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Ignoring a Scorpio Man After Break Up: What might happen?

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What happens when you break up with your Scorpio man? Sometimes you will not have a good relationship with your ex and choose to be enemies. 

Ignoring a Scorpio man after a breakup is one of the typical actions of a woman. You may be using your silent treatment to force a Scorpio man to feel sorry. 

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What happens if you ignore a Scorpio man after breaking up?

In the Zodiac, a Scorpio man in love is an intense and powerful lover. So, should you wonder if ignoring a Scorpio man after breaking up works?

Are you planning to give a Scorpio man some silent treatment, thinking he might return? If you do, some things might happen to him.

He will start being cold and feel the confusion or become a game player. Either of those could be the result of ignoring him. 

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A Scorpion is a water sign that means intense lover. If a Scorpio man hurts you and you do not want to start any contact with him, he might feel irritated if he still cares for you. 

It is always wise to inform a Scorpio man about the reasons for your coldness. However, letting him think beyond his imagination will not make you any good.

If you show him that you are no longer interested in him, he will remain confused as he could ever be. This might result in more anger and frustration. 

If you ignore him without warning, he might set off the wrong buttons. But, on the other hand, you might not want him to turn the whole situation on you and make it look like it was your fault. 

A Scorpio man is emotional. He might appear emotionless on the outside, but deep inside his heart, he longs for someone who can understand his silence. 

He is an intelligent guy that keenly observes a relationship. So, if the breakup is your fault and you are planning to play a game to minimize the shock of his temper, it is a lost cause anyway. 

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Will Scorpio Man Come Back after a Breakup?

A Scorpio man is one of the most obsessive zodiacs. So, would it mean a Scorpio man will return after a breakup?

A Scorpio man might or might not come back to you after a breakup. However, his extreme obsession will make him more likely to reconnect with his ex. 

If he returns, the best option is to make a heartfelt conversation and not be afraid to express your true inner feelings about your relationship. Be truthful to him; he will have no reason to be jealous or doubt you.

But remember that a Scorpio man has a total ego. So, he might think that breakups are hateful and that he cannot settle for less.

If you realize the true worth of a Scorpio man and decide to get back, there might be a chance of you both overcoming the crisis. But once a Scorpio man decides to move on, there will be no coming back at all. 

When you break up a Scorpio man, you make him more rigid and impenetrable. Therefore, the answer to the question “Will a Scorpio man come back after a breakup?” is neither a “Yes” nor a “No.”

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A breakup could be a learning experience or bitter and revengeful for a Scorpio man. A Scorpio man would take his back on people who break his trust. 

How does a Scorpio Man Act after a Breakup?

You might wonder how a Scorpio man acts after a breakup. It depends because Scorpio men have entirely different characteristics. 

Here are some of the Scorpio man’s behavior after a breakup:

  1. The Obsessive Type

When a Scorpio man wants you back, he will do whatever it takes to win you back and will not stop asking for a second chance. However, if he gets emotionally attached to you, he will find it hard to move on. Blocking a Scorpio man this time might be a good thing.

  1. The Vengeful Type

He is the scariest type of all Scorpio men. He will not leave a single chance to hurt you. Instead, he will take revenge on someone who has broken his heart. 

  1. The Silent Crier

He prefers hiding his emotions to himself and would not allow the world to know how much depression he is handling. He does not like interacting with friends and family and will keep himself gloomy until someone changes him. 

  1. The Cold-hearted Type

He will ignore you like you never existed. He will block you forever, and there is no way that you can step back into his life. 

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How to know if a Scorpio man misses you After Break Up?

It is never too late to make things right after a breakup. So here are the things to know if a Scorpio man misses you after a breakup:

  1. He feels nervous and uneasy.

When a Scorpio man feels nervousness around you, it could be a sign that he still misses you. As a result, they tend to overreact and feel awkward at times.

He might as well act a bit uptight or tense around you. Do not worry if you feel a similar situation because it could be a sign that he still misses you and could not get you out of his head. 

  1. He tails you even after leaving.

A Scorpio man will always trail your tracks whenever he misses you. A Scorpio man is secretive, but he is not shy in making efforts to watch his favorite person.

He remains updated about your whereabouts. In addition, he will follow you on social media and stay active with your timeline.

A Scorpio man might ask your friends about your conditions and circumstances in life. All of these actions imply that he misses you and wants to stay in touch with you. 

Putting his effort to stay in touch with you directly or indirectly means that he extremely misses you. But logically, he is not over with you yet. 

  1. He feels jealous.

A Scorpio man feels jealousy over you when they miss you. Likewise, he is jealous when he sees some other men around him. 

He is bound to feel jealousy when someone gets too close or throws a pickup at him. It signifies that he missed you and is not yet over you. 

  1. He is still concerned and worried about you.

A Scorpio man will still care for you if he misses you after a breakup. He might be hoping you could be together again if he hangs with you. 

He worries about the things that upset you and the little things that make you happy. Thus, these signs show his care for you and strengthen the idea that he misses you and is persistently waiting for you to come back. 

  1. He has an exceptional eye for you.

A Scorpio man will set his eyes on you if he misses you. He is well known for speaking with his eyes. 

He will watch over you, and his eyes will never leave your shadow. He will have his eyes glued to you in everything you do, showing that he misses you. 

  1. He speaks his mind around you.

Even if you broke up, a Scorpio man would open up and say that he misses you so much. If he shares his personal life with you, it might mean he still likes and misses you. 

When a Scorpio man trusts you enough by sharing his secrets with you, it indicates that he misses you. He will find you special if he wants to strengthen his bonds with you after a breakup. 

  1. He competes over you.

Another hint that a Scorpio man misses you is when he competes over you. He is competitive by nature. 

He will try to be the first to greet you being afraid that someone might steal you away. These all mean that he desires to get you back again. 

  1. He cannot stop to admire you despite everything.

A Scorpio man admires you when they miss you. He is a natural thinker, so he cannot help but think about you. 

He will naturally complement you in everything you do. It is a healthy sign that he misses you.

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  1. He will keep you company and values every second spent with you.

When a Scorpio man misses you and wants to get you back, he will spend more time with you. This is because a Scorpio man has excellent stamina to get what he wants. 

He will always look for an opportunity to hang out with you. He might seem a bit clingy, but it is just his way of winning you over again. 

  1. He will tell you his true feelings.

A Scorpio man might come clean and tell you that he misses you. However, he is not afraid to tell you his true feelings if he cherishes and values you the most.

He will be straightforward to you if he wishes to get you back. He does not like to play mind games because he is open and honest about his feelings for you.

If you are a woman who has recently broken up with a Scorpio man, it is important to be patient and understanding with yourself and with him. Allow yourself time to heal, and be open to communicating with him in a healthy way.

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