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Full Moon Ritual for Manifestation (The Harvest Moon)

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There is no exact end to our journey to self-betterment and achieving our goals. There is, however, a time of completion which comes with the sense of achievement. The complete moon phase of the moon embodies fulfillment. The fullest time to manifest would be during the full moon.

Full moons are nourishing and are somewhat interconnected with femininity. Femininity is associated with motherhood and upbringing. Her energy is intense during the full moon, and it will help you emphasize your affirmations and intentions.

Both full moons and new moons are great for manifestation. You have to discern which one is right for you. The full moon is a great time to release and give thanks for all that you have achieved. The full moon is the energy peak of the month. It’s a perfect time for you to establish a deeper connection with the moon, the universe, and yourself.

Cleansing your space

Decluttering and putting your space in order before doing a ritual of manifestation method is non-negotiable. A clean place allows for a clearer mind and an invitation for good things to come to you.

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There might also be negative energy lurking in your space that you don't have any idea about. Cleaning up and cleansing your area will get rid of the negativities for sure! Be happy and grateful about having the opportunity to cleanse your space.

By eliminating the negativities, you give room for the good things in your life. You attract them! You can use the following for cleansing your ritual space:

You can use many other tools following your practice.

During the full moon, you are to cleanse your back door. Your intention should be rooted in completion and releasing whatever it is that is blocking you from manifesting.

Moon Water Ritual

Moon and water are deeply intertwined with each other. This is evident in how the phases of the moon can affect the oceans. In doing this ritual, be sure to honor the source of water that you will be using.

The tools that you will be needing are the following:

  • Mason jar with a lid
  • Water from the tap/tap water

What you need to do:

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  • Take your container and fill it up with water. You can place filtered water or the one from your tap.
  • Place it outside. Let the light of the moon propagate it. Line it up where the light of the moon can connect or touch it.
  • As you place your water outside, assess yourself and identify your intention. What are your goals and intentions in this next lunar cycle? You can ask yourself these types of questions.
  • When the morning comes, you can get your jar or container outside and use it however you want to.

You can:

  • Drink the water. You can have a sip or a drink every day as a sort of reminder. Refresh yourself and keep the energy and your intentions flowing positively in you.
  • Bathe your crystals in it. Crystals don’t only possess their type of energy, and they can also absorb energy! Bathing your crystals bathe in the moon water will up their power and energy exuding game!
  • Make it a part of your skincare routine. You can put some water on miny spray bottles and use it when you put makeup or products on your skin. You can use it as your toner or mix it with essential oils.
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Cleansing Baths

Baths are our daily time to cleanse ourselves outwardly. We can also manifest during these times and cleanse ourselves inwardly.

Here are the things that you will need:

  • Salt (sea salt or Epsom salt are recommended)
  • Your bathtub
  • Water
  • Candles or incense
  • Music (Optional)

What you need to do:

  • Fill your bathtub up. Make sure it’s not cold nor hot; warm water will do.
  • Use a handful of the salt of your choice (not table salt) and toss it in your tub.
  • You can add some lavender drops too.
  • Now, to set the mood, you can also light up the candles o incense you prepared.
  • Play some music! Any music that relaxes you and helps you calm down will do. You must connect with the music you choose.
  • You can add some other things that you think would help you have a more effective time.
  • Focus on your breathing and be in the moment.
  • Take time to meditate while you sink in. Try to invoke and create a connection between you and the divine.

Do a cleansing bath after a full moon. Release whatever it is you have requested from the universe. The water shall help you cleanse out all the blockages and negativities and anything that doesn’t do you any more good. As you get rid of the water, imagine all those unnecessary things getting washed away too.

I've created a how-to guide that might help if you're interested in learning more about spiritual bathing

Full Moon Ritual for Manifestation

You should do this ritual outside and under the guidance of the moon. Before proceeding, you should first cleanse your ritual space. The steps and fundamentals for cleansing your space are mentioned earlier. You can refer to that whenever. 

Here are the things or tools that you need to prepare:

  • A safe burning vessel like a clear jar or a bowl, something safe and does not catch fire
  • Matches or lighter, anything that could light a fire conveniently
  • A candle
  • Your intention story
  • Paper
  • Pen

What you need to do:

  • Read your intention out loud. Much like a declaration, and read it to the full moon. Let it end with, “and so it is done.” Trust is an essential thing, and so, you need to recite it with trust. Trust that the answer is on its way.
  • Say a prayer. Say a prayer about this particular intention. You can create this beforehand, or you can do it impromptu. Just let your emotions out and release a message of thankfulness. Let the universe know that you are thankful for its guidance in your life.
  • Light your intention up! Now, safely light your intention up on fire. Safety is also vital, so please do it with utmost care. After letting it catch fire, please place it in your burning vessel.
  • As you watch the smoke making its way towards the sky, Nos visualize your intention and the manifestation of its completion.
  • You can write your story and some extra details in your journal after the ritual. This is optional. In case you want a reminder for future purposes. You can write your affirmation on a different piece of paper.
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Charging a Candle with intentions

You can do this by “dressing” the candle with essential oils or honey (represents sweetness). You can also do this by sprinkling herbs. You can put them on towels and let your candle roll over them. Choose the herbs that match your intentions.

