Virgo Man and Virgo Woman Break Up: Coping with Separation! -

Virgo Man and Virgo Woman Break Up: Coping with Separation!

Virgos despise feeling like they have made a mistake. Therefore, regretting a break-up is unusual. 

When a Virgo man and a Virgo woman break up, they are highly apologetic. They quickly alleviate the tension by assuming complete responsibility, proclaiming some variation of “It’s not you; it’s me!” However, once Virgo couples find peace after the break-up, they will try their best to move on. 

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When it comes to a close, however, they strive to learn from their mistakes to avoid future problems. Nevertheless, they do not give up quickly, so they are willing to give their partners a second chance even if they receive negative vibes.

However, according to astrologer Tara Redfield, a Virgo man, and woman will only feel regrets if they are in love. This is because Virgos know exactly what they want from a relationship. 

To begin with, determining whether a Virgo man is over you is complex because he can be pretty cool in his own right. There are, however, signals in the relationship that you must be able to recognize.

You can tell when a Virgo man is no longer interested in you. He will spend less time with you, act distant when you are with him, and will not bother asking you about your day or emotions. 

A Virgo man and a Virgo woman enjoy taking care of each other. They value preparation for a date and usually cover a lot of specific details to make it unique.

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A Virgo woman often wants to organize a Virgo man's life to show how much she loves him. Likewise, a Virgo woman who ends a relationship would wish for closure, especially if the relationship ended abruptly.

This is because a Virgo woman dislikes physical and emotional messes and prefers to tie up all loose ends. When a Virgo woman is at her best, she can care for and nurture others and be genuinely helpful while allowing everyone, including herself, to make mistakes.

How will a Virgo man behave after a breakup?

A Virgo man is an intelligent creature influenced heavily by the earth element. When faced with a break-up and when a Virgo man is hurt, he seeks answers, ponders it over, and takes time to reflect.

Here are some of the ways a Virgo man will behave after a break-up:

  • A Virgo man makes a promise to change.

When a Virgo man realizes what he could have done to repair the relationship, he vows to change. But unfortunately, he is not the type to fall into bad habits. 

  • A Virgo man will contact you. 

How will a Virgo respond to a breakup? One thing is sure; he will contact you unexpectedly.

Even though the breakup occurred months ago, he is still looking for answers. He will not be afraid to ask you about the breakup. 

  • A Virgo man will determine what went wrong.
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A Virgo man is analytical. Using logic, he will determine what went wrong in the relationship. Analyzing it from various perspectives is not unusual for him. 

Giving a Virgo man his space is also an effective way to make a Virgo man fall in love with a Virgo woman. You just have to understand him.

  • A Virgo man gets angry and emotional.

Even if a Virgo man always comes back, there is a good chance he will become upset and emotional. For him, a break-up is a deep wound. 

He is not afraid to confront all of the negative emotions associated with the breakup. He will eventually show you his real feelings. 

  • A Virgo man disappears for a while. 

How will a Virgo man react after a breakup? To satisfy your curiosity, you must witness his disappearance. 

A Virgo man may go missing for a while to find closure. But unfortunately, nobody will ever hear from him. 

  • A Virgo man will take months to recover.

Even though a Virgo man is rational, he must deal with his emotions. So, he would typically take it easy.

He will give himself some time to heal from the breakup. But unfortunately, it could take months or even years.

  • A Virgo man does not start dating anyone right away. 

This could be an appealing quality in a Virgo man. But, you see, he does not start dating again right away after a breakup.

His only mission is to gather his thoughts and feelings from the events. There is no way he will consider someone as a rebound. 

  • A Virgo man is open to the possibility of your reunion.

Aside from being rational, a Virgo man is also very forgiving. He is open to the possibility of reconciliation.

He holds no grudges. All he can think about is to make himself better every day and, hopefully, find the right person to spend the rest of his life. A Virgo man will come back after a break up.

  • A Virgo man will attempt to reach you out. 

A Virgo man will try to reach out if he has enough courage. He will not block you and will try to stay in touch and become your friend, or he is hoping you will date him again. 

  • A Virgo man will harshly criticize himself.

A Virgo man's mind is highly complex. Aside from obsessing over the break-up, he can be harsh on himself, blaming himself for the breakup.

  • A Virgo man will let everything go without holding a grudge.

A Virgo man can also let go of everything without holding grudges. He does not want the negative emotions to disturb him for the rest of his life. 

  • A Virgo man starts a routine to keep himself busy.
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It is not uncommon to hear that a Virgo man spends his time cleaning. So, he will establish a routine to keep himself occupied. 

Keeping things in order helps him to clear his mind. He can have peace of mind with this clarity. If he does this, it doesn't mean that a Virgo man is ignoring you

  • A Virgo man is obsessive about the breakup.

A Virgo man is a little obsessed with the breakup. He will not stop questioning it and imagining the various outcomes.

  • A Virgo man keeps his emotions to himself.

A Virgo man values his privacy. His emotions are his. 

Nobody can understand how deeply hurt and angry he is about the breakup. He will deal with his feelings on his own.

  • A Virgo man makes every effort to progress.

When a Virgo man's mind is at peace after a breakup, he will do his best to move on. However, it is time for him to change his ways. 

How will a Virgo woman behave after a breakup?

When a Virgo woman no longer likes you, she will show it in unusual ways. For example, when a Virgo woman is over you, you will notice the following signs:

  • A Virgo woman desires victory.

When a Virgo woman no longer likes you, she will go to great lengths to win an argument. She does not care about your opinion or the source of the problem; all she wants is for you to agree with her decision.

She used to value and listen to your ideas and opinions, but now she barely acknowledges them. She would not consider anything but wants to win because you are mistaken.

  • A Virgo woman makes excessive demands.

By nature, a Virgo woman is a perfectionist and demanding. You have been aware of it since the beginning. 

A Virgo woman will continue to want more from you if she no longer likes you, making anything you do for her pointless. She will also reveal her principles, which she knows you will not agree with.

A Virgo woman will most likely ask you to follow her, or she will leave. She will make you feel insecure as well.

A Virgo woman consistently irritates you and makes you feel like you are always in the wrong. She will continue to condemn your actions. 

You are not doing anything wrong. A Virgo woman is just making excuses to abandon you.

  • A Virgo woman is a little cruel.

How do you know when a Virgo woman is over you? Unfortunately, she has been acting harshly and cruelly lately. 

A Virgo woman is polite, kind, and has good manners. However, when she is unhappy in the relationship, she will act rude until you are unhappy. 

  • A Virgo woman became busier.

A Virgo woman's unusual habits can help determine whether she is over you. For example, she pretends to be extremely busy to have a polite reason to ignore you.

That is how she conceals the problems. She is simply unsure whether she wants to end the relationship. 

She is well aware that her interest is dwindling. You may have been mistreating her.

She tries hiding her emotions from you by distancing herself from you. A Virgo woman's distant behavior indicates that she is no longer in the same boat as you.

  • A Virgo woman will always make excuses.

A Virgo woman will only discuss topics you dislike, giving her an excuse to stop talking about anything. Please understand if she is unavailable for several hours because she claims she is out with friends. 

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A Virgo woman will claim she has been working when she has not. She believes she is more significant than you.

When you fight, a Virgo woman will invent excuses to prove she is more intelligent than you. This is to show her confidence in front of you. 

A Virgo woman also tends to make you feel embarrassed. However, you now understand how to tell when a Virgo woman is over you. 

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