Can Ocean Jasper Go in Water?: Everything you need to know! -

Can Ocean Jasper Go in Water?: Everything you need to know!

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Ocean jasper is a very soft and gentle, an exceptionally nurturing stone. If you own one of these stones, you may want to know how to take care of it properly. This article will discuss if ocean jasper can go into the water.

Ocean Jasper contains a high mineral silica content; it is safe in the water. You can soak it in water without worrying about its beauty.

Ocean Jasper ranks at seven on the Mohs scale of hardness, and it is a member of the quartz family. Ocean Jasper is hard enough not to dissolve when soaked in water.

However, not all hard crystals can go into the water. You need to consider things if you want to put your crystal in water.

The first thing you need to know is the hardness, and the second thing is the components of the stone. Some components react with water that can ruin the whole stone.

The ocean jasper is made up of silicon dioxide minerals, and with a hardness of 7, there will be no problem if you put it in water.

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Unlike the red jasper, the ocean jasper does not contain iron that may react in water. This stone can go in the water for more extended baths than the red jasper.

Ocean Jasper is said to channel the ocean's power and the tide's lunar cycle. It provides physical healing, is associated with emotional stability, and absorbs negative energies.

For this crystal to keep working and restore its energy and healing properties, cleansing and charging are needed.

Water is known as a cleansing and charging tool for crystals. It effectively cleanses crystals and can also be used as a mediator in charging.

However, crystals, including the hardest one, is not recommended for long water baths. 

Water may cause damage to the crystals. It is advised not to put crystals in water for an extended period.

This article will discuss what type of water can be used in cleansing and charging and how long they can be in the water.

Can Ocean Jasper Go in Running Water?

If you plan to do a brief cleansing on your ocean jasper, running tap water is perfect. Running tap water can remove dirt while cleansing the crystals.

Running water can be the easiest method to use as it is accessible and easy to use.

Hold the crystal under the running water for a few minutes while gently wiping out the dirt from its surface.

In that way, your crystal will get rid of negative energies.

If you want to perform deep cleansing, you can soak the ocean jasper in running water for a few hours.

Make sure that you will let it dry after the cleansing.

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Can Ocean Jasper Go in Lukewarm Water?

If the crystal contains heavy dirt, you can use lukewarm water with soap in washing it. 

Wet the crystal using warm water and gently wipe the soap there. Make sure to spread the soap on all sides of the crystal.

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After that, rinse your crystal thoroughly using lukewarm water and remove all the soap residue. And then, let it dry using a soft cloth.

Please only use mild soap in cleaning the crystals. Not all soaps are recommended as they may contain harsh chemicals.

Please do not use hot water to cleanse any of your crystals. It may not cause damage soon, but it may cause damage as time goes by.

Some crystals may also experience thermal shock when put in hot water. It is best to avoid using hot water to make sure.

Can Ocean Jasper Go in Salt Water?

Saltwater is also a good tool for cleansing and charging stones simultaneously. As salt is known to possess energies that can help the crystals get rid of negative energies.

In performing charging and cleansing simultaneously, the crystals should be soaked in saltwater for a few hours.

And since the ocean water is connected to quartz, also known as safe in saltwater, ocean jasper can also go in saltwater. 

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You can soak the ocean jasper under the saltwater for a few hours. 

Place fresh water in a bowl, and sprinkle some salt. Any salt will do, but it is best to use Himalayan salt. 

And then put there your crystal.

Leave it for a few hours or overnight, let the saltwater absorb the negative energy from the crystal, and charge it with new energies.

If you have access to ocean water, it is best to use the ocean water for cleansing. Ocean water is known to have energies that come directly from nature.

After cleansing and charging with salt water, rinse the crystal using freshwater. Rinse it thoroughly and make sure that no saltwater residue will be left.

Although saltwater can benefit the ocean jasper, it is still not recommended to use. As saltwater may cause damage to the crystal.

If you plan to use salt water in cleansing and charging, you should take note of the precautions. Saltwater can be used once every month.

Can Ocean Jasper Go in Stream Water?

Compared to ocean water, stream water is more recommended for cleansing and charging crystals. 

Stream water is also a natural water resource, which means that it also contains energies from nature.

You can dip the crystal under the stream water for a few minutes. It is enough to cleanse and charge the crystal with new energies.

However, you can soak it in the stream water for long hours. Just get a bowl, put some stream water, and place your ocean jasper there.

The water that you collect from the stream can also be used later.

Can Ocean Jasper Go in Moon Water?

The moon contains energies that are good for the crystals. It is also known as a cleansing and charging tool for crystals.

Ocean Jasper can go in moon water baths. Unlike the red jasper, which cannot go in water baths, the ocean jasper is safe in moon water baths.

To prepare the moon water, fill the bowl with fresh water and place your crystal there. Leave it under the moonlight for the entire night.

Let the moonlight charge the crystal with the help of the water as their mediator. After the cleansing and charging, get the crystal in the water before the sun rises.

Rinse the ocean jasper and let it dry using a soft cloth.

It is better to charge your crystal under the full moon. The full moon is the tie when the moon's energy is at its peak.

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How to Prepare Ocean Jasper Elixir?

Crystal elixirs can provide lots of benefits to the consumer. 

Ocean Jasper can provide calmness, uplifting energies and feed you a more optimistic outlook on life.

It also provides benefits for physical health, especially for women.

In preparing the Ocean jasper elixir, you will need freshwater, a bowl, and your crystal.

Before you start, you need to charge and cleanse your crystal, the negative energies have to be removed, and it needs to be charged with good and positive energies.

Fill the bowl with fresh water, and place there your ocean jasper. Leave it under the moonlight for the entire night.

Let the crystal charge its energy to the water with the help of the moon. After that, get your crystal and let it dry before storing.

Strain the water from the bowl after, and then transfer it into another container. You can place it in a water bottle or spray bottle.

You can drink the ocean jasper elixir as it is known to benefit the consumer. You can also use it when making coffee or tea.

The ocean jasper elixir can also be used in bathwater or sprayed inside your room. Enjoy the benefits that the ocean jasper elixir can give.

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