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Twin Flame Runner Return Signs: Are you ready?

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There are many reasons why twin flames run away from each other. Maybe they've been in a relationship for a while, and the runner gets confused.

A twin flame runner may be upset with a cycle of fighting and arguing. Or maybe the twin flame runner just wants to be free and doesn't want to be tied down to one person.

Whatever the reason, there are ways to tell when your twin flame is ready to come back to you.

If you're still waiting for your twin flame to return, you must understand that this could take some time. You can't force the twin flame to come back when they are not yet ready.

You need to be patient and understanding and give them space to figure out what they want. The twin flame runner will come back when they feel it.

It can be hard to let go of someone you care about. So, you might feel a little sad, but it's okay to feel bad about it.

When you feel sad, you can think about the things you love about your twin flame. You can also think about the good times you had together.

If you do this, you'll be able to feel better. You also have to understand that everything is part of the process.

Both of you must experience it because you need to give yourselves time to heal and process your feelings. If your twin flame relationship stayed long, you might feel it's over.

But deep inside of you, knows that it's not. It is because you know that they will never leave you.

You can talk to someone who has been in a similar situation and can relate to you. They can help you move forward and make you feel a bit better.

As for me, I was in a really bad place before I reunited with my twin flame. I worked two jobs, struggled to pay rent, spent my days being lonely.

After meeting him again, I launched a business and made $11,300 the first month, moved into a bigger place, and I’ve never looked back. You can speed up your twin flame’s journey to you by identifying them and being more certain of them. 
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(P.S. Finding your twin flame is a meeting of souls, and could lead to a tumultuously hot ‘bedroom’ experience.)

It might be good not to jump into a new relationship too soon. It's good to be cautious before you decide to get into another relationship.

You don't want to get hurt again and be devastated. It's essential to think about what you want out of a relationship.

It is because you will only get what you put out there. If you want a healthy relationship, you need to give it everything you have.

It's good to be open and honest with your partner, but don't be pushy or demanding. Be patient and understanding because you need this for spiritual transformation.

It is important to know that you are not alone in your journey because your twin is with you. Many twin flames go through the same thing but under different circumstances.

It is normal to feel confused, angry, and sad during the twin flame separation. You are allowed to feel these things, but you also need to be strong and keep going.

You need to be able to forgive what your twin flame did and let go. You will only continue to suffer if you can't, affecting your spiritual growth.

It would help if you accepted that you couldn't change the past, but you can change your future. It would be best if you believe in yourself and your twin flame with your ability to heal.

Live in the present situation and realize that it is temporary. It is necessary to make the bond stronger and resilient against all odds.

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7 Twin Flame Runner Return Signs

Surge of Happiness

You feel abrupt, intense positive emotions such as happiness, excitement, and bliss. It can signify that your twin flame reunion is about to happen soon.

On the verge of a twin flame reunion, you will notice that you are often smiling. A genuine smile from time to time with no apparent reason is delightful.

Others may look at you and think you're going crazy, right? But the powerful energy influences your moods in a good way.

You lean on the bright side of things, and it can be contagious to the people around you. You have no idea why but you look forward optimistically.

You can sense that something great will happen, and you are optimistic about it. The energy you feel hints that what you are waiting for will arrive shortly.

It is because the energy of your twin flame is slowly realigning to yours. Your souls resonate a vibrant liveliness together and create such high frequency.

Your soul is happy because it can sense reuniting with their twin flame.

Signs Everywhere

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Both body and soul can sense a nearing twin flame reunion. And the mind eventually follows and collaborates with them.

You begin to see signs and symbols repeatedly anywhere. Numbers like 11:11 can indicate possible events in the near future.

Many people refer to it as Twin Flame Code, Awakening Code, Magic Number, etc. Others believe that it is an excellent time to make a wish.

It signifies that the Universe listens to you. As a result, you manifest what is meant at the special time.

You start to notice an increase in patterns, especially numbers. And you can sense your twin flame telepathy is becoming evident.

Unexplained Calling

Your instincts tell you to look around or be in a specific place. It is becoming sharper, and you tend to be alert for cues and messages.

You start to be consciously aware of the calling. You want to go to random places at a specific time for any valid reason.

What you are going to do is out of the blue and unalike your usual routine. Instead of going home after work, you find yourself sitting at the park or by the beach.

You can see perfect timing because you are experiencing coincidences. It is like someone is instilling ideas in your mind to go to certain places.

The reason for that is your twin flame is drawing you closer. It has a higher probability for your paths to cross and bump into each other.

It can imply that the twin flame separation stage is ending. The connection sends vibrations like magnets pulling you together.

Always Thinking

All you think about whatever you are doing is them. It seems that you can't get them out of your mind.

You constantly think about them, and they occupy your mind. Even if you keep yourself so busy, they always find a way to squeeze into your precious mind.

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When you think about your twin flame, you feel pleasant. You forget about the heavy feelings you felt before.

Fun memories replace the old and painful ones. You remember your activities together, and they run across your mind timelessly.

The possible cause would be that they are thinking about you too. Because you share a deep connection, you begin to pick up their energy.

Most likely, you are both thinking about each other simultaneously.


One way for the Universe to communicate to you is through dreams. If you keep dreaming about your twin flame, they might be doing the same.

Dreams are compelling, and you can interpret them in many ways. As twin flames, you can even have the same dream without knowing.

You are constantly dreaming about each other, and it brings you closer. It helps you bond at a spiritual level, and it is so vivid.

You may experience unusual dreams, too, like flashbacks. Images may be linking to memories you may have suppressed from past lives.

It can mean that your past life karma is coming for your present. But you don't have to worry because your twin flame is helping you settle any karma debts.

Your souls are preparing for your union, but you have to go through the process. As your soul longs for expansion and growth, that's why some matters need your attention.

The inner healing can lead to lifestyle and behavioral changes. It can potentially help you accelerate to reach spiritual awakening.

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Sense of Being Complete

With the sense of being complete, it means that you have become sure about yourself. You know your place in the Universe, and you feel whole.

You feel that you are complete the way you are without others' validation. You are happy and fulfilled with what you have without any approval from others.

Although life is not always free from problems, you don't worry much anymore. You like to be alone, and you enjoy your own company.

You can feel in your heart and soul genuine happiness. You are not into a relationship and no longer need to go out regularly.

You have little or no excitement if you ever go on dates. You know that they will never develop into anything meaningful.

It seems like you are going through self-reflection. You are getting ready for the following chapters in your life.

Some things that used to matter to you before are no longer significant. You start to discover who you are, what your soul wants, and accept yourself.

It means that your vibrations have risen to the state of being whole. You are happy and contented because of self-love.

You don't care about anything else, and you are utterly complete on your own. You feel inner peace, and you feel elated.

Your twin flame reunion is just around the corner as you elevate your frequency.


If you can detect your twin flame's presence beside you, you are not going insane. It just means that you feel their energy because they are part of you.

Their energy is always with you, so you feel them next to you. It will soon become a reality and convert into a physical presence soon.

Sometimes, it feels like your twin flame reunion is already taking place. The alignment of your energies will make it certain, also known as divine timing.

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