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Who is Cancer’s Soulmate?: The Best and the Worst Signs!

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If you are a soulmate believer, chances are you are excited to know who your soulmate is. This is necessary since it holds the key to which signs are compatible with you to deflect the wrong ones.

As a Cancer-born, you seek an emotional and powerful soulmate in a relationship. Capricorn, Gemini, Taurus, Scorpio, and Virgo are the signs capable of doing that.

These signs can connect with Cancers like no other signs ever will. To dive deep into this connection, consider reading until the end.

List of Signs Best for Cancer Natives

To know the best signs for Cancer natives, it's best first to understand Cancer's traits.

Cancer-born individuals have the biggest hearts in the zodiac. So, in a relationship, they always give their full dedication.

Though this is a good trait, some may take advantage of it and hurt their feelings. Other signs are unwilling to connect as deeply as Cancer, which can be a big blow.

This is why a Cancer native should never rush into getting romantically entangled. Instead, as a Cancer sign, you must do your best to stay rational, especially regarding love.

That's because you have a big heart that can be torn into pieces if you fall into the wrong person. However, this would not be a problem with the right signs since they know how to treat Cancer well.

As Cancer soulmates, they understand better their astrological nature. They know that Cancers are nurturing, always caring for their partner with love and devotion.

In return, they will respect and care for Cancer. The Crab sign will also need a good balance from their partner.

It is sometimes hard for Cancer to find the one for them since it takes time to find a solid relationship. But, once they do, they treat their partners like a King or Queen.

As a Cancer, here are your best potential soulmate partner based on astrology:


Though Capricorn and Cancer may not seem to be a good pairing, they are ideal for one another. These two signs are sincere, sweet, and enduring in a relationship—a perfect recipe for a lasting relationship.

But, personality-wise, these two signs are very different from one another. For instance, the Crab sign is caring, shy, and emotional, while Capricorn is serious, practical, and stoic.

 That said, some may assume that these two won't work out, but somehow, this isn't the case. Cancer and Capricorn complement each other very well.

Their compatibility shows why they are surprisingly a solid match. They magnetically pull each other in somewhat unexplainable ways.

Though they are opposites, they find many reasons to stick together. Besides, these two signs are loyal, so it's very easy for them to build solid trust.

In general, the water and earth signs tend to get along well—Cancer help Capricorn to bring out their emotional and softer side. Meanwhile, Capricorn helps Cancer become more stable and grounded in their life.

In this connection, Cancer is the happy homemaker ensuring their loved ones are cared for. On top of that, they will also take care of their partner's needs.

On the other hand, Capricorn works hard to provide for the family. By doing so, Cancer will feel secure by having a trustworthy family-oriented person by their side.

Meanwhile, Cancer-born will shower their partner with the love and unwavering support they need. In this connection, both will benefit from one another.

That said, a Capricorn is an ideal soulmate for Cancer. These two can be powerful couples due to their high emotional connection and strong values.

The two also value emotional security. On top of that, these two love to plan and work for their future together, making them great zodiac pairs.

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    The relationship between a Gemini and Cancer are both vibrant and delicate. This is because they are total opposites but work well with each other due to their attitudes.

    This can be a strange connection, but you can't help but adore it when Gemini and Cancer fall in love. However, having a good conversation can be hard at first.

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    This is because the passionate and delicate Cancer may find it hard to keep up with a good conversationalist like Gemini. On top of that, Gemini may not even try hard to have a deeper connection with Cancer, which they crave.

    Nonetheless, everything will be well if the two learn to recognize and respect their differences. These two will be fantastic if they set aside their distinctions and focus on their relationship.

    For instance, when these two are together, they will make the finest judgments. This is because Cancer is the sign of warmth and family, while Gemini is of intellect.

    The two will build an almost telepathic relationship since they are highly receptive. Though Gemini is hard to calm or tone down, this pair is fun and crazy, complementing each other.


    In terms of synergic connection, Taurus is the best soulmate for Cancer. This connection will have a lot of affection.

    There will also be many home-cooked meals and weekend cuddles on the couch while watching movies. Despite their fair share of differences, their romanticism will help make their relationship last.

