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Will Pisces Man Come Back If I Ignore Him: No Chance?

What happens when you ignore the Pisces man? Is there a good chance he’ll come back to you?

The Pisces man’s sensitive and unpredictable personality can make him turn his back on you if you ignore him. The chance of him returning is slim, and it depends on how you ignore him and treat him when you get him back.

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The Pisces is a slippery catch, and it takes a lot of effort and patience to learn the tricks to getting him and keeping him. He always gives 100% of himself in everything he does, so it is easy for him to give up when he gets hurt or when his feelings change.

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Ignoring the Pisces man is a great way to catch his attention, give him freedom, and help him deal with his feelings on his own. But ignoring him can also hurt, offend, and disrespect him and, in the end, causing him to give up on you and your relationship.

This article will help you understand how to ignore the Pisces man to make him come back to you. Also, ignoring him is not enough; keep reading to know what else you can do to get him to stay.

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Ignoring the Pisces man

When you ignore the Pisces man, there is no guarantee that he will come back. He may pull his disappearing act on you. Knowing his personality and how his mind works helps predict what he’ll do if you ignore him.

The Pisces man has a Mutable Water sign, giving him an emotional, sensitive, and changeable personality. He has a compassionate and empathetic nature, having a large emotional capacity that he uses to adapt and overcome life’s challenges.

The Pisces man is a passionate artist who is always searching for the beautiful and the sublime. He has excellent taste in music, arts, and other forms of personal expression.

The Pisces man’s sign is represented by The Fish and ruled by the planet Neptune, the god of the seas and oceans. It is typical for people of this sign to love freedom and live a carefree and unrestrained life.

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The Pisces man wants a romantic, happy, and hopeful relationship that will last the rest of his life. He can fall in love fast, and he will follow his emotions more than his reasons.

The Pisces man tends to disappear and reappear in a relationship. He leaves a relationship when it is full of conflict and restrictions. He doesn’t want to live a troubled and depressing life where he has no freedom to pursue his goals and dreams. 

Ignoring the Pisces man is not likely to succeed because it’s easy to offend his sensitive and emotional personality. He can get hurt or mad and take it as a hint to back off and give up on a relationship. Tread lightly. You can read my detailed article about what will happen if you ignore a Pisces Man.

Ignoring him to get him back  

Ignoring the Pisces man is a valuable tool for getting him to come back, but it’s effective only if you use it right. The following are the steps you can take to ignore him and get the results you want.

Consider his feelings

The Pisces man tries to hide it, but he hates to be ignored and dismissed. Ignoring him without considering his feelings means disrespect and disloyalty to him.

Let the Pisces man know your reasons and intentions in distancing yourself from him. Reassure him that you are not doing it out of spite or to play with his feelings.

Give him clear reasons

The Pisces man appreciates honesty and directness; he hates to be guessing at what you’re thinking. Let him know why you want to have some time alone from him and be clear about it.

Tell the Pisces man that a no-contact period is what you need for a better and longer-lasting relationship. Don’t ignore him without letting him know why, or he will misread your actions and prevent him from coming back to you.

Talk to him in person

Before giving the Pisces man the silent treatment, it’s best to talk to him face-to-face to ensure that there are no misunderstandings between you. Don’t say your piece through texts or go off his radar out of the blue.

Talking to him in person also lets you see how he’ll react; his facial expression and body language can tell you more than his words. This way, you can respond to his every reaction and draw out any feelings or thoughts he may hesitate to express.

If you need help with interpreting these reactions accurately, Pisces Man Secrets guide is a great resource for that. 

Keep your word

Make sure that you do the things you say to the Pisces man. This will make him respect you and admire your reliability, removing any doubts or misgivings he may be feeling.

If you tell him you need to be alone for a few weeks or months, don’t contact or meet him if your set time is not yet up. Breaking your word may confuse him or make him think you are playing him, resulting in him not returning to you.

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Brace yourself  

The Pisces man feels intense emotions and has a weakness in controlling them. If you ignore him, prepare yourself for his unpredictable outbursts of emotions and learn to stay strong against them.

The Pisces man’s moodiness and changeable mind will never go away; you won’t know how long he’ll stay mad or hurt. If you can’t learn to live with his personality and be patient with him, then it’s a sign for you to give him up.

Focus on your life

Whatever made the Pisces man leave you, he will not resist the temptation to come back if he sees you living a good life. Even if he no longer has feelings for you, seeing you happy and thriving can at least make him curious about you.

A happy, conflict-free, and stable life is a magnet that will pull the Pisces man closer to you, whether he is aware or not. Leaving him alone to focus on your life means you value freedom and individuality in your relationships.

Show him support

Even when you are keeping your distance from your Pisces man, he should always feel that he has your support whenever he needs it. He never forgets any kind gesture he receives, and he finds it easier to trust you when he knows he can rely on you.

The Pisces man may test you to check your loyalty and ask you for your help even when you are on a no-contact phase with him. Show your support when you can, but keep yourself from being at his beck and call; he can also lose respect for you that way.

Know when to give up

Ignoring the Pisces man will test if he is over you; his reactions will let you know when to wait for him to come back or give him up as lost. If he is deeply in love and devoted to you, he will come back if he doesn’t want to lose you.

If you ignore the Pisces man and get no reaction from him, let him be and let him go. There is no changing his decision once his feelings have changed; begging and chasing after him will only push him farther away from you.

For more helpful tips, read my article on ignoring the Pisces man after a breakup do's and don'ts.

Keeping the Pisces man  

What happens when the Pisces man comes back? Why, you have to keep him, of course!

Keeping the Pisces man is no easy task, and it involves tons of patience, an open mind, and a loving heart. Below are some ways you can improve your relationship with him:

Be intuitive

The Pisces man's ever-changing mind and dynamic emotions can be difficult to predict, so you need to learn to be intuitive to his personality. You have to know how he feels and thinks in any situation, even before he says anything.

Because of his escapist personality, the Pisces man will not make it easy for you to know what he wants or hates. You must learn when and how to reach out to him with your issues in a calm and loving way that he will not see as critical or combative.

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Be a good friend

Be the good friend that is loyal, supportive, and reliable to the sensitive Pisces man. He needs to feel that you have his best interest at heart so that he can open up and allow himself to trust you.

Being a good friend to the Pisces man means accepting his weaknesses and not putting him down because of them. He is a dreamer who wants someone he can share his wild and brilliant ideas with without fear of being laughed at or criticized.

Be exciting

The Pisces man wants a relationship with stability and calm, but a little excitement and thrill will make him enjoy being in it. Help him have his moments of freedom and spontaneity in your relationship.

Make the Pisces man feel that being in a relationship is fun and exciting and that things don’t have to be serious all the time. Add new activities into your daily routine or go for weekend trips and adventures with him; do things that lift your spirits and bring you closer together.   

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