Meditate on your intention. Read your affirmations out loud. Now, charge your candle by letting it burn completely. Then, dispose of any excess wax in a garbage can or a road intersection.

Full Moon Ritual

As the full moon represents completion, fruitfulness, and completeness, it’s a fantastic time to reflect and celebrate. Here’s another full moon ritual.

What you need to do:

  • Get centered. Focus on your energy and intention. Find your way to bring calmness to your space. By doing this, you will be able to harness that energy according to you. You can get centered by doing breathing exercises or by just being aware of your breathing. Establish a connection with your space, align with it and relax.
  • Write. Writing has been a very used activity in manifestation. Well, there’s a reason as to why it is popular. It must be effective! And it is. In this step, you are to reflect on your days. What has happened in the past few weeks? What are difficulties and struggles did you experience? Are there opportunities for growth and expansion? Where do you see it? You can assess yourself by asking questions like these.
  • Release it. This also works as a declaration. A declaration is something you recite in tidal confidence. You must do this to your manifestation life as well. Be confident. Now that you have drawn the line between what’s beneficial and not, you can easily manage and eliminate the barriers. You can write these barriers on a piece of paper and flush them away or burn them.
  • Take a moon bath. This one is different from the cleansing bath I discussed before. In this step, you will be literally basking under the moon. It’s just like what we do under the sun to get vitamins! In the same way, the moon also releases energy and other beneficial things for us. The moon helps reduce inflammation and supports menstrual cycles.

Full Moon Ritual: Manifestation, Release, and Self Love

You should do this ritual on a precisely full moon. So, it would be better to have a calendar or a mobile app. Use anything accurate rather than just looking at it by eye. You might want to wait until the sky is all dark and the moon is high, complete, and bright outside.

Here are the things that you would need:

  • Pen or marker
  • A leaf outside. You could use a piece of paper if you got no leaves.
  • A campfire or a candle. You can also set up a little fire.
  • A burning tray. It may be a glass bowl or anything that does not catch fire.
  • Matches or Lighter, anything you can use to ignite a fire conveniently.
  • Crystals of your choice or sage. You can add these if you use these.

What you need to do:

  • Clear your space of distractions. Get anything that might distract you, like your phone, alarm clock, etc. Make sure you have set your time to do this ritual especially. Televisions, computers, turn them all off. They might cause you distraction as you do the process. You can do this ritual whether you’re traveling, on a beach, on a mountain, or anywhere. Anywhere is a sacred space if you make it one!
  • Light the candle or a fire, a campfire, a fireplace maybe or just a simple lamp, anything. As you may have guessed, this ritual involves some burning.
  • Get your tray ready for when you can place the leaf of a piece of paper after it caught fire.
  • Open curtains or go outside. Ventilation is critical, especially when you’re burning something up inside. You can go outside, but you can stay in and open the curtains if you have no space out. The gist is that you let the moonlight in. When you decide to do this ritual inside, make sure you turn off the lights. This will create an even more intimate connection between you and the moon. Let the moon cleanse and release its positive energy in your space.
  • Write whatever it is that you want to release or attract. You can write this on a piece of leaf or if you have no such thing as that, just use paper. The idea behind using leaves is a more profound connection with nature. But it’s totally okay to use paper. The most important thing is your heart. Write whatever these things are. You can have separate papers to organize or just specify them as you write.
  • Burn and Release. After writing, take time and just hold your piece of paper for a while. Visualize the things that you want to release and then the things you want to attract. Be thankful for having the opportunity to remove unnecessary items. Be grateful for being able to receive the things written. And then, when you are ready, burn it.

Personalize: Find or Create Something That’s Perfectly Fit for You

As individuals, we have our differences, and so are our rituals. It will be best to add something personal to your ritual if you follow the practices written earlier. Adding something unique will create a more intricate connection between you and the process.

You can do as you please; you can skip any step if you don’t feel like it. You are also welcome to add some actions according to your preference and calling. A solid reminder to constantly assess your intentions and make sure it’s coming from a good place. Do not give up and live happily!

Are you interested in learning how to manifest effectively? Well, I actually wrote a guide on how to manifest on paper, something you might be interested in.

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