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Who is Pisces Soulmate?: The best 5 signs for Pisces

Are you a Pisces who is wondering about your best possible soulmate? If so, this article is for you.

Pisces, a water sign, is often most compatible with fellow water signs Cancer and Scorpio, as well as earth signs like Virgo, Taurus and Capricorn. These signs typically understand Pisces' emotional depth and sensitivity. However, individual compatibility can vary based on personal charts and experiences.

These signs are known to be grounded and sensitive. With that said, they can relate to you very well.

To go into detail about why these signs are best for you, consider reading until the end.

List of Signs Best for Pisces Natives

As a Pisces sign, you must know what works best for you and what doesn't. This way, you can have the option of focusing your energy on the pair best for you rather than wasting it on the wrong one.

Based on zodiac compatibility, here are the zodiac signs that work best for you as soulmates:


One of the reasons why Cancer is the best pair as Pisces's soulmate is that they offer comfort and warmth to Pisces. Besides that, they can also help forge a solid spiritual partnership.

The Cancer-Pisces connection is built emotionally with a shared dream. That said, this connection clearly has strong feelings for each other.

Since both are water signs, they are naturally sensitive, intuitive, and receptive. They also connect well since they share the same family, relationship, and lifestyle values.

A Cancer partner to the Pisces will bring affection and tenderness to the relationship. In return, Pisces gives creative stimulation, support, and empathy in the partnership.

Together, these two signs are a pillar of tranquility and love for themselves and the people around them. Their relationship flows harmoniously together.

When Cancer gets moody, the mutable sign of Pisces helps manage their mood swings. In return, Cancer's nurturing nature help Pisces become more proactive and organized.

Though they may differ in self-expression and temperament, this connection has a deep level of attraction. On top of that, these two signs value long-term commitment and intimacy, making them a potential lasting couple.

Both are willing to do what is required to stay together for a long time. Nonetheless, no relationship is perfect, so there will be times when the two buttheads with each other.

For instance, Pisces can get frustrated by Cancer's unreasonable behaviors. Meanwhile, Cancer may feel too restricted by the overly psychoanalyzing mind of Pisces.

Fortunately, the two have mutual respect, keeping them grounded during trying times. Moreover, their soulmate relationship can last for a lifetime if both are willing to put in the work.

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Another sign that is ideal for Pisces as a soulmate is Capricorn. Although these two are opposite in that Capricorn is one of the most practical signs while Pisces is the least, they still match very well.

Pisces takes the lead in this relationship, while the patient and hard-working Capricorn strives to rise in status. Capricorn will also be a devoted and loving partner to Pisces.

Though Pisces can be domineering in this relationship, Capricorn won't mind it while continuing to work on his status. In such a way, the two will have a harmonious relationship, making them ideal soulmates.


As they said, the opposite attracts, and this is particularly true with Virgo and Pisces. These two signs are natural partners that complement each other despite their polarities.

Ultimately, the two signs are a good match since they can integrate and connect well with each other. They also respect one another, making it easy for them not to cross each other's lines.

As the zodiac's twelfth sign, Pisces is very wise and compassionate. On the other hand, Virgo is meticulous and often on the extreme side.

That said, Virgo can help Pisces to get a more pragmatic viewpoint. Meanwhile, Pisces can help Virgo to face the daily monotony of life.

In this relationship, both people are givers. For instance, Virgo provides service and help to Pisces, while Pisces gives unconditional love.

In particular, Virgo renders practical assistance, while Pisces provide emotional and spiritual support. On top of these differences, Pisces sees the big picture but doesn't care as much about the details.

Meanwhile, Virgo misses the bigger picture but sees the tiniest details. This is among the many reasons these two signs are best for each other.

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They simply complete each other. When the other person is weak, the other one stays strong, balancing each other well.


Another zodiac sign that is a good match for Pisces is Scorpio. This connection has so much potential to form a profoundly emotional and psychic bond.

Scorpio can also communicate with Pisces on a telepathic level. In addition, the Scorpio-Pisces relationship gives a different flavor than other zodiacs.

For instance, while Scorpio is proactive and decisive, Pisces is domestic and nurturing. In this relationship, Pisces is the one to watch over the household.

The Scorpio native also let the Pisces genuinely express their forgiving and loving nature without restrictions. Pisces natives are capable of kindness and deep compassion that they may self-sacrifice.

