Twin Flame Surrender Stage: Is It Time To Give Up or Let Go? -

Twin Flame Surrender Stage: Is It Time To Give Up or Let Go?

Surrendering and letting go is something that is done every single day in many different ways. We're all busy and stressed, so it's not always easy to do.

However, it's important to remember that surrender is a mighty act. If you can find a way to let go, you can move forward in your life.

Surrender is a fantastic feeling, and once you've had it, you never want to forget about it.

It will show up again and again in your life, making things a lot easier. So, we'll talk about surrender now and the process of submission.

The surrender stage is when you find yourself willing to let go and permit Universe to take over. You no longer are interested in what might be the outcome of the relationship.

You are in a state of accepting your situation right now. You leave entirely to the Divine, and there’s no turning back.

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You allow the awakening process takes you on the path to completion. You do not have the energy to make any resistance because you let everything flow.

You release any expectation about anything with your twin flame relationship. You believe that the plan is working on its own as you surrender it to the Divine.

In the surrender stage, you are not seeking to change anything in your life. You are no longer in a rush to accomplish things.

You take it easy and remind yourself to slow down. You have already accepted everything, and you are ready to move forward.

You take a step back and take a breather because life is a beautiful gift. It is when you realize that you are stronger than you thought.

It is when you realize that you are capable of more than you imagined. Instead of worrying about the future, you feel gratitude and humility.

The surrender stage also entitles you to grow and learn about yourself. It is when you start to understand why you act the way you do.

You can also learn to forgive yourself and others for the mistakes that you have made. As you continue to do this, you are at peace and appreciate the world more.

Sometimes, others feel they are ready for this stage and back out at the last minute. The cycle then keeps repeating, and unable to proceed with the awakening process.

When you step in the direction towards the fulfillment of purpose, just continue walking. You are on the right path, even if you might not like it partially.

As you continue your journey, you begin to understand why things happen. You change your perspectives and outlook in life towards opening your eyes to the truth.

You learn as you go through different challenges life throws at you. Alone or with your twin flame, everything happens for a reason.

You rediscover your strengths and weaknesses as you discover more about your journey within. Instead of finding some attributes towards your twin flame, you take action to improve yourself.

The joy you feel at this point concerns your freedom. You unbuckle the chains that keep holding you back from achieving better versions of yourself.

Because twin flame connection is never broken no matter what stage, they begin to evolve, too. They radiate back at you and maybe a sign that your union is near.

You may have a time when you feel much love and attraction towards your twin flame. Moreover, your feelings of attraction may grow stronger over time.

But this phase is one of those smooth times that help you overcome turmoil in your relationship. Prioritizing yourself isn't such a bad thing.

It actually helps your twin flame relationship rather than destroying it. As you restore your energy, you restore and reestablish your twin flame energies.

You feel liberated from the teachings that are keeping you at bay. You let go of your ego and outdated behaviors and patterns to welcome fresh ones.

You begin to free yourself from the fears that put you in a cage. You may find yourself looking around the world and wondering what is happening with all this love.

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What happens during the Twin Flame Surrender?

The first step towards healing is acknowledging your twin flame connection. By this time, you understand that the surrender stage is not as easy as it looks.

It is best if you accept the truth about the twin flame bond; that is, you are always connected. Nothing can break that soul bond, but surrendering brings conscious awareness.

Yes, you may feel the pull to find the twin flame-like they have been calling to you from afar. You still have dreams and visions about them, and you receive some messages.

You've found and accepted ways to communicate with your twin flame in spirit. You open your heart more to send them love, whether or not they’ll respond.

But most importantly, you understand why you need to surrender.

You strengthen the bond when you surrender, not to your twin flame, but to the Divine. You make the bond become part of your conscious awareness, thus, strengthening it.

Both of your frequencies will be in tune, resulting in a harmonious synchronization. Eventually, it will manifest in the 3D plane.

But it’s not always swift because you are dealing with karmic debts over many lifetimes. The issues related to your soul history continue to surface.

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Everything is happening in each human experience because of your ascension.

As you move up the frequency levels, you will notice that your emotions are becoming more intense. When moving up the frequency level, your consciousness is also changing.

You feel different about things that have previously been done to you. You understand that you have the opportunity to release karmic debts that are attached to you.

You and your twin flames must face many unresolved issues, but you can handle them. You are instruments of spreading light and love as lightworkers.

Both runner and chaser feel pain in the most dreaded stage in the separation phase. It is time for them to surrender in many aspects.

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The runner is no longer the one in control neither does the chaser on giving up. This sounds like a hard transition, but it can be explained.

For example, the runner who ran away must accept that they cannot escape the soul bond. No matter how far or how many times they run, they will remain in a loop without surrendering.

To surrender means that they have to make some shadow work of karma clearing. They cannot turn away from what they are feeling.

It furthers them into spiritual and emotional growth when they surrender. As a result, they will be able to go through the ascension process with more ease.

Conversely, the chaser has to accept the fact that they are not the problem. They cannot make up for what their twin flame lacks at any point.

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It’s time they need to stop running and chasing and focus on something more significant. It can be about taking care of themselves and acknowledging the lessons behind them.

The ascension process is an evolutionary process that can only occur if they learn. One of the difficult lessons is understanding the ability to let go of control.

It’s actually a team effort for them to progress together. And as your twin flame relationship journey continues, the Divine pours them with unconditional love.

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What do you feel when you surrender? 

It's not easy to be willing to give up the things you know and love, even when they are no longer serving you. There's a great deal of emotional pressure for twin flames to surrender.

Everyone deserves a loving and mutually supportive twin flame relationship.

When the soul bond of twin flames is working to help get in touch with their own energy. Moreover, they go through them all for them to do something for their union.

You surrender your entire twin flame journey to its divine timing. It is sometimes frustrating and painful, but you are in the right direction.

It is crucial to deal with it but allow yourself to take the time you need. You shouldn’t be too hard on yourself so give yourself some credit for doing well.

Once you let go of various beliefs you acquired in your 3D aspects, you feel better. The conditioning aspects will no longer influence you significantly.

You feel a great sense of freedom, relief, and bliss. You feel delighted, and you are progressing along your ascension path.

Your soul is a source of happiness, and your heart is a source of love. When you feel love, you become happy, and when you feel happy, you become love.

When you embrace your awakening process, you bring your inner attributes out. For some time, they are left hidden, but as you clean your falsities and ego, they bring to the surface.

It is necessary for your soul growth, and it brings out the child in you. A child does what makes them happy regardless of man-made teachings.

They are so pure, but some educational systems might be dangerous to them. There is a system that wants everyone to be the same and does not celebrate individuality.

As a result, children suppress what they want to obey orders. The people around them unconsciously impose limitations, but they always want to explore their imagination.

By reaching the surrender stage, you have done a lot of work you must be proud of. The twin flame experience has been a brilliant and exciting journey to take.

It is a significant, bold step when you surrender to get closer to your union.

What is the purpose of the Twin Flame Surrender Stage?

The twin flame surrender stage can result in many marvelous things that are about to happen. It is part of the spiritual journey that one must take to reach your higher self.

It is a critical stage where you dissolve your ego. You allow alignment of your vibrations and raise them to higher frequencies.

Your soul expands to embrace the necessary twin flame experience. You open yourself and be willing to participate in the most profound forms of healing.

As a result, you make room for the soul's astonishing and positive development. It becomes a fresh and new start to redefine your roles and purpose.

All because you allow the greater scheme of things and the Divine to be in charge.

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