How to deal with a Scorpio Man after a fight?: With patience! -

How to deal with a Scorpio Man after a fight?: With patience!

Did you get into a fight with Scorpio man? Keep reading to learn ways to deal with it!   

Fighting with your loved one is never easy, but fighting with a Scorpio man may be extra difficult. But with tons of patience, you can get him to open up, forgive, and learn to deal with fights better.

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Fighting in relationships is normal because nobody’s perfect, and no couple has so similar personalities that they never clash. If fights are dealt with and resolved in a healthy and proper way, they can strengthen and reinforce any relationship.

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The Scorpio man tries his best to prevent drama and conflict in his life, so he represses his anger or hurt feelings. But these feelings can build up and cause bigger fights if he carries on repressing them.

This article shows you how the Scorpio man handles fights and disagreements based on his personality. It also shows ways of dealing with him after a fight, so you move on to building a stronger relationship with him.

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Fighting with the Scorpio man  

A fight with the Scorpio man can be messy and complicated due to his complex and mysterious personality. It is essential to learn how his personality works in dealing with and settling a fight with him.

The Scorpio man has a Fixed Water sign which is responsible for his emotional but aloof nature. He is also co-ruled by the planet Mars which makes him passionate and aggressive, and by the planet Pluto making him detached and mysterious.

It’s easy to misunderstand and misjudge the Scorpio man because of his moody and unpredictable personality. He may appear tough on the outside, but deep inside, he is a sensitive and vulnerable person.

The Scorpio man feels intense emotions like anger, sadness, and happiness, but he keeps them hidden. This is because he doesn’t have the skill or the motivation to express his feelings, preferring to avoid conflicts or arguments as much as possible.

The Scorpio man’s repressed emotions build up over time and will cause major outbursts that can end his relationships. He is also prone to carrying grudges because of his Water sign, and he is stubborn to forgive due to his sign’s Fixed quality.

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How to deal with him after a fight?   

The loyal and peace-loving Scorpio man will avoid a fight whenever he can. But evading issues in his relationship only leads to bigger fights down the road.

The key to a successful relationship with anyone is resolving the issues that caused every fight, no matter how minor. The following are the ways you can deal with fighting with the Scorpio man and resolve the issues behind every fight.

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Stay calm

A fight with the Scorpio man happens when he can no longer contain his emotions. You have to accept that at this point, any step you take to control his anger will no longer work.

You can’t beat the Scorpio man at his own game; you can’t resolve the situation by matching his anger or focusing on his words. It can be frustrating that you can’t defend and fight back, but staying calm is the best way for him to cool down faster and prevent further damage to your relationship.

Don’t ignore

A fight with the Scorpio man will reveal any hidden issues that are weakening your relationship. Don’t ignore these issues and address them with him.

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Think over your fight and let the Scorpio man air out his thoughts and feelings, taking care not to judge or criticize him. His thoughts and feelings are valid in his point of view; whether you think they’re reasonable or not, ignoring them will only make things worse.

Give him time and space

Fighting with someone you love and care about can come with emotions that cloud your mind and harm your relationship. Taking a step back and waiting for things to settle down will clear the Scorpio man’s head as well as yours.

The Scorpio man likes to run away from his issues and problems because his thoughts and emotions can be too much for him to handle. He will only run farther away if you insist on making up with him when he is not yet ready.

Reach out

The Scorpio man is someone who is too stubborn and always in doubt of his feelings to make the first move. He is only waiting for you to reach out to him and settle your argument.

Speaking up and letting your Scorpio man know your thoughts and feelings is the first step to reconciliation. Come clean and lay your grievances out on the table, and your honesty will motivate him to open up.

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Talk face to face

Always talk about your issues with the Scorpio man face to face and refrain from sending your thoughts through texts. Say the things you want to say to his face, and prevent him from misunderstanding you.

The Scorpio man’s body language, facial expressions, and vocal tone will help you gauge what he is feeling and thinking. Discussing your issues in person also teaches you to listen and not interrupt your partner when he’s talking.

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Be specific

It helps to be specific when talking to the Scorpio man about your issues in your relationship. For example, don’t tell him he’s unreliable in general when all you mean is that you can’t rely on him to take the trash out or that he’s always arriving late on your dates.

The Scorpio man likes things to be clear and straightforward, so being general and vague will only frustrate and annoy him. Don’t assume that he knows and understands everything right away; he can be clueless and dense when it comes to other people’s feelings.  


Fighting in a relationship is not one person’s fault, but each partner shares the blame. You have to take responsibility for your actions and apologize for the pain you cause your Scorpio man.

Saying you’re sorry is not enough for the Scorpio man; you have to show you mean what you say. It may involve you making some changes in your life and doing the necessary gestures to convince him.


Don’t forget why you and your Scorpio man are in a relationship. Remember what you love and respect about him, and this will help you get past your fight and move on from it.

The only way you and your Scorpio man can recover from a fight is to remind yourself that you are better together than apart. It would help if you also keep in mind that your differences make your relationship exciting and strong.

Empathize and encourage

The Scorpio man getting angry and fighting with you is a sign of his pent-up emotions trying to get out. He wants someone who understands and shares his feelings, not someone who dismisses them.

When the Scorpio man gets angry, he needs you to try to find out where he is coming from before getting into a fight with him. This encourages him to share his feelings more often and have a healthier way of dealing with his emotions.

Respect him

Show your respect for the Scorpion man even when you fight with him by refraining from insulting, criticizing, or mocking him. If you have said some mean things during your fight, tell him that you did not mean it and that those are only your angry words.

It takes some time for him to forget your disrespectful words or actions, so be careful not to repeat them in the future. Respecting him also means accepting his reactions and decisions after your fight.

Be patient

The Scorpio man’s intense emotions keep him from calming down right away and moving on after a fight. He will harbor bitterness even weeks after, although he may try to keep it to himself.

Be patient with the Scorpio man in waiting for him to let go of his grudges and in earning back his trust. He takes a long time to get over any betrayal of his trust or to forgive those who offended him.

Win him over

The Scorpio man will keep his distance from you after a fight. It’s not that he is done with you or no longer has feelings for you, but he is hesitant to get close to you again.

Win over the Scorpio man by being thoughtful and sweet to him. You can cook him his favorite food, buy him a gift, treat him to a night out, or take him on a trip out of town for the weekend.

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Take care of yourself

Having a fight with the Scorpio man shouldn’t prevent you from taking care of yourself. Eating right, having enough sleep, and exercising are essential in keeping your body strong as you deal with the rift between you and your man.

Taking care of yourself also means looking after your mental health. Take a break from the stress of your relationship by focusing on new hobbies and doing things you enjoy.

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