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Who is Sagittarius Soulmate?: The 5 amazing soulmate signs!

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Having an amazing soulmate counterpart is a recipe for a good relationship. Hence, knowing who your soulmate pair is essential to having a happy and lasting relationship.

As a Sagittarius native, you are a mix of passion, dynamic, and intensity. That said, you will pair best with the passionate sign of Aries, Aquarius, Sagittarius, Gemini, and Leo.

By reading this guide until the end, you will dive deeply into the best Sagittarius soulmates and their worst matches. So, let's get this started!

List of Signs Best for Sagittarius Natives

To best understand the signs for Sagittarius natives, it's best to start with the basic knowledge of Astrology. Being a Sagittarius native, you are ruled by Jupiter—the planet of adventure, faith, and positivity.

Known for your independence, you are best paired with a sign that won't restrict you from doing what you want. You also thirst for adventure, fun, and love for life.

You are the type who always wants to explore the best of life. As a Sagittarius, you are born to be a risk-taker and have a passionate and fiery personality.

As a Fire Sign, you are an excellent leader. But what makes you different from other leaders is that you are spontaneous and adventurous.

You also have a lot of energy for sports, traveling, and business, making you dynamic and successful. With that said, your soulmate should also have the same wavelength as you.

This means your soulmate should also be passionate and unrestrictive. This way, you will have a satisfying relationship and grow as a person.

Given your personality and based on zodiac compatibility, your best soulmates are:


Since Aries and Sagittarius are fire signs, they share the same passion and many common values. In such a way, it allows them to connect deeper, making them ideal partners.

In addition, both adore spontaneity, fun, and adventures. They also love to live their lives to the fullest, making no room for boredom and useless talks.

Each day spent together is always a good time since both have a strong sense of humor. They can also resonate with other in so many ways since they both have the same fiery and impulsive energy.

Aries and Sagittarius are both passionate about sports and strive to succeed in their personal lives. With that said, this couple isn't your regular sweethearts but a power couple that can always do whatever they want.

They also have mutual understanding, respect, and support for each other, decreasing the chance of a big fight. When it comes to love, both signs fall deeply with each other due to their profound connection.

These two signs also share many hot and passionate lovemaking sessions, increasing their attraction and bond. So, in this case, Sagittarius is one of Aries' best soulmates.

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One of the best Aquarius soulmates is Sagittarius. As an Air Sign, Aquarius is very creative, passionate, and with a high intellect.

Aquarius natives also tend to be successful in life since they always strive to do their best at what they do, just like Sagittarius. They are also the type to live their lives to the fullest and enjoy being the lead.

That said, they are a good pair with Sagittarius since they share the same values. Both are also adventurous and success-seekers in life.

 In addition, both do well in motivating each other to attain success or get the things they want in life. But of course, they also have slight differences, but this is good for them.

Their differences allow them to explore each other and fall in love deeper in the process. In fact, they have very high compatibility in love and sex.

But know that these will only develop more with patience. No relationship is ever perfect, but as long as they're willing to compromise, this relationship will feel surreal.

That said, an Aquarius and Sagittarius connection is ideal as soulmates.


A Sagittarius-to-Sagittarius connection is a pretty compatible pair. Since the natives both under this sign share these same signs, they also share the same traits and values.

The pair in this relationship is both adventurous and passionate about the connection. They also love enjoying the best that life has to offer.

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The two Sagittarius in a relationship will be a fantastic couple. These two will love to travel around the world together and experience everything together.

You may see the photos of this couple on social media sites like Instagram that are worthy of being envied. The only problem with this connection is that they may tend to focus only on actions but forget about involving their emotions.

This means that the two connections over time can be just like best friends instead of being romantically involved. Also, Sagittarius' love for exploration makes them unfaithful, tainting the relationship.

However, they can work on their issues well due to the many common things they share. This relationship can be an unbreakable love connection, causing huge sparks in the bedroom and life.

So, with everything that has been said, a Sagittarius-to-Sagittarius connection is best as soulmates.


Although Gemini is an Air Sign, it matches really well with the fiery sign of Sagittarius. In fact, these two are among the best matches in the zodiac. There are also many Gemini woman and Sagittarius man famous couples.

This is because Gemini natives are so much like Sagittarius people. They are very creative, fun, and outgoing individuals.

