Starseeds: The Complete Guide! (Check Yourself If You're One!) -

Starseeds: The Complete Guide! (Check Yourself If You’re One!)

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Are you the type of person who loves to stare at the sky? Do you appreciate the beautiful night sky? The stars? The moon? If so, then you might be a Starseed.

If you ever felt a connection between you and the night sky, it can be possible that you are born a Starseed.

Starseeds are human beings born with a different spirit. The spirits have come from another universe, and they also come from other planets, star systems, or galaxies.

In this article, you are about to learn what starseeds are and their characteristics. By the end of this reading, you can check yourself if you are one.

What are starseeds?

As mentioned, starseeds are beings that have distinctive spirits. It can be from a different universe or dimension as well. These spirits wander in different lifetimes and planets. In other words, it is like reincarnation, but with a heart originating from space.

Starseeds feel a strong connection when they look at the night sky. This strong connection is the path either from their past or future life. As a Starseed, you can feel this association deep inside you. You might come to wonder if everything you think is an illusion. But the truth is, you could have come from a distant star outside space.

Why starseeds reincarnate on Earth?

It is evident that humans come from stardust. But we have the divine light, which makes us conscious beings. This divine light is what we call spirit, and these can happen in different lifetimes. It could be your soul came from a distant planet in the past. And now, you are born as a human being here on Earth.

According to most theorists, they believe starseeds are souls who wander. They come from one planet to another. Here on Earth, starseeds teach human beings and inspire them to help the planet evolve. Many also believe that starseeds are aliens from different worlds. They exist because they chose to become lightworkers on Earth.

Another theory explains that starseeds also come from inter-consciousness birth. A great example would be the birth of Jesus Christ. Mother Mary, who is Jesus' mother, bore him through a virgin birth. It could be the soul of Jesus has existed in the past, and it reincarnated in our biblical history.

Most starseeds reincarnate as human beings on Earth. The reason behind this is because Earth evolves all the time. It is also a three-dimensional planet. It has the perfect balance of both angelic and physical experience. With that, starseeds choose to live among us on Earth to continue our planet's expansion.

Another fact about starseeds is they reincarnate for a purpose. Most of these purposes are for karma. When a Starseed comes back in a different lifetime, they learn new lessons or take a different path.

Moreover, starseeds are more advanced compared to other beings in the galaxy. They have an older spirit with exquisite knowledge about science. Starseeds are beings that help other beings in different realms and universes. They reincarnate for a purpose, and most of it benefits the planet they place in.

The main reason why starseeds exist is to experience and learn once again. They also exist to share the light with other human beings by spreading kindness. With that, starseeds also make the world a better place to live in.

Regardless of whether starseeds exist or not, you will never know which theory is closer to the truth. But it is not a sign to stop the curiosity in you about starseeds. Keep reading, and you will know more about starseeds and their characteristics.

How will you know if you are a Starseed?

By this time, you might be wondering how to tell if you are a Starseed or not. The first thing you should notice is you feel like you are different from others. Starseeds come from different planets and universes, and it is typical for a Starseed to feel distinct from normal human beings.

If you fantasize about the galaxy, universe, and the stars that surround it, you could be a Starseed. You hope for reincarnation. You admire the thought of existing in different worlds. Starseeds also love to wonder about their whereabouts and purpose in this world. But even if you feel such a feeling, you will never know if you are a Starseed.

It is human nature to look for alignment, culture, society, or a particular group you want to be in. For humans to be happy and content, we crave a sense of connection. It could be a connection towards a family member, friend, or significant other. It could also be a connection between you and the stars.

Whether starseeds are real or not, humans love to identify themselves. One would introduce themselves as Roman Catholic, or a conservative communist. Regardless if you are a real Starseed or not, humans can present themselves as one. You can say you are a Starseed Pleiadian, to be exact if you wish.

These temporary self-identities are what make humans “human.” These identities are dependent on one's personality that builds relationships and life paths. You can make your own identity in this world. And some, like starseeds, hunt their essence into the stars.

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Where did the concept of starseeds come from?

