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Pisces Man Ignoring Aries Woman: The Mysterious Pull Away!

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Are you wondering why a Pisces man is ignoring an Aries woman?

The short answer is, a Pisces man might ignore an Aries woman due to their different natures. Pisces is emotional and dreamy, while Aries is bold and direct. They may misunderstand each other. It's essential to communicate and understand their unique traits to bridge the gap and find harmony.

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When a Pisces man ignores an Aries woman, it could be because he assumes you do not want his presence. However, an Aries woman will be angry since she loves attention, primarily if she has already invested much effort in you.

Therefore, do not get upset if a Pisces man ignores you. When a Pisces man is emotionally hurt, he may withdraw into his own world and shut out everyone around him, especially the person who hurt him.

Dealing with a Pisces man ignoring you is frequently simple. He will cease ignoring you if you show him love or offend him.

A Pisces man is a sign of love. Thus, it usually stems from a place of emotional anguish rather than rage or pettiness.

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An Aries woman has strong opinions about her beliefs and what she wants from life. Yet, she is independent and cheerful in a relationship. 

When a passionate Aries woman thinks something is essential to her, she pursues it wholeheartedly. But unfortunately, even though she may be self-reliant and resilient, an Aries woman undoubtedly experiences pain from time to time. 

An Aries woman's inner fortitude and fiery spirit cannot protect her from her partner. Therefore, it would be in your best interest to discover what occurs when an Aries woman gets injured to ensure the two of you overcome any difficulty between you.

Because of how quickly an Aries woman's emotions change, it is practically impossible to avoid an Aries woman suffering from depression. It is not unusual for her to act usual one moment and furious the next.

While this can be annoying initially, it can quickly become a serious relationship problem. An Aries woman wants things right soon because she does not like you bothering her for a long time.

Why is a Pisces man ignoring an Aries woman?

A Pisces man is acting too sensitive.

A Pisces man is a water sign highly perceptive to other people's feelings. Intuition and empathy are traits of water signs. 

A Pisces man is a spiritual being and a deep thinker. As a result, his emotions may be as deep as an endless sea.

A Pisces man is the most sensitive and delicate of all the zodiac signs. The mood of an Aries woman frequently overwhelms him. 

A Pisces man is likely ignoring an Aries woman because he wants to collect his thoughts. Just picture a large ocean wave crashing against the coast; that is how a Pisces man thinks.

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A Pisces man might not know how he feels about you yet.

A Pisces man makes unwavering commitments. But he must be sure that he commits to the correct person. 

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So, you will need to know much more about his astrological love profile. A Pisces man suffers from his shifting viewpoints. 

As a result, making and sticking to decisions is difficult for him. However, a Pisces man can also be erratic and harmful.

A Pisces man is being passive-aggressive. 

A Pisces man is not direct and aggressive but can go all out when he blows. However, it is not likely for a Pisces man to harass or act aggressively against you.

A Pisces man will then engage in full-on passive-aggressive behavior. A Pisces man will ignore you if he has trouble controlling his emotions. 

A Pisces man is managing his own worries.

A Pisces man may choose to ignore an Aries woman if he is battling his own fears and worries. A Pisces man in love will not want to burden his lover with his own issues, which is a fact. 

What to do if a Pisces Man Ignores an Aries Woman?

Here are some of the tips that might help you:

As an Aries woman, give him space.

If a Pisces man suddenly ignores an Aries woman, he might just need some space and not know how to ask for it. So, find out if he needs some alone time because he tends to be reclusive.

No matter how much he loves and cares for you, a Pisces man will periodically ask for no contact rule. You risk driving him farther away if you push him too hard to break out of his shell.

A Pisces man may alter his behavior and become more reserved when he needs to relax. This is because he needs to escape into his little world and take his time to make sense of his emotional ups and downs.

However, if a Pisces man stays silent for a long time or if you suspect he is angry with you, it could be wiser to drop a modest message to check in with him. Do not crowd a Pisces man or demand an answer, even if you do this.

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As an Aries woman, you should get in touch with him.

Let a Pisces man know that talking to you is all he needs to do to avoid ignoring you. Let him know that you respect all of his feelings, whether they are favorable or harmful.

Assure a Pisces man that you respect his feelings and will not ever belittle him because he might stop talking to you if he thinks you will make fun of him. Avoid sounding desperate or needy in your communication by keeping it lighthearted. 

Instead, convey confidence and present yourself as calm and relatively interested, but not excessively so. You can use this to your advantage by being angry about the situation, which will make him react to you. 

Your main goal is to persuade a Pisces man to get in touch with you as soon as possible. So, you can take the simple approach and achieve your desired outcomes more rapidly at any price.

As an Aries woman, do not confront him.

Because a Pisces man despises conflict, he will be prone to ghosting once his relationship with you is over. So even if it can appear disrespectful to you fully, you should not throw him out if he starts to get quiet.

But remember that a Pisces man has difficulty being assertive, which is why he avoids conflict at all costs. He simply finds ignoring a problem easier than dealing with it. 

Therefore, when he does, enable him to start backing off since he must first feel trusted by you. Do not press him to speak when a Pisces man blatantly ignores you. 

If you do, he may feel dominated and begin to disappear without you noticing it. On the other hand, if you never make him think pressed, he will be less likely to ignore you and open up to you more if he believes you will respect his need for privacy or space without objecting to it.

As an Aries woman, keep yourself occupied.

If he asks for some alone time or refuses to engage with you, just live your own life. It is wise to maintain independence even if a Pisces man is not purposefully avoiding you.

He would appreciate it if you let him know you can care for yourself and will not overly depend on him. A Pisces man would occasionally neglect the people in his life because he has too high expectations for them. 

A Pisces man would feel overburdened if you regularly asked him to do things for her. So, if a Pisces man avoids you, do not pursue him. 

Keep yourself occupied and make time with friends and family a priority. Please send him a note to stay in touch and let him know you are thinking about him, but otherwise, go on with your life.

Treat yourself occasionally and pursue the goals you have always had. Time moves faster, which may cause a Pisces man to wonder what you are doing.

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As an Aries woman, pay him some mind.

A Pisces man trying to get your attention will be highly hurt if you ignore a Pisces man. He starts to retreat when you do not give him the attention or affection he wants.

Remember that he might not always be upfront about what he needs. If you offer a Pisces man the attention he needs regularly, he will be less inclined to neglect you to attract your attention.

A Pisces man will have to ignore you if he already gets what he needs from you. However, he will not have to do it only to get your attention.

A Pisces man may disregard you if he feels he is not getting what he wants from the relationship. Make an emotional connection with him, show him some love when you can, and tell him how much you care.

A Pisces man will neglect you if he reads, but if you come across as extremely cold around a Pisces man, he can try to keep his distance to protect himself. Because he needs so much affection and comfort from her spouse, he can start to think that you do not care about him.

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