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Who is Scorpio’s Soulmate?: The 5 Best Signs!

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With zodiac compatibility, particular signs go very well with others while others don't. For instance, based on astrology, Scorpio has five zodiac signs that are best for them as soulmates.

These signs are Cancer, Capricorn, Taurus, Pisces, and Virgo. In addition, these signs share common traits with Scorpio, making them ideal soulmates. 

Though there are still astrological differences, they still complement Scorpio well. To dive deeply into their respective compatibility with Scorpio, consider reading until the end.

List of Best Signs for Scorpio Natives

To better understand the best signs for Scorpio natives, let's first do a background check about the Scorpion. Scorpio people are born between October 23 and November 21, just in the middle of the fall. 

Astrology can give you a helpful insight into your potential soulmate if you are among the Scorpio-born. This will be based on your personality, element, and year's season, 

These astrological traits indicate Scorpio's attitude, personality, patterns, and tendencies. 

Scorpios tend to be intimidating and intense, so they must be paired with someone who can understand them. They have to be able to see behind Scorpio's mysterious façade. 

Behind the seemingly cold and uncaring mask, Scorpios are actually emotional and caring people. 

That said, they need potential partners who are patient and can handle their dark sides while also encouraging them to lighten up a little bit. 

That's why the following five zodiac signs found below are perfect for Scorpio as soulmates.

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Cancer and Scorpio are both water signs, making them ideal for each other. They will see the depths and mystery of each other right away. 

Both of them will get attracted to each other right away, and it could even be love at first sight. They are also attuned to their emotions, making them sensitive to each other. 

You, as a Scorpio, will also not hesitate to share your deep feelings with a Cancer since you know they will understand you and vice versa. Moreover, as a Cardinal Sign, Cancer likes to start new projects or ideas, while the fixed Scorpio can help them. 

They also make a good pair since the Cancers are very nurturing, even if the Scorpios are being moody. They also both put tough exteriors to protect their soft sides.

Since they understand each other so well, they don't have to put a tough facade in front of each other. They can freely just be themselves and enjoy each other's company. 

That said, it's clear that Cancer and Scorpio are good as soulmates. 


A Capricorn-Scorpio connection is not something like love at first sight. This connection starts slowly at first and moves forward strongly.

Also, both signs value security so much in a relationship and are known to have trust issues. As a result, these two take time to open up to each other. 

However, when they are entirely in sync, these two have a vast potential to be a power couple. That said, the water and earth sign pair is something to watch out for. 

Nonetheless, it's still best to note that since these two are among the most serious signs, they can have a rocky beginning. Capricorn's restrictive nature and Scorpio's intense energy tend to clash.

But, despite these things, these two signs together can enjoy deep, philosophical discussions and dark humor.

Scorpio can help Capricorn to realize their great ideas and keep them on task. 

When these two meet together and learn to open up with each other, they will have a deep connection. Scorpio can help Capricorn to show more of their feelings, while Capricorn can help Scorpio to be more logical rather than getting stuck on their emotions. 

Moreover, Capricorn is more on the spiritual side, while Scorpio has intense emotions. Together, this blend will forge a deep, special bond between the two. 

That said, Capricorn and Scorpio can understand each other better, making them excellent soulmate pairs in the zodiac. 


Sometimes, opposites not only attract but also can stay together, which is the case for Taurus and Scorpio. So sparks will surely fly when the Zodiac's Bull and Scorpion meet.

Taurus will get drawn to Scorpio's mysterious and sensual sign, while Scorpio will get intrigued by the Bull's ability to meet their gaze. Though they are opposite signs, they complement each other perfectly.

For instance, Scorpio can prevent Taurus from being a doormat while Taurus softens Scorpio's edges. On top of that, both are steady with their values and commitments.

The emotional connection between these two is also really something to deserve. So, when Scorpio and Taurus fall in love, it'll be like an image of eternal love.

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That said, this relationship will be a lasting, committed relationship.


When it comes to love, Pisces and Scorpio are two signs that can get intense pretty quickly. They are deeply emotional and long to find and experience a soulmate bond. Scorpio is one of the best Pisces soulmates.

When these two cross paths, sparks are very evident. These two also bring luck, harmony, joy, and expansiveness to their lives. 

They also burn for each other and naturally connect with each other's feelings. That said, Pisces and Scorpio can build a loving and caring relationship.

These signs are also both emotionally intelligent. They will also help each other out the way they can. 

For instance, Pisces' clear imagination can help Scorpio view the lighter side of life. Meanwhile, Scorpio can help Pisces to stay grounded in reality. 

In love, this pair can be an extremely emotional match, which can be a strength or weakness. However, Scorpio's incredible intuition and Pisces' adaptability can help them push through life's challenges. 