The idea of starseeds came from the concepts made by channelers. These channelers connect with the Akashic realm. The Akashic records show everything you need to know. Information such as emotions, relationships, creations, and human race details are on it. These records are not based on one domain of spacetime only.

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Only channelers who understand can comprehend information such as the Akashic records. Thus, the idea of starseeds and their existence in this world came from the spiritualists. They can also determine what starseed type a person is and how they came here to Earth.

Types of Starseeds

There are different types of starseeds one can be. Although they came to Earth to teach and heal humans, they help depending on their style. Starseeds have only one intention, and that is to help humanity evolve. Some of them might have a darker and more important mission to do as well.

But, regardless of how huge or small their purpose here on Earth, not all starseeds come with the light. To know more about the meaning of each starseed type, here are some you might need to know:

Sirian Starseeds

This type of Starseed soul originates from the Sirius A and Sirius B planets. These planets are the brightest of all stars in the Earth's sky. Sirian starseeds have souls who once lived in Vega, which belongs in the Lyra constellation group. According to experts, Vega is where Earth's beings came from billions of years ago.

Between the two planets, Sirius B is the smaller one. It is also the home to water creatures, such as merpeople and Mingus. Both Sirius A and Sirius B aroused human beings. According to many astrologers and starseed experts, humans came from ascended creatures. It was Sirius A that gave humans ascended masters, such as Mother Mary and Jesus.

Learn more in this Sirius B Starseeds guide.

Many historians and astrologists mention Sirius in textbooks and readings. Many people find the Dog Star Sirius very fascinating as well. Ancient Egyptians and Africans connect with the Star Sirius for many reasons. Since it is the brightest star in the sky, they refer to it as Alpha Canis Majoris.

In recent years, humans discovered that the Star Sirius is a two-star system. A particular tribe in Africa, called the Dogon tribe, was the first to realize it was a two-star system. Besides, Africans still believe in its wonders up to this day.

There are some traits that Sirian starseeds have. Here are among some of them:

They are more drawn to ancient civilizations and old cultures. They are interested mostly in lost ancient civilizations and they like studying about them.

They have a high interest in the Star Sirius system.

They love dogs and other creatures related to dogs (such as wolves).

They embrace the ways of the Earth. Hence, they are the “salt of the earth” type of beings.

They do not get easily angry and have the most fantastic patience.

They find it hard to express their emotions and feelings to other people.

They find it difficult to channel and communicate relationships. Sirian starseeds are more reserved towards expressing themselves.

They daydream more than other Starseed types.

They have excellent alternative ways of healing. They do it through magic or metaphysics. Sometimes, they also use witchcraft to heal people and the Earth.

They can have the same traits as the Lyran starseeds. Like them, they also share characteristics like cats and lions.

They love to maintain their friendships close and tight. But they only keep a small group of friends. They instead have few trusted friends than having more casual acquaintances.

They love science fiction movies and books.

They have the most creative minds in arts, writing, and other crafts.

They often feel their mission is to defend the animals or save Mother Earth.

Sirian alignments are both throat chakra and sacral.

They love tattoos, and most Sirian starseeds have some on their bodies. Since they are artistic creatures, tattoos are a way to express their creativeness. They also like to wear accessories and dress all the time.

They always feel a deep connection with a water element, including water beings. They love sea creatures in general, such as whales, dolphins, and more.

They have a massive fascination with mermaids since they were kids.

They have a strong relationship with ascended masters.

They are very task-oriented and responsible.

When it comes to a sense of humor, they are among the hilarious ones compared to other Starseed types.

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Pleiadian Starseeds

The Pleiadian starseeds originated from the Pleiades, which is a group of seven stars. Known as the Seven Sisters, this cluster of the star has many names according to star experts. It is also called Messier 45 and The Eye of the Bull. This star group is in the Taurus constellation.

Pleiadian starseeds came from either of the seven stars in the Pleiades. These souls have reincarnated from one lifetime to another. As starseeds, most of them chose to incarnate here on Earth.

