Can Red Jasper Go in Water?: It May React in Water -

Can Red Jasper Go in Water?: It May React in Water

The Red Jasper is a crystal that has breathtaking beauty, with the shade of fiery red. If you own one, you may want to know if it can go in the water.

Even though it has a fiery exterior, it can still go in the water. But because of its unique composition, there will be a risk in putting the red jasper in water.

Compared to other jasper specimens such as brown, green, and black varieties, the red jasper contains a composition that can sometimes react in water.

With a 6.5 to 7 on the Mohs scale of hardness, this crystal is not water-soluble. 

If you want your red jasper to be cleansed in water, you can. You can use water without worrying if it can affect its beauty.

But when you want to know if a particular crystal can go in the water, its rank in the Mohs scale of hardness should not be the only thing you will consider.

You also need to look for its components, as some crystal components can react in water, making it not safe in the water.

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The fiery red color of the red jasper comes from the iron, and the iron will turn into rust if it sits with water for an extended period.

However, it is still your choice if you will put your red jasper in water or not. Just take note of the precautions to avoid damages.

This article will discuss how long, how often can your red jasper sit in water.

Does Red Jasper Rust in Water?

Yes, the red jasper rust in water. But it will only happen if you put your red jasper into the water for an extended period.

If your red jasper spends an excessive amount of time in the water, the iron in the crystal will fleck to rust. It may not occur right away.

The red jasper contains a protective layer of oil. The oil will help the red jasper withstand harsh conditions. 

However, if you put the red jasper in water baths for an extended period, and you do it often, the water may wash off the protective layer.

If the protective layer is flushed out, the water can seep into the cracks of the crystal and make rust within the iron.

That being said, it does not mean that you should avoid water cleansing. It simply means that you should take precautions when using water as a cleansing method.

Can Red Jasper Go in Running Water?

Cleansing using water is very easy and convenient. It can take away the negative energy while removing the dust and dirt that the crystal has.

If you think of cleansing your red jasper in water, you can use running tap water. Hold the red jasper under the running water for 2-3 minutes.

Just be sure that you will dry your red jasper with a soft cloth after the cleansing.

If it's been a while since the last time you recharge your red jasper, it may contain many negative energies. You may want to try to immerse it in water.

Prepare a bowl, fill it with fresh water, and then soak your red jasper for two hours maximum. It will not affect the beauty of the red jasper if you do not do this often.

Can Red Jasper Go in Salt Water?

Cleansing with salt water may not be the best option as it can cause damage to all crystals, but it is safe to use with precautions.

Your red jasper can go in saltwater but not for an extended period. You can also do this once in a while.

In a bowl, just sprinkle some salt, immerse your crystal, and leave it for a few hours. After the cleansing, rinse off your crystal with fresh water.

Let it dry using a soft cloth.

You can also try to soak your red jasper in seawater, or get a bowl and fill it with seawater, and then put your red jasper there.

After the water cleansing, always dry your red jasper thoroughly using a soft cloth. Not wholly drying the red jasper may cause damages.

Can Red Jasper Go in Lukewarm Water?

You can also try to use lukewarm water in cleansing. Simply dip it in lukewarm water.

You can also leave red jasper in lukewarm water for a few hours. It can allow the water to recharge the red jasper.

It is not recommended to put any crystal under hot water as crystals may experience thermal shock.

What are the other methods that are used in cleansing Red Jasper?

An excessive amount of water cleansing can cause damage to your red jasper.

However, there are other ways to cleanse the red jasper without getting in touch with the water.

Cleansing and charging using the light of the Full Moon

The energy that the full moon has is such a vital cleansing method. It will purify the red jasper by getting rid of its negative energies.

The full moon can effectively remove the unwanted energies that your red jasper has absorbed. It will also bring balance to the healing energies of this crystal.

To do so, place the red jasper in a safe place where the full moon's light is visible. Please do not put it in a place where it can be damaged.

Leave the red jasper under the moonlight, and let it soak there for the entire night.

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Cleansing using the Sage

Sage is also a powerful and effective tool used in cleansing the crystal. It is also considered the safest method.

Using Sage will not only keep away the negative energies from your red jasper, but it will also help you to cleanse your aura and uplift your spirit,

It is best if you envision that the smoke from the Sage will charge your red jasper with the energy of harmony, purity, and positivity.

To do the cleansing, please cleanse in an open area, or open your windows before the cleansing. 

Light up the tip of the Sage, and let the smoke of it go around your red jasper for thirty seconds. 

The smoke from the Sage will get the negative energies from your red jasper.

Cleansing using the Earth

Together with the root chakra, the red jasper goes well with the nurturing and grounding nature of mother earth.

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Using the Earth's energy in cleansing the red jasper is such a practical and harmonious way to let out all of the negative vibrations that the crystal has.

While cleansing with the Earth's energy, it also recharges your red jasper with brand new protective and nurturing energies.

To perform the cleansing using the Earth's energy, you can put your crystal directly to the Earth.

You can also try to place it in a garden or flower pots. Leave them for 10 to 12 hours.

And after the cleansing, remove the excess dirt using a dry cloth.

Cleansing Using the Amethyst Geode

Using larger crystals in cleansing other crystals is a possible and efficient method used.

As the amethyst geode emits potent healing and clarifying energies that can help smaller crystals to get rid of unwanted energies.

You can place your small red jasper in a bowl with the amethyst geode. You can soak it for 24 hours.

You can also use other larger crystals such as selenite, quartz, and calcites.

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Those crystals contain unique energies that can help the tiny crystals to keep away from negative energies.

Cleansing using Rice or Salt

You can also try to use salt or rice in cleansing your red jasper. 

To perform the cleansing, put the right amount of rice or salt in a bowl, and let your red jasper soak there for a few hours.

Please do not use the rice or salt after the cleansing, as it contains negative energies from the red jasper.

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