On top of that, they also share many common values and do well in encouraging one another to be their best selves. Sagittarius and Gemini people also love to have fun and a good laugh, making them a good couple.

Gemini and Sagittarius radiate compatibility the most when seen together. Since these two signs can have a lot of good memories together, they will form an unbreakable bond.

The two signs also have high sex compatibility, giving them more unforgettable moments. That said, Gemini is among the perfect soulmates for Sagittarius.

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Another sign that matches well with Sagittarius is the fellow Fire Sign, Leo, and one of Leo's best soulmates is Sagittarius. These two signs just connect almost instantly with each other.

When in a relationship, there's no doubt that these two signs will be a powerful couple. This is because they share values and have outgoing and passionate personalities.

Both signs complement each other well, making them incredible soulmates. For instance, Leo natives are generally ambitious and successful people, which Sagittarius love.

On top of that, Sagittarius can also get hooked on the confidence and attitude of Leo natives. The two are also both outspoken and have strong personalities.

They like to focus on their career, go on an adventure, and just live life to the fullest. That said, these two signs will have a lasting relationship and share a fantastic love story together.

Their love will be passionate and intense, making Sagittarius and Leo a perfect match as soulmates.

Now that we are done with Sagittarius's best soulmates, let us go to the worst matches. This will give you insights into which signs are terrible for you.

Worst Matches for Sagittarius

Identifying the worst matches for you as a Sagittarius is very helpful. It will save you from the worst matches and allow you to see why some signs are not for you.

So, here are the signs that won't work with you as a fiery Sagittarius in a relationship.


The first zodiac sign that is among the worst matches for Sagittarius is Cancer. This is because the Crab is very emotional and sensitive, which Sagittarius may find too much.

Cancer also requires a lot of reassurance and support, which Sagittarius is not often good at offering. In a relationship, Cancers need much love and stability, that they may lack with Sagittarius.

Cancers don't need too much fun in their lives, which is the opposite of Sagittarius. Also, Cancers are very loyal and require a lot of affection and stability in a relationship.

They don't want the same dose of fun and adventure in their life as Sagittarius. Meanwhile, the Archer is all about career and pleasure in life, which can frustrate Cancer natives.

So, with the differences between these two signs, it is very unlikely that the relationship will last. This makes them unfit to be soulmates at any level.


Capricorn is among the signs that don't fit well with the passionate Sagittarius. In a relationship, these two will give headaches each other.

This is because the two can constantly butt heads due to their differences. For instance, Sagittarius is powerful and dominating, while Capricorn is stubborn.

The two both have strong personalities, and no one is willing to back down or compromise. That said, the two can quickly get angry, which is not good in a relationship. The two are simply going in two different directions, which makes them unsuitable for each other.

On top of that, Capricorn natives may detest the lifestyle of Sagittarius since they are more orderly and often follow a routine in their lives. But, on the other hand, Sagittarius is all about fun and spontaneity, which Capricorn may find childish and immature.

Order and routine aren't in the vocabulary of Sagittarius. That's why they may get bored being with Capricorn over time.

In terms of sexual compatibility, these two signs can be good. However, it will not likely last for a long time.

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The grounded Earth Sign of Taurus isn't a good match for Sagittarius's outgoing and adventurous soul. However, unlike the Archer, the Bull prioritizes stability very much.

If these two end up in a relationship, this will be like a parent-child relationship—Taurus is the parent, while Sag is the child. Their love compatibility is also not that high, affecting their sexual life.

In the bedroom, the Archer prefers to be adventurous and try something new, which the Bull is unsure of. That said, the two wouldn't really last long, even if they find common ground.


Another sign that you should not get entangled with as a Sagittarius is Scorpio. Being a water sign, Scorpio has that profound way of thinking, which is not a usual thing for the easy-go-lucky sign of Sagittarius.

They also have that mysterious aura and a bit complicated personality. Scorpio natives long for a deep and meaningful relationship.

They are after partners willing to open their hearts without restrictions. In addition, they also like to explore the emotional side of life, which Sagittarius isn't interested in.

Sagittarius also doesn't often offer the stability and loyalty that Scorpio longs for. In such conditions, these two signs are clearly not good for each other as soulmates.

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