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Leo Man Silent Treatment: Ignored or Igniting?

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Are you having a relationship with a Leo man? Are you wondering how to handle a Leo man's silent treatment towards you?

A Leo man is very generous with his time and energy when in a relationship. However, when he does not feel the appreciation from you, or if he is not receiving the same amount of effort he puts in, he will suddenly stop talking to you and start the silent treatment.

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A Leo man is dramatic and passionate. Although he can be an incredibly devoted friend, he still requires his own space. 

There are ways to understand a Leo man's thoughts and restore his sense of worth. A Leo man will frequently use a silent treatment to demonstrate his dominance. 

A Leo man might be trying to restore his authority because he feels vulnerable to something you said or did. It cannot be charming when it does. 

You should first try to comprehend why a Leo man treats you silently before responding to him. Letting him come around whenever he feels like it could be preferable if you think he is just trying to establish his dominance. 

It could be time to confront him if you think he is angry about something you said or did. You should make sure that you are making it in a composed and respectful manner.

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Receiving quiet treatment from a Leo man is the worst. It can be devastating if a Leo man turns his back on you.

However, a Leo man may become silent for a variety of reasons. Therefore, to accomplish damage management, you must have the right response strategy.

Whatever the reason a Leo man withdraws, there are a few things to keep in mind if you wish to maintain his interest in you over time. First, a Leo man is self-sufficient and adores you.

A Leo man will permanently stop responding if you are too needy towards him. However, if you show him your attractive strong side, he will try to reach you again.

A Leo man requires a sense of being in the spotlight. He desires to feel majestic. 

A Leo man must know someone is always looking out for him. Therefore, he will adore you when you offer him this care.

What do you do when a Leo man goes silent towards you?

Are you dating a Leo man and keep waiting for him to take the initiative? And when you reach out to him, he suddenly stops speaking. 

Set aside some time for yourself first. A Leo man can be too shy to approach or busy at work. 

Before you decide a Leo man is not interested in you, give him a week. It is time to take action if he has not been in touch with you after a week. 

Tell a Leo man in a message that you like him. If he does not respond, the next move should be to unfriend him on social media and stop following his Twitter and Instagram profiles.

A Leo man is an intense person. He requires independence and could experience suffocation from much attention. 

However, a Leo man can be extremely devoted and protective when he loves you. It is crucial to understand that a Leo man occasionally requires being alone.

In reality, a Leo man often needs your space when he decides to become silent. It implies that he requires some alone time to process ideas before contacting you again.

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Leo Man Silent Treatment: What Makes Him Do This?

  • Do not be needy towards a Leo man.

Do not act needy in return if he is testing you or being playful. You will have “failed” his test if you do it.

A Leo man believes you are overly needy if you keep texting him even when he is not responding. On the other hand, he might think you are being excessively clingy or violating his personal space if he learns that you are questioning all of his friends about him.

If he needs space, respect his boundaries and offer him some. Recognize that he will not pay attention to you all the time.

  • Give a Leo man space.

A Leo man may become quiet when he needs some distance from you. So, distance-making on the part of a Leo man is not always terrible. 

A Leo man can be unsure of your relationship and require some time. But, on the other hand, he might simply be desiring some solitude at a rare moment.

A Leo man may withdraw if he is coping with a personal issue. He does not always enjoy sharing his feelings or asking for your help.

Give him space, whether he needs it from you or someone else. Respect his limits and give him the space and time he requires to reflect or resolve his issue.

You must give a Leo man space if he is debating whether or not he wants to be in a relationship with you. For example, if a Leo man believes you will not respect his boundaries, he might decide he does not want to enter a committed relationship with you.

  • Do not be upset with a Leo man.

It is not always about you when a Leo man gives you the silent treatment. He could be experiencing something. 

When it occurs, he does not always reach out to you. You will just hurt his feelings if you send him a furious text and demand to know why he is ignoring you when he is not intentionally doing so. 

You might aggravate him if he is already struggling or coping with something private. Additionally, getting angry at yourself over a few missed texts serves no purpose.

Instead of giving you the silent treatment, he ought to inform you that he is ignoring you because he is upset with you. You will have wasted your time being unhappy if he is simply busy.

If you are upset, take a break and do anything to distract yourself. Then, when a Leo man feels like it, he will begin speaking to you once more. 

  • Focus on yourself

Taking a step back and concentrating on yourself is always advisable if a Leo man gives you conflicting signals. For example, a Leo man may require a break if you have been spending a lot of time with him lately. 

Spend some time alone during this period. Spend some time on yourself. 

If a Leo man has avoided you since you two fought, consider what you said or did to anger him. You can use this opportunity to improve yourself and consider ways to stop harming him later.

  • Do not bother a Leo man.

If you're dating a Leo man, stop bothering him when you try to schedule a date, and he does not react. If you text him again after he does not respond to the first one, he will not like it.

It will not help to message him further. A Leo man might believe you are becoming overly dependent on him or disrespecting his busy schedule.

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  • Do not send numerous text messages to a Leo man.

Do not keep texting a Leo man and demanding a response if he does not contact you back. Sending him jokes or amusing messages all day will only bother him. 

Although he is giving you the silent treatment, continuing to pester him with requests to hang out or personal issues will not persuade him to return. It is not always the case that a Leo man ignores you when he stops texting. 

He could simply be busy. Because he has not responded, sending him furious texts will irritate him.

  • Use humor towards a Leo man.

If all you ever do is vent to a Leo man, or if all your chats are serious, he may give you the silent treatment. Try to make things more fun if you believe this might be the case. 

A humorous text can also be helpful if he isolates himself because he is sad. Even briefly, it will divert his attention from his problems.

He will find the joke amusing even if he does not reply immediately. A little comedy could help diffuse a fight between you two. 

  • Keep yourself busy to forget a Leo man.

A Leo man may ghost you to let you know he is over you. This is particularly true if you two have only recently started dating or have simply been conversing.

If you believe this to happen, try your best to keep yourself occupied. Your life does not need to depend on a Leo man who might not return.

Spend time with your friends. Go on dates with other people if you and a Leo man are not exclusively dating.

Do not let his lack of response depress you. When you still have your entire life ahead of you, there is no use in hanging around for his response.

You will not even notice he is giving you the silent treatment if you keep yourself busy. You will not have time to worry about his silence since you will have too much fun with your friends.

If you publish pictures online, a Leo man may see you are out having fun. But, on the other hand, he might start missing you and break his silence if you do this.

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  • Leave your communication open.

If a Leo man has stopped talking to you and you are not sure why it is ideal to let him know that you are available for conversation whenever he is ready. You can write him a message expressing your concern about him because you have not heard from him in a while. 

Avoid being aggressive or accusing a Leo man. Instead, just let him know you are available if he wants to speak and then ignore him or don't think about him. Continue going on with your life without him. 

If a Leo man is going through something and needs time to himself, this will help him feel better. In addition, he will appreciate your efforts and the fact that you are not angry with him for neglecting you.

If you act maturely and maintain a line of communication, he needs to alter his strategy if he intentionally avoids you. He may realize that he needs to talk to you as a result.

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