens any blocked energies, such as anxiety.

The sacral chakra, or the second chakra, governs how you experience sexuality and its opening. You must connect with your emotions first before enjoying the pleasures and benefits of sex.

The second type is the wet orgasm, which the feminine ejaculates after. Whether it is like a rush flood or slowly dripping, there's fluid coming out.

Many use terms like squirting or gushing interchangeably. It is the release of clear or whitish fluid from the Yoni.

It means that you are connecting to your ancient memory of the womb of your Divine Mother, Gaia. You activate a portal during the climax that ties multidimensional energies to yourself.

It harnesses your body, which is why the fluid that comes out is not usual. It is because a multidimensional liquid has come out from your genitals.

Compared to the earthly plane, where events tend to occur slowly, multidimensional is the opposite. In multidimensional, everything is happening at the speed of light, superfast.

On earth, things are gradually moving towards execution. While in there, the moment you perceive it, it happens in a snap.

This is because of the density; the lower the density, the slower or delays. So when you have the third type of orgasm, which is multidimensional, you channel higher wisdom and intelligence.

It is an explanation of the enlightenment you get after your climax. You might not understand where it came from or how it happened.

But you receive the truths from higher beings, bringing them back here on earth. You can even tremble or shake when this happens because you are carrying higher vibrations into the 3D realm.

Others would say this kind is “soulgasm” or astral sex. It is when you and your twin flame get trapped in your higher selves. It is what twin flame love is all about when divine masculine and divine feminine merge as one.

You both reach cosmic conception, where the womb and body become vessels for the sacred union. Twin flames are very passionate with each other, and thinking about each other can be enticing.

The beam of connection allows twin flames to be closer to each other. From sexual arousal to orgasm, you will be able to see the depths of your soul connection.

Focus on the connection of your body and soul to yourself, your twin flame, and the Creator. As the rhythm continues, feel the pleasure increasing and pumping throughout your body.

Breathe, and don't restrict yourself from enjoying the sensations running across your physique. Surrender to the sacred act and feel the explosion of waves of Divine love transmitted to you.

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