The sign of the Seven Sisters can be very familiar to humans, especially in this modern time. The character is like the logo of Subaru, the automobile company. According to Starseed experts, Pleiadian starseeds have been on Earth for so long. They are the Earth keepers, and they say the planet is about 600 billion years old.

Like Sirius starseeds, Pleiadian starseeds are also fun and creative. They are lovable beings as well. They live in fifth-dimensional frequencies, and that's where their creativity came from. When it comes to the human perspective, they help improve matriarchal society. They encourage rights for women, children, and families.

Some other Starseed types are not much human when it comes to traits. But, Pleiadian starseeds, are more emotional and spiritual beings. As the years went by, the Pleiadians behave like humans. But they have evolved faster in emotion and in spirit. Most of them use this as a way to guide human beings. But their main goal on Earth is to help humans spread love and consciousness to the planet.

Some Pleiadian Starseed traits are the following:

When it comes to mannerisms, Pleiadian starseeds are gentler than normal human beings. They are also kind and polite beings compared to other starseeds.

Due to their kindness and generosity, Pleiadian starseeds are humanitarians. Most of them might have worked as counselors and therapists who look after people who need help.

Aside from being kind, Pleiadian starseeds are very empathetic. They relate to almost everyone's energies because they need it for their alignment.

When it comes to physical traits, Pleiadian starseeds are tall beings. They have slender bodies and blonde hair. They also have high cheekbones, long limbs, and perfect jawlines, and blue eyes. But physical attributes still differ in human beings.

Most Pleiadians DNA or origin comes from the northern part of Earth. Some also come from Northern Europe.

They are lovable beings, and their purpose is to spread love all over the world.

They like to learn more about astrology. Pleiadian starseeds fancy the stars, science, and the concept of outer space. They also love science, fiction books, and movies.

Pleiadians are family-oriented beings.

They are pleasers. They love to please everyone who surrounds them. The reason why Pleiadians are pleasers is they can take advantage of it, and they love it that way.

Along with their kindness comes sensitivity. Pleiadians are the sensitive-type of starseeds. They always wear their hearts on their sleeves.

As Pleiadians evolve and grow up, they tend to feel different compared to everyone else.

They have a strong feeling of purpose to fulfill in their lifetime.

Pleiadians are kings and queens of balance. They believe in polarities, such as Yin and Yang and the Sun and Moon.

When they are not in their alignment, Pleiadian starseeds experience food sensitivities. Their sensory issues and anxiety also get affected.

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Arcturian Starseeds

The Arcturian starseeds originated from the most advanced civilizations in our galaxy, Arcturus. These beings are from fifth-dimensions who have built a society that lives here on Earth. Most experts believe that Arcturians are the original prototype of human beings. They also think the way humans live here on Earth came from Arcturians.

But compared to normal human beings, Arcturian starseeds are more spiritual. They have impressive healing powers due to how healthy their spirituality is. Arcturian starseeds are also more involved and mentally advanced. They think straight and always have their facts straight in any situation.

As healers of humanity and the planet, their advanced mental state is a great advantage. Star experts say humans pass by an Arcturian energetic architecture after they die. It is like a channel that leads human souls from death to rebirth. Thus, reincarnation happens once again.

Like any other fifth dimension, even the ninth one, Arcturus has a sense of an angelic realm. This heavenly realm can be helpful when it comes to landing in the right place after death and rebirth. The landing station of the souls varies in etheric forms and nonphysical consciousness.

Another fun fact about Arcturus is it is the brightest star in the Bootes constellation. Arcturian starseeds are incarnated on Earth. They contact through channels and divination.

To know more traits about Arcturian starseeds, here are some you need to know.

Arcturian starseeds are among the best public speakers.

They make great leaders in companies, workplaces, and communities.

They are knowledgeable about technology. Arcturian starseeds are passionate about developing technology. They find it necessary here on Earth to make living easier.

They are fearless and not scared of death.

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Arcturian starseeds have a sense of arrogance and high ego. Although it sounds terrible, they take this to their advantage when guiding humans. They use arrogance to discipline them.

They are smart and are excellent at mathematics. They get interested in geometry and a little bit in metaphysics.