However, with a Scorpio protector, Pisces' self-sacrifice won't happen. Instead, Scorpio will be like the guard to Pisces' goodness and generosity that others often take advantage of.

With such a person in their life, Pisces natives can shine. But, in return, Pisces creates a safe haven for Scorpios, whose nature occasionally takes them into dangerous places.

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Another good soulmate for Pisces is Taurus. These two are a terrific match since they excel in creating an ideal home and preserving a solid relationship.

Taurus can take extreme measures to protect the relationship since Pisces is a delicate sign.

In return, Taurus also receives a lot of help from Pisces. As a Pisces sign, Taurus can help you become a much better person since they have a rare capability to motivate Pisces to achieve greater heights.

Though there will still be challenges in the relationship, these two signs can overcome them as long as they are willing to compromise.

Worst Matches for Pisces

As a Pisces, knowing that not all signs can be your soulmate is best. In fact, some of the zodiacs can bring your life into chaos if you are not careful.

So, with that said, it's best to know the worst signs for you as a Pisces native. This way, you will know which signs to avoid romantic entanglements with for your own sake.

Here are some of the worst matches for you as a Pisces born.


Though there are many famous Aries woman and a Pisces man couples, the fiery Aries is the first terrible match you must avoid as a Pisces person. This connection can be explosive, so it's best to get romantically connected with this sign if you are looking for a soulmate.

Although Pisces is a sensitive and delicate sign, it will be futile since Aries is impulsive. They can carelessly hurt the feelings of Pisces natives repeatedly, even if it's not their intention.

Simply put, Aries lack the compassion that Pisces is innate.

That said, this relationship will not likely last. Even if Aries ask for forgiveness, they will still go down the same path since it is part of their personality.

On the other hand, Aries will loathe Pisces for always being depicted as the bad guy when they didn't have ill intentions, even from the beginning. Over time, Aries natives can form an opinion that Pisces is juvenile or even manipulative.

These two signs are better off in each other's lives with such complexities. But, unfortunately, both can only bring out the worst of each other, so it's best to have them apart.


Aquarius and Pisces' connection is one of the worst. The two just don't get along because Pisces's emotions can overflow, and Aquarius wouldn't just get it.

This combo simply means a disaster waiting to explode. Though both like to give back to communities, that's all that there is to them in terms of similarity.

Aquarius and Pisces are total opposites.

Aquarius is very rational and brainy. They can't just grasp anything too emotional.

That said, Pisces will often get judged for being emotional, while Aquarius will get judged for having a cold demeanor. This is because Aquarius doesn't possess the same level of interpersonal skills as Pisces.

This means they often say insensitive things without any intention of doing so. This means they can hurt the feelings of Pisces without intending them numerous times.

Additionally, Aquarius is also bad at making apologies, making things worse. With that, they will only enter a vicious cycle if they insist on having a romantic relationship.

Pisces is a huge fan of romanticism and commitment, while Aquarius treats them like friends, even in a relationship. Doing such a thing can constantly irritate Pisces, making them one of the worst pairs in the zodiac.

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Though Gemini and Pisces share many common things, they are also two signs with contradictory personalities. This means they can clash, especially on the most important aspects of life.

No one is willing to compromise in this relationship; we all know where that leads. Gemini always rationalizes, while Pisces feels.

In addition, Gemini can be mean when the Pisces native decides to be the bigger person. However it won't be as complicated if they become just casual lovers.

In that case, they will have more fun. But, when they want things between them to be official, things will take a huge turn.

This is because they will struggle to be on the same page, especially during trying times. Over time, the two will see that they have different priorities in life, leaving strain on the relationship.

Pisces will find Gemini too stuck on logic and how detached they are from their own feelings. Meanwhile, Gemini will assume Pisces to be very deluded.

Though these two can make excellent casual lovers and friends, they won't pair well in a serious romantic relationship. As Pisces-born, you can't just have relationships with other signs since not all can handle your emotions.

Also, others don't do well with Pisces since don't know how to apologize appropriately. Pisces natives need someone who can understand and connect with them.

They must also have great compassion since Pisces are compassionate folks. That said, Gemini natives who are reckless with their words are unfit to be a soulmate for Pisces.

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