That said, this relationship will be a loving and exciting one. 

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At first look, Virgo and Scorpio may not seem like the best match. This is because they are just total opposites—one is a perfectionist, while the other is the brooding bad guy of the zodiac. 

Though this only works out in a high school rom-com, this connection has great potential. 

This pair will likely meet via dating apps or through some mutual friends. Their chemistry will be instant, and these two will get drawn to each other almost instantly. 

Virgo will be attracted to Scorpio's intellect, while Scorpio will get smitten by Virgo's pure heart. Moreover, it will skyrocket when they discover how kinky Virgo is in bed. 

Personality-wise, the two signs are more on the more serious side. But this doesn't mean that there will be no fun in this relationship. 

Scorpio and Virgo also balance each other out very well. For instance, Virgo will bring stability and flexibility to the relationship, while Scorpio will bring emotional depth. 

These two are known to be obsessive in their distinct way, which can cause tension in the relationship. However, these two are committed-oriented signs, always striving to build an ideal relationship.

In fact, it's easy for these two to create a very considerate couple with Virgo's attention to detail attitude to Scorpio's sensitivity. With the mutability of Virgo, they can adapt and get used to Scorpio's focused mind. 

They are also extremely resourceful, making them a power couple if they use their cleverness for good. Both are introverted and can give space to their partners when needed. 

That said, this pairing is very practical and passionate, with a high chance of being a long-lasting couple. With this, it's apparent that these two can make a good soulmate pair. 

Worst Matches for Scorpio

To better understand why some of the zodiac signs are the worst matches for Scorpio, it's best to first know Scorpio's traits. Unfortunately, this sign is likely one of the zodiac's most misunderstood signs.

These natives are known to be obstinate, jealous, manipulative, sensual, secretive, and resentful. But, on the lighter side, they are also passionate, caring, imaginative, persistent, and emotional.

That said, one can't really judge a Scorpio, only the tough exterior since it's just a front. They are actually highly emotional people but are often seen as indifferent due to the serious face they put on while with others. 

Also, it's best to know that this sign holds grudges really well. They never forget or forgive people who hurt or betrayed them. 

That said, if you are only in the relationship for fun, then it's best not to enter it in the first place. You never mess with a Scorpio and expect a good life afterward. 

Scorpios are fierce and dangerous enemies. Why? It's because trust for them is a double-edged sword. 

They know how to make people open up to them, which means giving information they can use against you on your bad day. Challenging them means the skeletons in your closet will be slapped in your face with a great audience, adding to your misery. 

So, here are the zodiac signs that don't match well with Scorpio.


Not all opposites attract, which is the case for Gemini and Scorpio. The water and air elements just don't blend well together. 

Scorpio's possessive nature will suffocate Gemini, while Gemini will be too changeable for Scorpio, who demands full commitment. However, Gemini also has that flirty and carefree attitude that leaves Scorpio feeling insecure. 

That said, Gemini's love for independence and Scorpio's dominance and possessiveness will create chaos. On top of that, Geminis are social beings, while some Scorpios are loners, which says a lot. 

An older Scorpio man and younger Gemini woman will often clash, so they shouldn't get entangled romantically. But, if you are willing to do what it takes to have a successful relationship with a Gemini, then, by all means, do so. 

But, it's best to be really for the repercussions. 

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A Leo-Scorpio connection will be an intense, challenging, and dramatic match, even at the very first stage. Both seek power, resulting in a clash between egos and willfulness.

Scorpios will never bow down or accept being dominated by a Leo. Their possessiveness will scare off Leo since they are highly independent individuals.

Also, their temper and passion are equally strong, so they often clash. Scorpios desire to dive into their partner's sexual psyche, while Leos go for a grand romance. 

If there's something good in this relationship, it's their sexual energy. These two are full of it, giving them special lovemaking sessions.

However, these two will bite each other to the core in a serious relationship. Scorpio's jealousy will give the spark, and Leo's temper will blow on it, fueling the fire. 


Libra-born individuals and Scorpio-born individuals have very different views on the world. With that alone, they can't really find some common ground to start something. 

Libras are all about mental connections, love, and meaningful conversation, while Scorpios are often jealous and stubborn. Furthermore, Libra's indecisiveness and flirty nature can drive Scorpio crazy, so this tells a lot about how they are in a relationship. 

This combination is simply crazy and doesn't lead to anything long-lasting. Libra will become verbally violent to Scorpio, while Scorpio will be vindictive. 

They will use their manipulative techniques to mess up Libra's feelings and ensure to get what they deserve. That said, these two are just not meant to be soulmates. 

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