Manifestation Methods (Taking a Step Closer to Your Dreams) -

Manifestation Methods (Taking a Step Closer to Your Dreams)

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Everything in the universe is vibrating, thus in motion. Even things that seem to be still are, in fact, vibrating. It’s just that these things vibrate at different frequency levels. The Law of attraction is about tuning in your vibrational frequency to match your desire.

Good things have a high vibrational frequency, while negative things have a low frequency. The goal is to raise our vibrational frequency to attract positive and good things.

As I’ve said, everything is in motion, and so are our thoughts. Our thoughts and words are in motion, therefore possessing vibrations. You need to think about the good things, be positive and be grateful.

These are some practices that you should get used to if you want positivity in your life. If you have and exude positive energy, good things come. They’re attracted to you. However, when it’s the opposite, you attract negative things instead, and you don’t want that.

Manifestation especially highlights the power of our thoughts and their capability to influence and instigate change in our lives. There are various methods and techniques to manifest.

You might have thought that the activity is bland, but in reality, it’s fun. You have a choice, and you can adjust according to your preferences. There are many possibilities, so if you like mixing and matching, good for you! Most of the techniques are compatible with any other type of manifestation, such as praying for manifestation.

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Here are some methods that you can try.

Sensory Visualization

This method encourages you to use and immerse all your senses in manifesting. For example, you want to manifest weight loss. You can start by painting a picture in your mind. Next, try to imagine that you already achieved your goal.

Visualize what would be the scenes that would happen and how you would feel about it. What does it look like? How do you feel about it? You can visualize scenes of when you already achieved your weight loss goal. Or how you developed a good relationship with your lifestyle and diet. How much did you lose? Are you happy about it?

Making use of all the senses allows for more powerful images. Involving emotions, sense of sight, hearing, feeling, etc., will help raise your frequency. You are now slowly and ready to attract the good things in life.

By doing visualizations and their techniques, you can gain the following benefits:

  • Activation of your creative subconscious – We are born to create because of our creative nature, after all! Visualizing will help you generate creative and good ideas to achieve your goals.
  • Programs your brain – With visualizations, you can expand your horizons. Your brain can now process and perceive bigger pictures. You will be able to have discernment and recognize what you need to achieve your goal.
  • Activates the law of attraction – In visualizing, you can tune in your mind’s vibrational frequency. You can also allow it to rise or fall. Upon learning these things, you can now assess and attract whatever you need to accomplish your goal. You can draw people, opportunities, items, and resources that are useful for your journey.

Spiritual bathing may also be a time for visualization. Check out this post to learn how to take a spiritual bath.

A friendly reminder that while it’s okay to visualize, do not overdo it. When you get caught up, you might forget that you are living a “now.” Live in the moment! Be expectant and believe healthily.

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Vision Boards

Vision boards are also called dream boards. This method is simple and very therapeutic to some. Organizing and creating are some of the hobbies that you can enjoy. Not only is it simple, but it is also effective.

This helps in the improvement of your manifestation life. Plotting and organizing a writing space enables you to see the bigger picture.

We are creative. You can also incorporate curated quotes and images that reflect and resonate with your goal. It’s like an oversized scrapbook! You can put together pieces of things that radiate the energy you want in your life.

Display your board in a noticeable space so that you will be able to see it every day. The board will be as a reminder. Looking at things that resonate with your vision helps in strengthening your commitment and propel yourself into action.

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Intention Journal

Setting your intentions right is also influential in manifestation. Writing your intentions in your journal helps you practice and inspires you. You can do this every day, or you can set it as the full moon rises.

The energy from the full moon is ideal for planting seeds of intention. You can list at least three things you plan to achieve during your day. Journaling intentions act as a reminder as well as a frequency booster.

Practice Gratitude

Having a grateful heart is a magnet for good things. Remembering things you are thankful for and having to say thanks for them is already such a blessing. You can spare at least 5-10 minutes a day to think about things you’re grateful for.

Now, channel your emotions into these blessings. You can spend a little more time feeling thankfulness and the good energy flowing in you.

Now, you can write these things down in your journal, preferably. Spending time to say thanks every day should be the norm in your life. You can scan your journal and read some of the things you’re thankful for. It would be great if you could add every day! Don’t forget to say thanks today.

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Assess your Beliefs

As humans, we let our beliefs govern certain aspects of our lives or our lives in general. Although it’s a good feeling to have something you believe in, it’s essential to assess these beliefs. They could create clouds in your mind that can hinder wise decisions. This is why we hear about people who became blinded by their beliefs. Remember, a positive and good thing does not cause blindness. All the good stuff does is let us see clearly.

There are also beliefs we don’t notice but are existing in our subconscious. There could be a web of acquired subconscious beliefs in our lives. These could be directing our lives in a particular path.

For example, you might have a strong passion for writing and want to publish a book someday. You might have an opposing belief that you aren’t good enough to write. There are things like these that may disrupt your good energy flow.

Belief assessment and slowly but surely transforming these beliefs for the better can be done in a journal activity or meditation. You can practice by following these steps:

  • Reflect about what your heart genuinely wants or longs for
  • Take into consideration every belief you have in your life. Check whether these beliefs restrains you from or encourages and helps you achieve this longing.
  • Put into words what belief supports this desire and repeat it slowly as an affirmation. Do it in the present tense. Do this for three to five minutes.

Subconscious Reprogramming

The subconscious mind directs a vast percentage of our lives. It is the primary driver of our lives, our experience. Researches prove that the time before you fall asleep is the best opportunity to create change.

Reprogramming your subconscious mind is a way of rewriting negative thought patterns and replacing them. This way, your mind can replace them with the right thoughts for manifestation.

