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Uranus Square Moon Transit: How To Get Through The Sharp Angles?

Uranus Traits

When we look into Roman mythology, we will find that Uranus is the ruler of the boundless sky. He is also the personification of heaven in Greek mythology. He was a cruel father and wanted nothing to do with his Titan children. This god only thought of himself and his reign.

When we look into Uranus as a planet, it lies near the boundary of the Solar System. As the seventh planet in the solar system, this ice giant sure is far from us. But Uranus is not famous for its non-definitive rings or distance. Furthermore, this seventh planet is the only known planet to rotate on its side. Hence, Uranus is unique on its own.

We come now to astrology. Uranus, in astrology, is thought to be the bringer of dramatic changes. These changes will turn your life upside down, either for the worst. It is not surprising that this planet induces transformative happenings. This planet promotes rebellion too. Uranus symbolizes revolution and upheaval.

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This gas giant promotes the breaking of tradition and norms. This mentality is especially helpful in toppling the societal norms rooted in oppression and alienation. Uranus is also associated with progress. With progress, outdated traditions and standards should be left behind. This ice giant stresses that we cannot achieve advancement if we cling to things that hold us back.

Uranus reminds us to be original, like the planet. The seventh planet favors individualism as well. It assures us that the best thing to break from our chains is to express ourselves without fear. So, what if we don't conform with society's standards in our expression? What matters is we express our individuality the way we see fit.

Moon Traits

The Moon lights up the night and guides us when things are dark. This celestial body is so vital that it also affects the tides and our spirituality. In astrology, its role is essential as well. The first things that we divulge in our birth charts are our sun, moon, and ascendant. But why is Moon so important?

The Moon is what sees our emotions. Not simple emotions, but everything that is in our hearts. It can be our deepest desires, our darkest cravings, and our heartfelt thoughts. The Moon is also associated with our feminine side. For this reason, it's also in touch with our motherly and childly affection.

The Moon is also in touch with our subconscious and unconscious. It symbolizes the emotions and thoughts that we do not say out loud. What do we need to feel validated and acknowledged? What are the things that will make us doubt ourselves? The Moon has the answer to these questions.

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Uranus Square Moon Transit

The square aspect is the bringer of pressure and tension. This aspect is one of the most complex aspects in astrology in contrast to trine and sextile. When the square is in the air, expect that they may also emerge a strain in yourself or the relationship.

With Uranus square moon transit, you may feel in yourself that you are running wild with ideas on how to express yourself. Possibly, there are a lot of things happening in your head all at once. And you cant keep up. Hence, it is possible that you cannot think straight and do things impulsively.

You will have crazy ideas in your head on how to best change yourself. Will you start with your fashion sense? Will you start with your environment? This period is when people can act odd, and the people around them will be indifferent to them.

Be warned that this period may bring about unpredictable emotions and fuddled thoughts. And it cannot only affect yourself but other people as well. Similar to the Moon-Pluto aspects, this transit can destroy relationships by the way that a person acts or feels. Worst case scenario is that you will leave a stable relationship because of your unorganized thoughts.

When this happens, always sit back and think clearly. Meditate and look deep within yourself. How can you best express yourself in an organized manner? How can you arrange your thoughts? It is best to channel your energy in calming yourself and clearing your head before doing anything hasty.

When things are in order, expect that creative juices will come to you. Clouds in your head will part and give you a clear idea of starting the change in yourself. Take charge of this idea by changing yourself little by little. Drastic changes are unfavorable; one should start small first.

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Because the Moon and the dreaded square are in this transit, our mothers or mother figures are affected. They may act distant to us. They may become sensitive and easily hurt during this transit. Best to tread carefully around them and try to be in their good graces. This transit is difficult enough for them, and they should have their solid support system around.

This event is also the time to let go of the things that are holding us back. These things can range from yourself in terms of excess baggage, mental illness, childhood trauma, and unresolved issues. This event is also the ideal time to leave toxic work habits and painful relationships.

There may be urges in yourself to get physically active. When this urge comes, try to take advantage of it by doing those activities. Physical activities are diverse, and it makes you stay healthy and fit. Try to immerse yourself in yoga, jogging, or cycling. A simple 30-min walk every day around your community will suffice.

The Moon-Uranus aspects can bring you sudden interest in astrology or anything spiritual. This transit may induce you to read a lot about astrology and nurture your spirituality. It is never too late to explore these areas of life. So quench your thirst for this knowledge and go for it.

Uranus square moon transit is challenging. The horizons seem dark with this event. But astrologers believe that square is not that hard to overcome. Unlike the opposition, the square aspect is learning how to navigate its sharp points and angles.

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