    Besides that, Cancer is also a loving and loyal partner, which Taurus greatly appreciates. But, on the other hand, Taurus help Cancer to be more open since they tend to be very reserved.

    Both signs are good at supporting one another, and their relationship has an emotional depth. But, most importantly, they have a high sexual and intimate connection, making their relationship spicier.

    The chemistry of this duo is simply undeniable. Both also love to set and accomplish each other's goals to satisfy their senses.

    Their love for one another is strong due to their similarities and shared factors. That said, Cancer and Taurus are incredibly compatible as soulmates.


    Among the soulmates of Cancer, Scorpio is among the most emotional and loving—which Cancer loves. This pair is a match that is almost made in heaven due to their shared values and similarities.

    Because of that, they are drawn to each other. They have an intense chemistry that nobody could ever deny.

    Both signs know how hard it is to find a partner who genuinely gets them. This is because other signs may see Cancer as too emotional, while others may find Scorpio too intense and possessive.

    Though their personalities don't sound to be an ideal combination, that's not really the case for these two signs. Instead, their relationship flows harmoniously together.

    Since they are both water signs, they are very in tune with their emotions and tend to be sensitive. Because of this, they connect easily and show each other's vulnerabilities and deep feelings.

    Though their love language is silent, they deeply love and understand each other as nobody else would. With this, it's unsurprising that Scorpio and Cancer are ideal soulmates.

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    As two of the most reserved zodiac signs, Virgo and Cancer are great for each other as soulmates. However, both prefer to take it slow and know each other deeply.

    On top of that, they also have the strongest emotional connection. In addition, their trust level and communication skills also match significantly.

    These two signs know how exactly to be interdependent without getting lost. Due to their mutual sensitivity, Virgo and Cancer work greatly for each other.

    When this pair faces issues, they will sit and talk things out to ensure that they get resolved immediately. That said, this connection has a lot of love and respect for each other, which Cancer cherishes.

    Though the connection may not be as fiery and intense as other zodiac couples, this pair works excellently together as a couple. This is because Cancer and Virgo are both caretakers.

    Virgo's practicality provides Cancer the security they need, while Cancer helps Virgo to be softer and show their feelings more. That said, there's no doubt that these two signs work perfectly as soulmates.

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    Worst Matches for Cancer

    Now that we're done with the best matches let's go forward with the worst ones for Cancer.


    The Aquarius and Cancer match is a pair that shouldn't be together in the first place. This is because Aquarius needs so much freedom that they treat their lover like a friend.

    This can confuse Cancer, leading to a fight, which is why they are a terrible match. On top of that, Aquarius will also resent Cancer because of their need for constant attention.

    Aquarius is on the more rational side, not mixing well with the more emotional approach of Cancer. They also speak different languages, making it hard to understand each other.

    Cancer will struggle to understand why Aquarius values logic so much. Meanwhile, Aquarius will think the priorities of Cancer are all over the place.

    Overall, this connection is meant for disaster.


    Among the worst soulmate signs for Cancer is Aries. These two will only clash if they get together.

    Why so? Aries is very short-tempered, while Cancer is very moody—a perfect recipe for disaster! These two are way too different to be with each other happily.

    Cancer needs a supportive, patient soulmate, who can handle their mood swings, and none of that is in Aries' traits. Instead, Aries is impatient and needs balance to support this, which Cancer can't often do because of how badly Aries treats them.

    That said, these two will be an explosive combination. So, prepare for heated arguments and stress if you decide to get entangled with Aries as a Cancer-born.


    Sagittarius and Cancer are just bad for each other. Though they can work together, it's only in rare cases.

    This is because these two signs tend to be unwilling to compromise. But, on top of that, they are also vastly different.

    Sagittarius is all about adventures, fun, freedom, and expansion. On the other hand, Cancer is all about nurturing, love, and commitment.

    So, as you can see, these two signs are never meant to last long together. But, if you really want to try connecting with Sagittarius as a Cancer-born, know that stress and feeling unappreciated will become a large part of your relationship.

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