Breaking up with a Scorpio man: Why and how? -

Breaking up with a Scorpio man: Why and how?

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Are you thinking of breaking up with your Scorpio man? Do you want to test if breaking up is the best solution?

Breaking up with the Scorpio man is a complicated process, and the first step is to be sure of your reasons for ending your relationship. The next critical step is to follow through with your decision and move on with your life.

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The Scorpio man’s complex personality makes him difficult to live with and stay away from. He is enigmatic, making him attractive but can also make him a toxic partner in a relationship.

Keep in mind that staying in a toxic relationship or with a toxic person will only damage you more in the long run, and that you should walk away from it as soon as possible.

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I’m here to show you how to decide if enough is enough with your Scorpio man or if you can give your love another try. You will also find valuable tips on making your breakup effective so that you can stay away from him for good.

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Dealing with the Scorpio man  

Dealing with the Scorpio man at any stage of a relationship requires a deep understanding of his personality. If you are in the process of breaking up with him, knowing the ins and outs of his thinking and behavior can make you handle your breakup better.

The Scorpio man is a Fixed Water sign with a persistent and determined personality. When he sets a goal, he is relentless in pursuing it to the point of obsession and sometimes at the expense of his well-being.

Commitment is essential to the Scorpio man; his determination to keep his word will prevent him from breaking up with someone over minor reasons. He will do his best to fix any issues and problems and try every way possible to save his relationship.

The Scorpio man’s Water sign makes him emotional, although he may try to hide it to make him appear calm and cool. This contradicting personality results from his sign’s Fixed quality and his being ruled by two planets: Mars, which makes him passionate and aggressive, and Pluto, which makes him aloof and mysterious.

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When dealing with the Scorpio man, it always helps to remember that he has a tough outer shell protecting a sensitive and gentle core. People are likely to offend and hurt him without meaning to because they often misunderstand or misinterpret his actions.

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Why break up with a Scorpio man?

If you are thinking of breaking up with the Scorpio man but are still unsure, you can test if breaking up is your solution. You can do this by asking yourself the following questions:

Do you feel hopeless?

A healthy relationship with the Scorpio man should be filled with excitement over your future together. If you don’t care or don’t feel optimistic about what’s in store in the years to come, then it’s time to end the relationship.

Opening up to the Scorpio man about this feeling of hopelessness can help him understand and find solutions to save your relationship. If you and your man can work through this rough patch in your relationship, leaving him may not turn out to be the solution.

Do you fight all the time?

Conflict and disagreements are expected in a healthy relationship and arise because no two people act and think the same way. But if a conflict is not resolved with acceptance and compromise, it results in disrespect and other damages to the relationship.

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If you no longer feel respected and valued because of constant fighting with your Scorpio man, this is your cue to break up with him. Stay with him if he makes you feel loved and respected, even if you are always at odds and can’t agree on anything.

Do you feel secure and comfortable?

Making a relationship work takes a lot of effort, and the majority of this effort is spent on making your partner feel secure and comfortable. If you are in constant doubt and fear or can’t be yourself when you’re with your man, it’s time to step back and find a better relationship.

The Scorpio man will lack the initiative to talk to you about your feelings, so it’s your call to make the conscious effort to communicate and be open with him. If he wants you to stay, he will do everything to make things work; if not, do yourself a favor and let him go.

Do you have complete trust in him?

Does it bother you that your Scorpio man spends so much time and is very close with his women friends or co-workers and think he is cheating? If it’s difficult for you to trust your partner, all your interactions with him will never reach the deep and close connection you need to make a relationship last. 

It’s never too late or impossible to build or regain trust in a relationship, and you can bank on the Scorpio man to help fix this problem with you. Breaking up may not be your solution if you can get past the previous breach of trust and move on to forgiveness and reconnection.

Do you think he weighs you down?

A healthy relationship should lift you when you’re down and support you in reaching your dreams and aspirations in life. If your Scorpio man fails in this aspect and makes you feel dragged down by emotional abuse or neglect, it’s time to cut him off your life.

Let your Scorpio man know when you no longer enjoy being with him because of what he says or how he treats you. Try to gauge how you feel when you’re together and when you’re apart; if you are much happier and lighter in the latter, then choose to be apart from him for good.

Do you see yourself being with other people?

A test of how you feel about your relationship is when you are tempted to be with another man. If you see yourself being happy and enjoying the company of other people other than your Scorpio man, then think about ending it with him before you enter into a happier relationship.

Talking about your feelings of unhappiness and dissatisfaction with your Scorpio man can help remedy your issues and save your relationship. Committing to someone is easy; sticking to your commitment involves working hard and asking your partner for help when you need it.

Do you think that he is done with you?

The Scorpio man is an emotional person who will chase you at the start of the relationship but will soon be comfortable and may end up taking you for granted. Like in any normal relationship, there is a comfortable and boring stage when the attraction hormones start calming down, and partners feel more relaxed with each other.

Don’t assume anything when dealing with the Scorpio man; his actions do not always reflect his true feelings. You may think he’s done with you but cares so much but is scared to show it; always let him see your sincerity, and you will get an honest response from him.

But if his actions and treatment are really making you overthink, you can find out what he genuinely feels for you with a perfect Scorpio mind reader like Scorpio Man Secrets guide.

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Breaking up with the Scorpio man

Breaking up is never easy and breaking up with the Scorpio is not an exception; it can sometimes be worse. If your man is determined to keep you, he will not let you go, and he may turn obsessive and stalk you.

If you want your breakup with your Scorpio man to go smoothly and result in happier post-breakup lives for both of you, follow my tips below:

Be firm with your decision

Think over your decision and stick to it. Don’t let the Scorpio man question your motives or convince you to give your relationship another chance if that is not what you want.

Show the Scorpio man your determination to follow through with your plans, and he will respect it. Make him see things from your point of view by explaining the feelings and thoughts that led to your decision.

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Be patient      

The Scorpio man will express intense and varying emotions, so be patient in accepting and working with his reactions. Respect his way of handling the breakup as he is only trying to make sense of the mixture of feelings that can come with the process.

Make the Scorpio man understand that if his heart is breaking, then so is yours. Be patient in making him realize that your relationship is a shared responsibility and that it’s not his entire fault if it fails.

Be absent

The Scorpio man will find it hard to let go of you, but he will learn to do so in time. It will not help his recovery as well as yours if you keep in constant contact with him.

Follow the no contact rule with him for a few months if you are confident of your decision to break up with him. Ignore his bids to talk with you in person or through social media; it’s the only way to make it clear to him that you are serious about moving on with your life without him.

Be happy

Pursue a life of wellness and happiness, and it will show your Scorpio man that you are a better person without him. It will make him realize that he is holding you down and preventing you from improving and reaching for your dreams.

Do it for yourself and not for him, and thus, you will be on a faster way to happiness and recovery. Don’t be guilty or feel that you are showing off to him, but it’s to show him that he should also pursue his happiness after your breakup.

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