You can reprogram your thoughts with subliminal affirmations. Subliminal affirmations are composed of meditative audio tracks that have hidden messages. What’s unique about these audio tracks is that the subconscious can especially hear these messages.

You make yourself listen to special soundwaves that let your mind tune into the receptive state. Your mind hears the messages and starts to rewire your subconscious. What’s unique is that you can even do it while sleeping.

There are four different subliminal techniques, namely:

  • Whisper method
  • Stereo confusion
  • Lightning technique
  • Reverse speech
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Letter From Your Future Self

You know those letters we write in high school? This is an effective method to manifest! In this method, you need to take time and reflect on what it is you want.

In this technique, you need to imagine yourself in the future. Visualize everything you want to achieve and everything you picture yourself in the future. Then, proceed to write your current self a letter.

Concentration is also key to this activity. You need to focus and feel the moment. Use all your senses to create the situation in your mind. Write as if you are living and embodying it.

After it, fold your letter and put it in an envelope. Write your preferred date of when you want to read the letter. You can then set the letter somewhere safe to read it in the future, on the date you have scheduled.

Manifestation Affirmations

Words hold so much power! Having positive affirmations is a powerful way to attract positivity. You can set your intentions, and from them, create your own set of affirmations. Choose the one that resonates most with your higher self, to your goals and ideals.

All your affirmations should be in the present tense. You can repeat your affirmations throughout your day, when you meditate or before you sleep. You can set a specific time to recite your affirmations.

Be present and at the moment. Do not hold yourself back as if you are still tied to the past. The critical time is now. Now is the time that can influence your future. What I’m trying to say is to make your affirmations as if they’re already there. Just don’t get caught up that you forget today.

55×5 Manifestation Technique

This technique also requires a pen and paper so you can write it in your journal. In this method, you are going to decide on your intention and make affirmations. You might want to choose an affirmation that’s short and concise.

Choose an affirmation that resonates the most with you and your goal. Then, write it in your journal 55 times. You need to do this for five days consecutively. Now you need to believe, expect and wait. Be fixed on your affirmation for five days. Avoid changing so you won’t send mixed signals.

You might be wondering why the numbers 55 and 5 precisely? Well, it has to do with numerology. These numbers hold special meanings. The number 5 is related to change and transformation, while 55 represents independence, freedom, and power within yourself. 555 is a number that means extreme growth and transition.

Scripting Manifestation

By the name itself, I’m guessing you already have the idea, right? Correct! This involves writing once more. This method recharges and puts you at a high-frequency level by letting you write.

In this method, you will write about how your day was in the perfect world. The main idea of this technique is to invoke positive feelings from you. It’s like storytelling, I can say. This is like the novel of your life.

Before starting, think of a flow and get creative! When you are inspired, and in a good mood, I’m sure you’ll naturally come up with something good.

To tune in or get into the flow for your scripting, you can:

  • Do a visualization session! When you can paint these scenarios in your mind, you can write them more easily. Even better, when you already plotted the flow in your vision.
  • Go for a run or walk or do a quick workout. Allow your blood and energy to flow naturally and healthily.
  • Listen to music. It can be of your preference, of course.
  • Read some inspirational materials. You can read some quotes or passages that will uplift you.

Give more

Giving is also a way of being grateful. When you receive much, it is only normal to share. You can give in a lot of ways. Here are some ways to give to others.

  • Teach someone a skill you know today.
  • Invite your family or friends to dinner.
  • Feed the hungry today.
  • Be there for someone.
  • Do volunteer work.
  • Do some cleaning.

Water Manifestation (2 Cups Method)

Water is the element associated with life and healing. It is something that we cannot live without. We, living things, rely on water. This is why our connection with it is deep and surpasses the superficial.

Another way to manifest with water is through the 2 Cups technique. This method incorporates our more profound understanding of water and quantum leaping. The idea of quantum leaping is the transition or shifting of one energy level to another.

Here are the basic steps you need to do this method:

  • Prepare two cups. Thus, the name 2 cups method.
  • You will also need a pen, two pieces of paper and clean drinking water.
  • Think of something specific that you would want to happen or achieve
  • On your first piece of paper, describe your current situation. Include as much detail but also be brief since you might run out of space. Anyway, try to write your physical condition and also your emotional situation, describe how you feel about this.
  • After writing it, stick it on the first glass.
  • Now, fill this glass with water. Acknowledge everything you can about your present situation.
  • Now it’s time to write on your second piece of paper. Write about your ideal outcome. Like the latter, write your specific desired results for the situation. Describe what it looks like when achieved and how you would feel once you have completed it.
  • After writing, stick it on the second glass.
  • Pour the water from the first glass into the second glass and manifest. Connect with what you have written and have a grateful heart as if you have already achieved it. Acknowledge and feel the positive emotions you are feeling.
  • Now, it’s time to drink the water from the second glass. Say your thank yous for things you are about to receive. Wait patiently and expectantly.
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Aligning with the Right People

The people around you have a significant effect on your life. Your environment contributes to your upbringing and, of course, the energy. Have you ever felt very attracted to a person because of the positivity they exude? It’s that idea.

You may be familiar with the saying, “You are who your friends are.” Well, this is partly true. Your energies might be in sync. That is why you are attracted to each other.

Positive energy attracts positive people and things. So it’s essential to be with people who bring out the best in you. These are people who share and exude positivity rather than negativity and gossip.

Be Present and Expectant

Manifestation is mighty indeed. Its power is greatly affected by you. Yes, you. None of these methods can work perfectly and effectively unless you believe they will. Belief is a significant variable as well as action.

You need to be expectant after acting upon the change you want to achieve. Do not be overly full of expectation, though. You need to be patient and build trust with the universe. Trust is a sturdy foundation of a good relationship. Do not overdo yourself and learn to trust. You can do it!

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