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When You Don’t Text a Scorpio Man: Do It Right!

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Are you wondering how the Scorpio man reacts if you stop texting him? Will he get mad or be hurt, will he chase after you, or won’t notice you at all?

The Scorpio man doesn’t respond well to ignoring or ghosting, but if you do it right, not texting him can be just the thing that propels your relationship forward. It helps to know the right ways to text him and not text him.

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Texting someone is always tricky because reading words is not the same as talking face-to-face, and meanings can be lost or misunderstood easily. Texting and communicating with the Scorpio man is much trickier because of his complicated personality.

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All about the Scorpio man

The Scorpio man is unpredictable; you can’t be sure what to expect from him. He can be okay with what you are saying one moment; his inner sensitive side can react negatively the next.

The Scorpio man appears cold and unfeeling but feels deep emotions that he sometimes has difficulty expressing. You can’t always figure out his true feelings and motivations, and if you are not careful, you can unknowingly hurt and offend him.

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Nevertheless, if you succeed in making heads or tails of the Scorpio man, you will be rewarded with the most loyal, dependable, and passionate person you can find. He is an intense lover, and nothing will move or change him once he’s set his sights on making a relationship work.

Texting your Scorpio man

Do not know how to text a Scorpio man? To get the reaction you want from not texting the Scorpio man, you first need to build a good texting relationship with him. 

Keep in mind that he can easily hide his true emotions and mislead you if you are not careful.

Below are some tips and tricks to consider when texting a Scorpio man.

Text him first

It’s okay to text the Scorpio man first; it will flatter him and boost his ego. Starting a conversation is not his forte, so he will love it if you show your interest first, encouraging him to make his move.

Initiating the conversation is easy; keeping it going is another thing and should be a shared responsibility between you and the Scorpio man. Don’t be too eager to text him first if you can’t feel the same level of enthusiasm from him.

Don’t be emotional

Texting best conveys information, not emotion. Don’t rely on texting to express your emotions or learn about how the other person feels.

The Scorpio man doesn’t respond well to emotional conversations; his reaction to having emotional conversations through texts will be ten times worse. He will only ignore your emotional and dramatic texts, so don’t bother attempting to discuss your feelings that way.

Don’t overshare

The thing with texting is that you leave a trail of evidence, making it difficult to take back the things you’ve already said. 

The Scorpio man will not show it, but you’ll only irritate him if you overload him with information that doesn’t concern him. If you feel that he’s dismissing your attempts to talk, then maybe it’s time you start keeping some of that information to yourself.

Have something to say

Text only when you have something important to say, making sure that every word you send is of importance and value. This is a sign of respect and consideration for the person you are talking to.

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The Scorpio man gets bored quickly, so keeping a conversation with him means you need to take on the challenge of constantly finding subjects of interest to him. Also, you must know when he is genuinely interested in what you are trying to say or only being polite to you. You can read my article on how to make a Scorpio Man keep chasing you.

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Keep it simple

The best texts are the ones that are short and direct to the point. They’re less likely to be misread or misunderstood and easier to write, and faster for anyone to read.

Save the complicated and profound subjects for up close and personal discussions with your Scorpio man. 

Send him concise and easy-to-read texts with fewer emojis and shorthand texts; don’t make him solve your meaning like a puzzle.

Be funny

Making someone laugh and showing your goofy side is a great way to get to know and connect with them. People are more open and comfortable with you when they can laugh and be silly with you.

You can bond with the Scorpio man over memes, jokes, or funny stories. Everyone finds different things funny, so matching his kind of humor is essential to avoid offending him or losing his interest.

Not texting your Scorpio man

Not texting your Scorpio man doesn’t mean completely cutting him off from your life. It means limiting your texts and hitting pause for a time.

A note of caution: be sure to always respond to the Scorpio man when he texts you. He doesn’t like to be ignored, and if you do, that will be his signal to walk away from your relationship.  

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Put your phone down

Excessive texting is not healthy for any relationship. There will come a time when you run out of things to say to each other.

Put your phone down when the conversation becomes repetitive and when your man keeps sending the same short replies. 

Let yourself and your man have time to live outside your phones, giving you both a chance to have more exciting things to talk about.

Wait for him to text first

This is the part where you wait for your Scorpio man to notice that you are not texting him as often as before. If you did the ‘texting him’ part right, he is sure to notice and miss your sudden disappearance from his radar.

Don’t act innocent or make a lame excuse if he asks about your being MIA; he will know a lie when he sees one. Be honest and tell him that you need to take a break to focus on your personal life.

Keep improving yourself

Take a break from texting and other social media activities by keeping busy improving your life. Use this extra time to pursue other interests and life goals.

If the Scorpio man sees you using your time to improve yourself and going after your dreams, he will be attracted to spend more time with you. 

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Send casual texts

Sending your Scorpio man a casual Hi or How-are-you text once in a while will let him know you still care. Make him feel that he is not required to respond, that you simply want to let him know that you thought about him.

Your Scorpio man hates being pressured to act, so casual texts are very effective because these give him time to think about his response. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t receive a reply; you can always try again in a few days.

Spend more time with your friends

Going out more and spending quality time with other people increases your physical connections. It will do wonders for your self-esteem and happiness, lowering your stress levels.

Be there when he needs you

If the Scorpio man misses you because you are no longer texting him regularly, he will most likely not admit it. Instead, he may think of a way to contact you, like asking for a favor or help with something that’s troubling him.

When this happens, let the Scorpio man know that you value his alone time, but he can still count on you to help him when he needs you. This builds trust and loyalty in your relationship while letting him know that you still value personal independence.

Be patient

Giving someone the time and space to grow is crucial in every relationship. If not texting your Scorpio man didn’t make him chase you or closer to you, don’t lose hope.

You can start texting him again but do it the right way this time. Remember that it’s only over when the Scorpio man says it’s over. 

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