Should I text Scorpio man first: Yes or no? -

Should I text Scorpio man first: Yes or no?

To text or not to text the Scorpio man first? This article will help you answer this dilemma.

The unpredictable and sensitive Scorpio man is difficult to read and can be the worst person to text. But if this dashing man caught your eye and you want to win him, knowing when to text first is the key to your success.

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Texting a man first is tricky because it can make you appear too forward or desperate for his attention. But the Scorpio man may need this extra effort from you to motivate him to make his move on you.

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Having exciting and engaging conversations through texting is a great way to start your relationship with the Scorpio man. He can be silent and moody in person, so texting him will help you get past his personality and know him better faster.

Keep reading to learn when to text or not to text your Scorpio man first. You will also learn all about his personality for a longer and happier relationship with him.

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Texting the Scorpio man

The Fixed Water sign of Scorpio has a mysterious and unpredictable quality. Texting the Scorpio man is a complicated task for anyone who fails to understand or work with his personality.

The Scorpio man is aloof and unapproachable, so texting him is an easy way to initiate a conversation with him. He is an introvert and is more likely to wait for other people to reach out to him.

The Scorpio man is emotional but reserved; this duality comes from his sign's contradicting element and quality and his being ruled by two different planets, Mars and Pluto. Mars makes him passionate and aggressive, while Pluto makes him silent and mysterious.

The Scorpio man is not communicative, preferring to keep his thoughts and feelings to himself. These can build up inside him and cause angry outbursts or depression over time.

Having an open mind and a lot of patience are needed to have a lasting relationship with the Scorpio man. He is not easy to win over, but you won’t find a more loyal, dependable, and loving partner once you do.

Yes, go ahead and text him!

Texting the Scorpio man is all about timing and patience. If you’re wondering whether to text him first, the following reasons may help you decide.

To initiate a conversation

Want to know how to text a Scorpio man? The Scorpio man is socially awkward and might need you to take the first step in connecting with him. Texting him first shows your interest, motivating him and boosting his confidence in texting you back.

Saying hi or hello might not be enough to get his attention, so try to make your text more personal and interesting. Try asking him about your class assignment, work projects, or other common issues instead of generic or common questions like “How are you?” or “How’s your day?”

To greet him

If you feel shy about texting your Scorpio man first, you can wait for special occasions like his birthday or Christmas to text him. You can congratulate him when he succeeds in his exams, job applications, or promotions at work.

Texting the Scorpio man when he’s happy and excited means you are sharing the experience with him, and he will associate you with a happy feeling. He is also more confident and won’t hold himself back or be too shy when responding to you.

To show him your interest

Texting the Scorpio man first isn’t a sign of desperation as long as you don’t ask him for a date or beg him to like you back. Text him when he posts something interesting on social media, when you want to know about his new hobby or project, or when you want to ask about his latest travels.

The Scorpio man is likely to reply with interest if he feels genuine interest coming from you, so be sure to mean what you say.  Don’t pretend that you like something you don’t only so you can get him to text you.

To apologize or make things clear

If there is a misunderstanding between you and the Scorpio man, don’t wait for him to reach out, or you’ll be waiting for a long time. Text him to clarify things early on before he decides against you for good.

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Explain your side of the story and apologize if you have to, and show the Scorpio man that you can take responsibility for your actions. Be honest and sincere by offering to make amends for the wrongs you’ve done.

To invite him

Text the Scorpio man to invite him to something you think he might be interested in, like a class on his hobby, a book signing of his favorite book, or a concert of a band he likes. Keep your tone friendly, or he’ll think it’s a date and feel pressured.

You can also invite him to a night out with friends or traveling groups. This way, you can get to know each other as friends and feel comfortable with each other’s presence before you decide to be together in a serious relationship.

To tell him how you feel

Look into your feelings for the Scorpio man and find out what you want from the relationship. Be careful and thorough; make sure that your feelings for him are real and strong before you text him about it.

Text the Scorpio man to ask if you can talk to him about your feelings. It would be ideal if you could meet him in person, but if it’s not possible, then tell him everything through text.

You can read my other article on how to text a Scorpio man the right way.

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No, forget him and move on!

The Scorpio man will not be direct to you, so you must rely on signals to know when not to text him first. The following are reasons not to text him first; see if you’ve encountered any of them.

If you have nothing to say

Don’t text the Scorpio man if you have nothing important or interesting to say to him. He’ll feel as if you are wasting his precious time, and he will not spend his energy thinking of a reply to “Hi” or “Hey.”

Take some time to think of something that will catch his interest, look into his social media, get some info from his friends, etc. Whatever you do, don’t text him without any information or update on what he’s up to.

You can acquire ideas about what piques his interest, what puts a smile on his face, or what keeps him entertained (and more) in Scorpio Man Secrets guide. 

If he does not reply

The Scorpio man will reply to someone he’s interested in, so you should give up on him if he doesn’t get back to you. If you see him around, be friendly and act casual around him to let him know you accept his rejection.

You can ask the Scorpio man in person if he received your message, but he may give you excuses or put both of you in an embarrassing situation. It’s up to you if you will go after someone who isn’t brave enough to reject you in a direct way.

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If he is rude to you  

The Scorpio man is harsh and inconsiderate to people he doesn’t like, and he will be annoyed at them no matter what they do. If you get him to text you only to say rude things or offend you on purpose, walk away and don’t text him again.

There are no nice or sweet things you can say to make a Scorpio man change his mind. Show him that you are not the type to take mistreatment as a sign of affection; you are better than that, and you deserve someone better than him.

If you are always the first to text

The Scorpio man may reply to your texts if he is being polite and can’t reject you because he doesn’t want to hurt you. You feel his disinterest in his short replies and lack of enthusiasm to keep the conversation longer.

Don’t text him first if he only texts you to reply. You deserve better than someone who only humors you or pities you.

If he is seeing someone else

Don’t be the woman who goes after the Scorpio man already in a relationship or dates multiple women. And even if he shows interest in you, don’t text first, hoping he’ll leave his girlfriend or stick to dating only you.

If you initiate texting with the Scorpio man you know is also interested in other women, you consent, and you’re okay with having an open relationship with him. If that is what you want, then go ahead and text him first, but if not, you should give him up.

If he is using you

The Scorpio man may engage with your texts only to keep you on the hook for the benefits he can get, like sex. Don’t text him first if he replies only to ask to meet you for hookups and not for an actual date.

Stay away from the Scorpio man who takes advantage of your feelings to get what he wants without any intention of getting into a serious relationship. He is not the one for you!

However, if you are certain that the Scorpio man has pure and genuine intentions towards you, then you're all set for the secret ingredient to captivating his heart across screens–Anna Kovach's Scorpio Man Text Magic. 

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