Can Pyrite Go in Water?: It May Turn Black! -

Can Pyrite Go in Water?: It May Turn Black!

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Pyrite is a bright metallic luster. It is often mistaken as gold. If you own Pyrite, you may want to know if it is safe with water.

No, Pyrite is not safe with water. As much as possible, please do not let your Pyrite have contact with water.

Pyrite ranks at around six on the Mohs scale of hardness. If we consider its hardness, it should be water-safe.

But the thing is, you also have to consider its components to know if it is water safe or not.

It is hard enough not to dissolve in water in pyrites' case, but this crystal is made of iron and sulfur. That makes it not safe with water.

What will happen to Pyrite if it sits with water?

The combinations of the water and oxygen can cause rust into the iron, and the sulfide can transform into sulfuric corrosive.

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If the pyrites have been exposed to water, their color may change. You may notice if this crystal has been exposed to water through its color.

You may notice some patches from your crystal. 

Black and brown patches from your Pyrite are because of the iron that rusts. At the same time, the pale yellowish patch is made because of the sulfur.

Mild discoloration does not affect the beauty and the energy of the crystal. However, if the crystal turns black, it loses its shiny luster and is damaged by water. 

Can Pyrite Go in Salt Water?

Since the components of the pyrites react in water, they can't go in saltwater. However, you can still use salt as a cleansing method.

Salt provides powerful energies that keep away the negative energies of the crystal. And it can recharge them with healing energies.

To perform this method, fill the bowl with the right amount of salt. Soak your Pyrite there for 4-8 hours. 

After the cleansing, throw away your salt. It is not recommended to use salt after the cleansing.

The salt absorbed the negative energies from the crystal.

However, if you don't want your Pyrite to get in touch with the salt, you can try this alternative method:

  • Place the salt in a bag, place your Pyrite over it, and leave it through the entire night.

Another way to use salt as cleansing is to put it in a bowl, place a small bowl above it, and then place your Pyrite in that tiny bowl.

It is good to use the last two techniques. 

In that way, you can clean your Pyrite without getting in touch with salt since salt may also cause damage to your crystal.

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Can Pyrite Go in Moon Water?

You know that Pyrite contains components such as sulfur and iron. These components cannot be in the water at all times.

However, you can still use the moonlight as a cleansing method. Moon provides excellent healing energies that are good for your crystals.

You can place your Pyrite outside, where the moon's rays are visible. You can also place it on your windowsill.

Remember to choose a place where the Pyrite will not get in touch with water and away from the danger.

Leave your Pyrite under the moonlight overnight. Make sure that you will get your Pyrite before the sun rises.

It is not recommended to charge your Pyrite under the sunlight.

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How to prepare Pyrite Elixir?

Crystal Elixirs benefit you and your body, depending on what crystal you will use.

Every crystal has unique benefits that the consumer can get.

However, because the pyrites cannot go in the water, creating an elixir using the direct method is not recommended.

You can make a pyrite elixir using the indirect method.

Get a clean jar, freshwater, a water vessel, and your Pyrite to prepare.

Place the Pyrite in a clean jar and fill the water vessel with fresh water. Place the jar with Pyrite in the vessel.

Leave it overnight. After the cleansing, transform the water from the vessel into another clean container.

And there! Your pyrite elixir is ready.

Enjoy the benefits and healing energy that you can get in your pyrite elixir.

Please make sure that you cleanse and charge your Pyrite first before making an elixir so that the negative energy from the crystal will be removed from crystal.

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If the negative energy is not removed first, it may block the benefits and healing energies that you may get on your crystal.

How do you cleanse your Pyrite?

Since water is not advisable for pyrites, there are still other ways to do it.

Here is the list of the methods that you can use:

Cleansing the Pyrite using Smoke

Like smudging, clearing your Pyrite with Smoke is the best way to purify your Pyrite.

The pyrite name came from the Greek word “purity” which means fire. Before, the Pyrite was used to strike against one another to produce fire.

And because pyrites are somehow connected to the element of fire, it may go along with fire as a cleansing tool.

Smoke from smudging can tie more solid energies and change them into higher vibrational energies with airy qualities. 

To perform this method, light the stick of your choice. Put your Pyrite through the Smoke for 30 seconds. 

Visualize that the energy will be sent back to the sources they came from its sources as unconditional love.

You can use white sage, mugwort, referred to as black sage, the Smoke from the burning moxa. 

Cleansing using the Earth

The pyrites and the lower energy are related to one another. Because of that, it will work through the energy we encounter in the physical world.

Placing it directly on the Earth's surface will cleanse and bring it back to its original state. 

This will reset the pyrites' energy, and when you use it again, you'll start again in a fresh and clean state.

Place your Pyrite anywhere in the ground, keep it there for a few hours. It does not matter if it's a cement patio or your garden.

Make sure that you place it on dry ground and where the sun rays are not visible.

You can also bury it in the ground; however, the moisture of the ground can ruin the Pyrite. Just make sure that you will bury it in dry soil.

Cleansing using Visualization

This method is considered the safest way to cleanse all crystals. You are using your energy through your Visualization and imagination. 

This may seem awkward and intimidating at first, but you will become more in tune with yourself as time goes by.

What are other ways to charge your Pyrite?

The ways to cleanse your Pyrite; however, every crystal needs to be recharged.

Here is the list in charging your Pyrite:

Charging using the Earth

Not only can it cleanse your Pyrite, but the Earth's energy also provides energies that can recharge your Pyrite.

Charging using the Rice

This method is also effective as a charging method for your Pyrite. 

Simply fill the bowl with the right amount of Rice. Then place your Pyrite into the bowl of Rice, leave it there for a few hours.

Charging using Other Crystals

Crystals such as hematite and black tourmaline can be used to charge your Pyrite. Simply place them in a container and leave them overnight.

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The energies of the crystals will charge each other.

Charging Using the Sound

You can also try to use the sound as a charging method. Use the OM frequency, as it resonates with the Earth and the cosmic octave.

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