Arcturian souls who come in human form are dark-skinned compared to other starseeds. But, their physical appearances, including skin tone, still differ.

They are people who love to plan. They are always organized and developing plans whenever they want. When it comes to planning, Arcturian starseeds still stick to it and stay on track.

They are compassionate beings, but they don't let their guards down. They always secure their feelings and keep their hearts guarded.

When they feel hurt or upset, they are expressive when it comes to showing their anger. They have strong emotions, and anger is one of the strongest ones they have.

When it comes to having a passionate drive for success, Arcturians are confident. Confidence runs in their blood, and they are famous for it.

Among their most remarkable abilities is telepathy. They can read and see through a person's mind. They can tell what other people think, and they can relay a message through telepathy.

Arcturians strive to make a better society on Earth. Their main goal is to build a world with advanced technology. They aim to build the world without compromising the spiritual aspect.

Most career paths that Arcturian starseeds choose are math-related. They belong to engineering and architecture, science, math, and advanced medicine.

Arcturians are intelligent. They are also motivated individuals that always have a strong drive to do what they do.

Most Arcturian starseeds are black sheep in their families. This is because they are more advanced, and they think compared to their relatives. They are often misunderstood because of their strong personality and smart mind.

They love getting attention and receiving appreciation from everyone.

Since they are arrogant beings, they somehow can't control their emotions. But, being complacent is among the reasons why they exist. They need to learn how to be humble, and it is one of the lessons they should keep in mind.

Arcturians are sensitive when it comes to sensory processing issues. They can sense smells and feel things more than an average human being.

They have a lower body temperature compared to an average human being. But this is not due to health conditions.

They also have lower blood pressure.

Andromedan Starseed

Andromedan starseeds are loving beings who incarnate humans on Earth. This type of Starseed originated from the Andromeda Galaxy. The Andromeda Galaxy also comes in the name MS31 or M31. They also have great telepathic abilities.

Unlike other types of starseeds who have many missions, Andromedans only have one. Their only purpose is to spread love and bring peace to beings captured by Reptilians. With that, they are full of love and compassion. They always follow their heart when it comes to making decisions.

Aside from being lovable and heart-centered, Andromedan starseeds are also smart. They are more advanced compared to other Starseed types or an average human being. They can master all branches of science, which they take in as an advantage.

Andromedan brains have the perfect balance on both left and right. Experts say an Andromedan's brain makes them unique beings in the universe. On Earth, there are only a few Andromedan starseeds here than other planets or galaxies.

Here are some Andromedan Starseed traits you can check for yourself:

They are the most comfortable beings to talk to. Compared to other Starseed types, Andromedan starseeds are easy talkers. You will not have a hard time opening up to Andromedans because they are easy to converse with.

When it comes to mannerism, they are somehow like Pleiadian starseeds. They are meek and gentle. They also have a laid-back and chill personality, making it easy for humans to talk to them.

Their laid-back personality gives them chances to talk to people. They make them better versions of themselves all the time. They also have a light aura, which makes people feel comfortable when talking to them.

They are among the purest types of starseeds.

When it comes to physical aspects, Andromedan starseeds look younger than their age. They are thin, tall, and most of them have bald heads. They also act like a child sometimes.

Andromedans are very observant. They prefer to stay in the low or the background. They like looking at people and observe their behavior from afar.

They love freedom more than anything.

Human beings who have an Andromedan soul often love to travel. Most of them are travelers, and they always have a strong desire for exploration.

They have commitment issues when it comes to maintaining a relationship. They tend to slack off monogamous relationships because of their fear of commitment.

They are emotional beings. Thus, they always put high walls and guard their heart and feelings. They also avoid conflict as much as possible.

Their career paths are on the creative and artistic side. Most Andromedan starseeds are musicians, teachers, and spiritual leaders. Some are also tarot readers, artists, and writers.

When it comes to their lifestyle, they are carefree and spontaneous.

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Indigo, Crystal, and Rainbow Starseeds

Like the Crystal and Rainbow starseeds, the Indigo Starseed has excellent supernatural abilities. Compared to other Starseed types, Indigo beings can do telepathy. They also have extra skills such as clairvoyance, energy-cleansing, reality-shifting, and deep empathy. Let's not miss out on their great light-emanation talents.

