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Ignoring a Leo man: Will it work?

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It is often said that absence makes the heart grow fonder. Will this apply to the Leo man?

Ignoring your Leo man can work in your favor and improve your relationship with him. But if you don’t do it right, ignoring him can cause irreparable damages to your relationship.

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Before you start giving your Leo man the cold shoulder, there are several things you must consider. Keep reading to learn how to ignore him the right way!

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The Leo man’s personality

The first thing to consider is the Leo man’s personality. Leo, a Fixed Fire sign ruled by the Sun, has a fiery and aggressive personality.

The Leo man likes to always be in control and loves being the center of attention. He has a fiercely competitive nature that always seeks the thrill of a chase and enjoys the risk of losing.

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Although the Leo man can be perceived as arrogant and egotistical, he has a sensitive and loving side that he is not afraid to show to the people he loves. He is the kindest person you’ll ever meet, loyal to people who have earned his trust, and honest when he encounters sincerity.  

Why do you want to ignore a Leo man?

The next thing you should consider is your reason for ignoring the Leo man. If your reason is that you’re done with him, then this might not be the article for you.

You want him to feel guilty

If your Leo man did something to hurt you, you could ignore him to make him feel guilty and make him to apologize. This works best if you let him know why he deserves this treatment from you.

Knowing what he did wrong is the only way the Leo man can improve his behavior towards you. Being honest with your feelings will solicit the same level of honesty from him.

You want to test his intentions

If you are newly dating a Leo man, you can ignore him for a time to test his intentions and feelings towards you. Note that ignoring him can slow the progress of your relationship or completely prevent it from forming.

Building trust through open communication is the first step to building a strong relationship. You and your Leo man can’t proceed with this step if you cut your contact with him too early or for too long.

You want him to give you attention

The Leo man’s representative animal is the Lion for a reason. This alpha male loses status as the king of the jungle if you keep him in a cage where he doesn’t need to work hard for his meals.

Ignoring the Leo man will wake his instinct to chase and make him want you more. He will notice how important you are to him if you don’t make it too easy for him to access you.  

You want him to regret losing you

When you break up with the Leo man ignoring him can also be effective in catching his attention. But do this after you’ve re-established a friendly relationship with him.

Ignoring a Leo man right after your breakup will not serve any purpose but push him further away. It sends a message that you no longer want to get back together.

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You want to have the upper hand in the relationship

Honestly, wanting to have the upper hand in the relationship is not a good reason to ignore the Leo man. In the first place, if you are with someone as confident and intimidating as he is, he will always have the upper hand in the relationship if you allow it.

Second, if you feel you have no power in your relationship, talking with your partner is the best you can do, not ignore them. You can go on ignoring the Leo man if he dismisses your feelings and refuses to talk to you about your issues.

Why ignoring the Leo man is not a good idea

Know that ignoring your Leo man may do more harm than good for your relationship. You should also consider that you don’t hold control over his heart; you can’t predict how he’ll react to your actions.

Ignoring him can be hurtful

Ignoring can be painful to anyone, and keep in mind that the Leo man is sensitive and vulnerable if he cares deeply for you. Don’t ignore him if you know that it can hurt him and damage your relationship with him.

Ignoring him can make you look bad

The Leo man will see you as this mean and heartless woman who ignores him so that you can test his feelings for you. He will start questioning your motives and intentions, and your dishonesty will push him away.

Ignoring him can break his trust

The Leo man feels loved if you give him care and attention. Ignoring him when he expects these from you will make him see you as unreliable and untrustworthy.

Ignore your Leo man the right way!

Ignoring the Leo man to work to your advantage is a tricky job. There is no guarantee for success, but I’ve given you some suggestions below to help you get the results you need.

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Be honest

Honesty and being open to your Leo man is the best way to his heart. There are other ways to keep him interested other than ignoring him.

Ignoring your Leo man should be your last option. Talking about your issues with him is always the best step to making your relationship move further and last longer.

Be subtle

If you feel that your Leo man is showing less attention to you and talking to him about it is not working, then it’s time to do something about it. Be subtle and start small, like spending more time with friends or focusing on your work or own interests.

You don’t want to alarm your Leo man, but you want him to feel that you’re paying him less attention. He will seek your attention and when he does, give it to him 100 % so that he will feel the difference when you have your focus somewhere else.

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Don’t say yes to everything

The Leo man loves to be the hero that saves the day, the leader that helps you achieve your goals. But don’t make him the ruler of your life or give him the power to decide for you.

The Leo man appreciates a woman with a mind of her own and capable of living her own life. Include him in the decision-making process, and he will appreciate it but do your own thinking, and he will be more impressed.

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Be calm and cool

Be the confident and alluring woman of the Leo man’s dreams, a no-drama or overly emotional kind of woman. He wants a woman who shows grace under pressure, someone who is calm and firm against life’s difficulties.

Don’t come crying to your Leo man for help whenever you need one; face your problems on your own but accept his help when he offers it. He wants to be the night that swoops in and saves you, not the nanny that consoles and takes care of you.

Make him jealous

Be warned, making the Leo man jealous can backfire on you if you don’t do it right. Leos love competition, so showing interest in another man can make your Leo man work harder to win you.

But making the Leo man jealous should be done cautiously, don’t do it if your man is already committed to you. Doing so will break his trust and eventually damage your relationship.

Keep busy

Keeping busy and doing your own thing will take some of your time away from the Leo man, and he will feel it. It will make him value the time you give him and not take it for granted.

Doing your own thing can be anything that makes you improve and become interesting and attractive to other people, not just your Leo man. Seeing you thrive and be liked by people around will keep your man on his toes and work hard to win you and keep you.

Don’t play his game

Most of the time, like the Lion that he is, the Leo man is only after the chase. There is a good chance he will drop you once he has won his prize.

Start your relationship right by telling him what you want and expect from him, don’t allow him to get you into playing his mind games. If he doesn’t respond well to your honesty and clear expectations, then he is not the right partner for you.

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Always watch out for his reaction

Ignoring and having some time off the Leo man should make him excited and happy when you do get together. If ignoring him ignited his interest and brought the spark back into your lives, then it’s a success, and you have done it right.

But if there are no such reactions, then ignoring your Leo man is not the step you should take. But don’t lose all hopes yet; there are other ways to keep a relationship going than ignoring your man.

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