Scorpio Man Trying to Make Me Jealous: Test of Love or Trick? -

Scorpio Man Trying to Make Me Jealous: Test of Love or Trick?

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Is a Scorpio man playing tricks on you and trying to make you jealous? Are you having a hard time dealing with his actions?

A Scorpio man is trying to make you jealous because he wants your validation or attention. When he deliberately tries to make you jealous, you know he is the kind that gives in to his shadow and lets it rule him.

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Relationships can be tricky, and jealousy can develop both consciously and unconsciously. If a man in your life tries to make you jealous on purpose, you need to take action to stop the practice without making things more difficult in your relationship.

When you fall in love with a Scorpio man, it is like plunging into the deepest ocean and never coming up for air. He can cause you to drown if you are not careful.

A Scorpio man is attractive, possessive, intense, and profound. He plays for keeps and takes life and loves seriously. 

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A Scorpio man is typically very enthusiastic and dependable. But, unfortunately, sometimes he can be out to get you by tricking you or playing mind games.

Like other zodiac signs, a Scorpio man also has a dark side. Therefore, understanding a Scorpio man's thoughts might be challenging. 

Ideally, you should not resort to playing his games because a Scorpio man wants to win. However, you can be in for a bad surprise if you are not prepared.

You may find it enjoyable when a Scorpio man tries to make you jealous. However, in reality, this behavior and way of thinking may be harmful, and you should handle it carefully. 

Avoid a Scorpio man's drama if you can. No matter how tempting it may be to cave in, refusing to fight is a definite way to win the conflict.

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Why does a Scorpio Man Want to Make You Jealous?

There might be several reasons why a Scorpio man might never tell you why he wants to make you jealous. Here are some of the reasons why he is making you jealous:

A Scorpio man has been angry with you for a very long time

Undoubtedly, a Scorpio man will never forgive a slight. So, making a mistake will not help while you are in a relationship with a Scorpio man.

A Scorpio man will recall when you were a little too friendly with someone after your fight. He will remember every detail that makes him angry, even if it already happened years ago. 

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You are flirting with someone else

A Scorpio man will take it personally if you make a Scorpio man jealous first, and he will make an effort to make you jealous. A Scorpio man hates it when he sees you giving your time to someone else.

A Scorpio man is insecure

A Scorpio man's actions are probably a sign of something much more severe going on underneath, typically jealousy or insecurity. You need to consider whether he is experiencing a challenging upbringing, had his heart shattered, or feels less important than he is.

A Scorpio man wants your attention

A Scorpio man might be attempting to make you jealous to gain your attention. Even though it is not the ideal approach, it can help him receive the approval he may seek, especially if he does not know how to be genuinely vulnerable. 

A Scorpio man is creating drama

Like when a Scorpio man ignoring an Aries woman, a Scorpio man either participates in drama directly or creates it. For example, one of the various ways a Scorpio man may try to get pleasure is by making you jealous.

A Scorpio man might be trying to manipulate you out of boredom to see how much you will react. If you learn that he is acting this way, avoid him because it is one of the most annoying reasons.

It is a game of power

A Scorpio man is power-hungry. It makes him feel in control. 

A Scorpio man can get a buzz from making you jealous, and if you play along by making him jealous back, it might make a Scorpio man chase you even more. If you think a Scorpio man is trying to make you jealous because of any form of manipulation, be extra careful.

A Scorpio man is jealous of you

Maybe you are more attractive, alluring, or successful than a Scorpio man. On the other hand, he might be attempting to make you jealous to boost his self-esteem. 

He will not confess it. But his attempts to make you jealous could indicate his jealousy.

A Scorpio man doubts you

A Scorpio man might feel doubt about you. For example, he might think you are cheating when he sees you talking with another man. 

He is trying to make you jealous while talking with other girls to see your reaction. He might need to know if it is okay with you or if you do not like it.

It will be better to act wisely. Talk to a Scorpio and persuade him to stop doing this so that you may maintain your relationship. 

Signs a Scorpio Man Is Trying to Make You Jealous

A Scorpio man in love may attempt to provoke you and make you jealous in several different ways. Some are obvious and evident, while others are far more deceptive. 

Aside from jealousy, learn reasons why a Scorpio man is attracted to a Gemini woman.

You can question your own sanity and wonder if you are insane or if you indeed see things. The following indicators show that a Scorpio man is attempting to make you jealous:

  1. A Scorpio man openly flirts with someone else. It could be your closest friend, a coworker, a brother, or a total stranger, and he could be too touching and loving or complimenting someone on how they look.
  2. A Scorpio man often talks about the attention he gets from other people while framing it in a way that may seem innocent. He is acting in such a way as to make you jealous.
  3. A Scorpio man is ignoring you in a gathering. A Scorpio man might instead chat with someone you do not like or talk to everyone else and neglect you the entire evening. 
  4. A Scorpio man will not embrace or sit next to you during a formal meal. He is probably attempting to make you jealous if he avoids you, especially if he talks to other people.
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What To Do When a Scorpio Man Tries to Make Me Jealous?

How will you deal with a situation where you are not feeling jealous or insecure yourself? Here are some of the tips on what you will do when a Scorpio man is making you jealous:

  1. You can defeat a Scorpio man at his own game.

Although it could seem exciting initially, getting sucked into the manipulation will exhaust you and turn it into a really poisonous experience. As a result, years may pass while you swing back and forth between wins and many losses. 

You will eventually exhaust yourself and become intellectually and emotionally spent. A real Scorpio will perform much better than you in this game.

  1. You can choose to ignore him and decline to play the games.

This is the choice that is the most challenging option. A Scorpio man might even step up his efforts to provoke your jealousy. 

As a result, you might all too easily submit to his tricks. Your level-headed remark can be challenging for him, which might be the beginning of something harmful and terrible.

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  1. Talk with a Scorpio man.

The most sensible choice is this one. A Scorpio man will be motivated to do the same if he can softly express how you are feeling and be honestly vulnerable without coming across as weak, clinging, or needy. 

You are truly vulnerable when you can lay all your cards on the table and feel empowered by him. Say, “I have seen that you have been quite friendly with my coworker,” for example. 

Tell him that you get the impression that he is making you jealous, making you feel depressed, upset, and unimportant. Instead, tell him that you love and care for him, and ask him what you have done to make him do such a disrespectful manner. 

  1. You could break up with a Scorpio man.

This is another unusual choice. However, if it has persisted for too long and you have tried to talk to him while being loving, kind, soft, and patient without success, it might be time to move on. 

It is time to leave the relationship if it has been poisonous. Leave if you feel like you have lost your identity, he is not listening to you, is not seeking therapy, or is still acting like a child.

Because of his anxiety over rejection, he could try to cling to you. As a result, he can suddenly appear vulnerable in a desperate attempt to maintain you, but it might be too little, too late.

Even after you've broken up, he might try to persuade you to get back together. But if he has not really changed, do not even consider it.

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