Twin Flame Synchronicities During Separation Stage -

Twin Flame Synchronicities During Separation Stage

When talking about twin flame journeys, every single one of them is unique. There are twin flame journeys that started late, with mature and ready individuals getting to know their twins' existences. They are usually the ones that ascend to true union faster than everyone else.

Then there are the twin flames who meet each other in less than ideal circumstances. Some even meet in unfavorable circumstances. For these twin flames, there are many times when they go through the twin flame separation stage. Twin flames who are not ready are up for a very trying time. Furthermore, unfortunate twin flame pairs number a lot more than the ready ones.

Because of the unique nature of twin flames, they also need special guidance. Their path to ascension and the true union is arduous. The twin flame separation stage can feel like absolute hell with the twin flame separation pain. The Universe is aware of that fact and is ready to give guidance. One such guidance is twin flame synchronicity.

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What are Twin Flame Synchronicities?

Twin flame synchronicities are signs given by the Universe. They are not in any human language because the Universe is not limited to humanity. What is universal and applicable to all are numbers. The Universe gives numbers to guide the twin flames to reconciliation, or even for them to meet for the first time.

One of the missions given to twin flames in their lifetimes is to achieve true union with their twin flame pair. The Universe is doing the twin flames a favor by giving them signs. The signs are provided by the Universe every time possible and shown everywhere possible. Whether the twin flames are on the direct course towards true union or not, the Universe is giving them its one hundred percent support.

There are signs everywhere, but it's still up to the twin flames whether they can perceive the signs or not. Additionally, even if they do get the signs, they still have to work on the Universe's guidance. The guides are only guides, after all. They attempt to bring back or unite the couple, but the Universe doesn't intervene in the twin flame stages that they'll go through..

Examples of Twin Flame Synchronicities

When the Universe is giving you signs, it sends beings with higher spiritual power than normal human beings to become their hands and feet. The higher beings bring the message from the Universe to us. Often, the Universe sends our guardian angels to watch over us and guide us.

Twin flame synchronicity coming from angels is called angel numbers. The latter comes in various numbers and sequences. There are patterns to these numbers, and they have different meanings depending on the circumstances and sequences by which they appear in. You can see them because they are very eye-catching, and you notice them in places where you usually would just skip looking at them.

The location where you saw your angel number can change the meaning of the number. There are times when you can notice certain number sequences catch your eye when you look at a clock. There are also times when you notice angel numbers on signboards or other areas where the numbers stay the same (unlike the clock that changes every minute). There are even instances when clouds or other things in nature form certain number sequences.

Listed below are some of the most common number sequences provided to you by the Universe.

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Angel number 1111

This number sequence is usually given to twin flames when they are about to meet. It is generally given to twin flames who have not met each other yet. When you see this sign, be prepared to meet your twin flame because they will appear soon. You will know once you meet your twin flame that he/she really is your twin.

Angel number 1010

This number sequence is very special to twin flames, as this angel number is only reported to have been perceived by twin flames. They're commonly seen by twin flames, even when it's unique to them.

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This angel number is a sign that your twin flame relationship is on the right track. You have improved yourself greatly from the time you and your twin flame got separated. If you see this angel number, it indicates that your twin has improved as well. It's time for a reunion with your twin.

If you and your twin flame haven't been separated and you see this angel number, be glad. It means that you and your twin flame are on the right track and are close to the next stage of your relationship. It may even mean that you are nearing true union.

Angel number 777

This angel number is very easy to confuse with regular occurrences of 777 because it is ubiquitous even for those who are not twin flames. Nonetheless, if you see this sign, then the Universe has good news for you.

The angel number 777 means that you are on the right track, not just with your twin flame but with the Divine purpose as well. The higher beings have acknowledged that what you are doing is according to the will of the Universe. That being so, the Universe will reward you greatly, so be ready to accept the blessings that will come your way.

Angel number 999

This angel number is one that most twin flames don't like to see. Angel number 999 is the angel number that signifies endings. If you see this angel number, then look for loose ends in your relationship with your twin flame, then tie them all up.

Don't try to leave loose ends as is, with the hope of bringing things back together yourself. The Universe itself says that it would be better for both of you to remain as two physical entities until the end. It's warning you that if you don't tie up those loose ends, there will be more pain for you that will not be cured.

Other Twin Flame Synchronicities

Angel numbers are the most noticed and studied synchronicities. However, that doesn't mean that synchronicities only manifest through angel numbers. There are also twin flame synchronicities that are more difficult to notice.

Just remember that twin flames themselves notice the twin flame synchronicities. They are something that both twin flames experience. They may appear during a particular time of the day to both of them.

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The synchronicities are things that both of the twin flames understand. They may be in the form of music or movies that have special meaning to the twin flames, or the content of the media might be related to what they are going through. It might be something that reminds them of the first time they met or where their most memorable moments happened. Sometimes, those things just happen to pop up in conversations, or maybe they see it when they read the morning news.

The twin flames themselves determine twin flame synchronicities, and the Universe gives them to guide them back to each other.

Also, please keep in mind that you must beware of the False Twin Flame Synchronicities. 

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Does Your Twin Flame Notice these Synchronicities?

The fact that twin flames have a very special connection cannot be stressed enough. The very nature of their relationship makes it different from others. They are spiritually connected, and thus their relationship carries with them a special bond. When one of the twin flames perceives and gets signs from the Universe, the other twin will also get those signs.

However, the question is not whether your twin flame can get those signs because they always will if you do. Your bond is that special. The question is whether your twin flame does realize that he/she is getting signs from the Universe. You do have that special connection with your twin flame, so when one of you notices the signs, it will increase the likelihood that the other also catches them.

However, twin flame synchronicity doesn't mean getting the same sign at the same time. It still all depends on the stage you are currently in your journey towards true union. There are cases where you have progressed nicely in your journey, but your twin flame is lagging. The reverse can also be true. In those cases, the twin flame who has moved better along the journey will notice the synchronicities first. They will also recognize its importance and implications faster.

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If a twin flame has reached the point where they can control their twin flame energy transmission, they can also support their twin flame by sending energy to them. You can send them emotions, or you can share dreams with them. If you are that twin flame, you can do so right now if you want to.

Using Twin Flame Synchronicities to Break the Twin Flame Separation Stage

There is no sure-fire way to end the twin flame separation stage. The best way is to work on yourself to be much more ready when you reconnect with your twin. However, even that doesn't guarantee that you and your twin flame will be able to experience a twin flame reunion.. There is much uncertainty when it comes to the twin flame separation stage.

If you ever need guidance on where you currently are in your journey, the Universe will know that and give both twin flames synchronicities. With these synchronicities, they can determine how much work still needs to be done. On another note, lack of synchronicities doesn't necessarily mean that you aren't true twin flames. Perhaps you still have more work to be done.

Do not be discouraged. If you don't see twin flame synchronicities, it may mean it's not time yet. Even if you do see twin flame synchronicities, they are mere guides in the journey. It's up to you what to use these synchronicities on.

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