Virgo Man After Break Up: How does he act? -

Virgo Man After Break Up: How does he act?

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Breakup is really upsetting, no matter what sign of the zodiac you are. And it is customary to wonder what is going to your ex after a breakup. 

When a Virgo man ends his relationship with you, it is because you cannot live up to his ideal expectation. It could be because you are too disruptive about your routine, or he could not take his undesirable habits. 

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A Virgo man is not romantic but practical and realistic. He is a man of thoughtfulness and is emotionally calm when looking for his perfect pair.

He also displays the same emotional coolness following a breakup. He is too picky since a Virgo man is a perfectionist, which prevents him from participating in a romantic involvement. 

A Virgo man can endure any hurt. So if he also believes that a relationship is no longer healthy, he would decide to break you up. 

He wants a clean, tidy ending with no fights, tears, or loose ends. A Virgo man will disappear from your life to avoid messy confrontations.

How will a Virgo man behave after a breakup? Keep reading!

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  1. He figures out what went wrong. 

A Virgo man is a very rational person. Therefore, he will always try to figure out what happens to your relationship in his logical thinking. 

  1. He will promise to change. 

Once a Virgo man finds out what he can do to fix his relationship with you, he will promise you that he will change. He is not like any other man that will stick to bad habits. 

  1. He will ask for answers.

When a Virgo man or a Virgo woman break up with you, they will contact you out of the blue. Even if you broke up with him months ago, he will still ask for answers and ask questions about your separation.

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  1. It will take months before he recovers.

A Virgo man must still deal with his emotions even if he is rational. He will allow himself to get space to recover after a breakup; it might take months or even years. 

  1. He will not date anyone after a breakup.

A Virgo man will not date anyone after a breakup, which makes him so appealing. He will only collect his thoughts about what happened, and he will have no time to think about having a rebound. 

A Virgo man does not want to enter another relationship after a breakup. He is not the type of person that casually dates someone. 

For a Virgo man, dating is time-consuming. It takes time for a Virgo man to trust you again enough for him to start a new relationship. 

  1. He will get upset and emotional privately.

After a breakup, there is a massive chance that he will feel upset and emotional. A breakup will be a significant cut for him. 

  1. He will disappear for a while to find closure. 

A Virgo man will disappear for a while after a breakup. No one will ever hear about what happened to him. 

When a Virgo man is hurt, he deals with his heartbreak privately. He will not reach out to others for support. 

A Virgo man does not cry in front of you during a breakup. He does not openly show his heartbreak to a large group of people. 

A Virgo man might have his closest friend with whom he can share his emotions. However, he will endure most of his intense feelings by himself. 

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  1. He is open to a chance of getting back to you. 

Aside from being rational, a Virgo man is also forgiving. He does not hold grudges; that is why he is open to getting back with you again. He will come back after a break up and it's up to you to give him a second chance.

  1. He will start making himself busy. 

Cleaning is one of the escapes of a Virgo man after a breakup. Keeping things in order clears a Virgo man's mind. 

A Virgo man has a sense of comfort in setting new routines. Changing things around him will help him move on from the breakup.

  1. He obsesses over the breakup. 

A Virgo man tends to be obsessive when it comes to breakups. He will not stop questioning the different outcomes. 

  1. He will make efforts to reach out. 

A Virgo man will make an effort to reach out after a breakup. It could be because he wants to keep in touch with you, he wants to be friends with you, or he is still hopeful that you will date him again. 

  1. He will criticize himself harshly. 

A Virgo man has a complex mind-setting. Aside from obsessing over a breakup, he will also criticize and blame himself. 

A Virgo man might feel he is a failure after a breakup. He often feels insecure. 

  1. He will keep his feelings to himself. 

A Virgo man will do everything he can to hide his feelings. He is capable of controlling his emotions. 

A Virgo man is a private person, and so as his feelings. Therefore, no one will know how badly hurt or angry he is about the breakup because he deals with his emotions personally. 

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  1. He will try his best to move on. 

A Virgo man does not usually move in fast from his previous relationship. Therefore, he will take his time moving on. 

A Virgo man will do his best to move on once he finds peace after a breakup. He will think that it is time to let go. 

Of course, not all Virgo men will behave in this manner. Remember that everyone reacts differently to a breakup.

  1. He takes time for himself.

A Virgo man needs time for himself after a breakup. So, leaving him alone is the best action you can do. 

He might ask for comfort later, but he wants to be alone first. So he will sort out his feelings first.

  1. He worries About Mutual Friends.

A Virgo man is an overthinker. He might worry about the impact of your breakup on your mutual friends. 

A Virgo man might think that everything will change if you share the same group of friends. He worries about friends taking sides and might fear losing some friends. 

Will a Virgo Man miss you After Break Up?

Do you wonder if a Virgo man misses you after a breakup? Then, keep reading to know the signs if he misses you. 

A Virgo man gives you space after a breakup. But he will ask your friends about you. 

A Virgo man misses you when he starts texting you a lot. It is his way of keeping up with what is going on in your life without being too obvious. 

Instead of blocking you, he will also call you a lot for no reason. It indicates that he wants to hear your voice, even for a few minutes. 

When you text him, he will immediately reply. It signifies that he misses you like crazy. 

But do not worry if sometimes the reply takes a few minutes or hours. Remember, every one of us gets busy from time to time. 

A Virgo man misses you if he mentions your name all the time. If he talks and asks about you from your friends, it is a chance that he misses you a lot. 

He will become active on social media and have a new level of interaction. For example, a Virgo man uses social media as his outlet to show that he misses you. 

He will start liking your posts, watching your stories, leaving comments, and even tagging your memes. If he does this to you, it signifies he is missing you. 

A Virgo man tells his friends about missing you. If his friends share how nostalgic he is about all the good times you have, it is a clear sign that he misses you. 

Another sign that he misses you is when he drunk texts you. Alcohol makes us say the things we are too afraid to say. 

He might call you and talk nonsense. But it is a mere fact that your name is deep-rooted in his subconscious that he thinks of you when drunk is valid proof that he is missing you. 

If a Virgo man keeps your conversation ongoing and does not want it to end, it means he misses you. Likewise, listening to a shared music playlist could signify that he misses you too. 

When a Virgo man misses you, he might show up to all the events that you are having. He wants to reconnect with you, but he wants to look like it is a coincidence. 

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When a Virgo man uses the things you gave him, it signifies that he misses you. So, he might wear them and sometimes post them on social media for you to notice. 

Indeed, a Virgo man does not jump into a new relationship immediately. But if it's been a while since you broke up, he might be thinking of coming back to you.

If he remains in contact with your friends and family, he is not over you yet. He still misses and hopes that one day you will be together again. 

When a Virgo man misses you, he will start to care about future plans with you. It is a clear sign that he still carries you in his heart. 

Lastly, if a Virgo man sends you random photos about him could also be a sign that he misses you. For example, he will send you pictures of the trip, friends, and other photos. 

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