Sun & Sun Aspects in Synastry Chart: Do your likeness and personalities allow a lasting relationship? -

Sun & Sun Aspects in Synastry Chart: Do your likeness and personalities allow a lasting relationship?

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Sun in Conjunction with Sun in Synastry Chart

The meeting of the two Sun people is like finding the missing piece of a puzzle. Their connection with each other is so potent and on an instinctive level. This is the reason why they quickly sense your partner's feelings and thoughts. They can feel their fellow Sun energy even if they're miles away.

The two Sun people have a lot of things in common. Their vibrational energies and mindset are both aligned and similar to each other. The way they think, decide, and their views towards life are indistinguishable. They understand and accept each other differences and motivates one another to dream bigger. They also love to do the things they are passionate about together. 

You see each other clearly. It is allowing you to see the genuine self and real emotions of your partner. This strong instinctive attraction the two Sun people have with each other is the force that pulls these two planets together. They are like two magnets, strongly attracted to be together.

Since these two planets are very much alike, they recognize their own traits and habits in their partner and the attitude and character they don't like. Because of this, they can also see the things they hate about themselves to their partner. 

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Just like in the Venus Trine Venus Synastry, the relationship between the two Sun people is full of optimism and positive energy. Both use each other as fuel to work harder in achieving their dreams and aspirations. Both are playful and open to trying new things.

However, it would be best if you were careful in maintaining your individuality within the relationship. The fiery passion and excitement you have with each other is the reason to lose your identity quickly. Both planets need to be cautious especially on the first part of their relationship. Establish a boundary within your relationship and sets a limit on things that do not go well with you.

Like the Sun shining so bright, both planets shine a light on their partners to highlight their strengths and chosen field of expertise. Both planets have the ability to enhance and boost the social connection and career of their partner.

Both planets have one common goal: the success of their relationship and their selves. You support each other and enjoy being with one another.

Sun in Soft Aspect (trine, sextile, semi-sextile) with Sun in Synastry Chart

Optimism, confidence, and enthusiasm are the energies that power up your relationship. Both planets are willing to work together to achieve their goals in life. There is unity in this relationship between two Sun people in the soft aspect.

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These two planets are like mirrors. They see themselves clearly in their partner. If both planets love and accept themselves, this relationship will flourish, and their passion will intensify.

Both planets have so many things in common. Your intrinsic connection with each other allows you to work together harmoniously. The optimism each one possesses revitalizes both of you to harness further and enhance your creativity. You draw your strengths and inspiration from each other.

Seeing the accomplishment of your partner is already rewarding for you. You treat your partner's achievement like yours, you celebrate and rejoice together. Your love for each other is nurturing, allowing both partners to evolve beautifully within the relationship.

Both partners are at peace and content within the relationship. If both planets manage to maintain this harmonious status in their relationship, they can do great things in the future. Success and new opportunities will flow in their life with ease.

The Universe will reward the positivity of the two Sun person radiates with wealth, happiness, and mental and spiritual growth.

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Sun in Hard Aspect (opposition, square, semi-square) with Sun in Synastry Chart

The similarity and likeness of the two Sun person are what makes them or breaks them. If self-love and acceptance are nurtured within the relationship, there is a guarantee that this union of two Sun people will succeed.

However, if one or both partners lacks confidence and is full of insecurity, this relationship is in peril and will likely face many problems.

Because they see in each other the qualities they like and the negative ones, this would cause a lot of tension in the relationship. Unpleasant and obnoxious behavior will irritate their partner. However, the constant bickering and arguments are just reflections of themselves that they don't like.

There is a power struggle within your relationship. Instead of working together to one common goal, you tend to compete with each other on who's going to lead the relationship.

Your fervent desire to reach for your goals will make you see less clearly the more essential things in life. Determined to pursue your goals in life, your independent nature will make your partner feel neglected and betrayed.

Some negative emotions will also resurface in the relationship. The success of your partner will give a pang of jealousy and resentment to its Sun partner. Both have the same goals in life, and if one gets it right away, the other would feel incapacitated for not being able to achieve them.

It would be hard to establish a harmonious relationship between the two Sun people in the hard aspect, the same goes for the aspects of Mars and Pluto. Their intense energy would cause them to feel drained and indifferent. Their egos will constantly clash.

The challenge for both Sun people is that both need to learn how to coordinate their opinions and ego to come up with a positive outcome.

Both need to practice self-love and acceptance. Both planets need to decide on what is the responsibility of each partner. There should be clear goals and a fair share of accountability within the relationship.

The success of the two Sun person's relationships will be based on their level of commitment and compromise within the relationship. If both planets are willing to work together, inevitably, they can form a good and lasting relationship.

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