Between the three soul starseeds, they have different personalities. For Indigos, experts say they got their traits from Archangel Michael. Among those traits are the stubbornness and unfairness of Indigo starseeds.

For Crystal starseeds, they got their traits from Archangel Gabriel. They are lighter and purer compared to Indigo and Rainbow starseeds. They instill clarity, joy, and light within them and give fair judgments as well.

Rainbow starseeds instill some Indigo traits as well. They are the healers of the souls who wish to come to Earth. These three-soul groups come together as one. Through a soul's interaction with these three, they can detach from the physical world. The detachment will be like a spiritual exercise rather than a unique advanced event.

These three soul groups are also lightworkers here on Earth. They serve their purpose to humanity and work for humans to be better. Although they come from distant galaxies, they share one mission here on Earth.

Lightworker Starseeds

This unique Starseed soul is not one to miss whenever one discusses Starseed types. Although they are often disregarded, they play an essential role in different galaxies. Lightworker starseeds are unique souls who come from other realms to serve a mission. And that is to help incarnate souls and make worlds and planets evolve.

Lightworker starseeds are always serious with births. They focus more on raising humans with consciousness in the world. Among their mission include spreading peace, love, and goodness to every human being. Unlike other starseeds, Lightworkers are not bound to any planet. They do their mission for the light.

Orion Starseeds

Among other starseeds types, the Orion Starseed is the most curious one. A human being with an Orion Starseed soul is always curious. Their minds are still running with questions and thoughts that need answers. They are also mighty and can make beings here on Earth by using their mind.

Orion Starseed souls come from the Orion constellation. About hundreds of beings in the Orion constellation migrated to other star groups. If you think you are an Orion Starseed, you came from a different star system aside from the Orion. You might not know which Orion constellation you came from.

Orions are also intelligent starseeds. They have a strong admiration for science and research. Although they can be brilliant, the downside is that they are not emotional beings. They don't understand how emotions and feelings work. They only use their minds but not their hearts when doing their missions.

Orion's primary goal on this Earth is to help humans understand the importance of science. The Earth is always evolving, and science plays a significant impact on it. Orion starseeds believe that humans need to trust humanoids and be faithful. This spiritual mission not only comes at a personal level but in all aspects of one's life.

Although Orion's mission also involves spiritual means, most Orion starseeds work for Reptilians. 

Here are among some traits that Orion starseeds have:

Orion starseeds are more scientific beings. You will feel amazed by how intelligent they are when they speak. They are also knowledgeable in all science branches. This includes chemistry, genetics, astronomy, and more.

Their excellent and organized mentality drives their intelligence.

They are more mental than emotional beings. Since they are into science, they believe the mind is more powerful than the heart. They rarely understand feelings, and they find it challenging to learn how to love. They don't have much experience in dealing with emotions as well.

Although they are not emotional beings, they still have a sense of humor. They are the life of the party in certain groups. Not only that, but they also instill great optimism. They are always showing a positive vibe.

They tend to believe in what they think is the truth. They have their own opinions. They rarely change their perspectives about a particular thing.

Since they are knowledgeable in almost all topics, they are often referred to as the “jack of all trades.”

They may come off as cold people due to their lack of empathy and emotions.

Some Orion starseeds are best off as entrepreneurs because of their intelligence. They also make good leaders and inspire others to be better versions of themselves.

They are task-oriented and organized. They like to keep things in place and see things in a detailed process or plan

Orion Starseed souls often incarnate with earth signs. These are either Capricorn, Taurus, or Virgo.

They have the best logical thinking among other Starseed types.

When it comes to physical aspects, Orion starseeds have ice blue eyes. But physical appearances will still differ.

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Feline or Lyran Starseeds

The Feline starseeds come from the Lyran constellation. They are also referred to as Lyran starseeds since they came to that star group. There are only a few stars in the Lyra constellation, but the main planet where they originated from is Vega. This type of Starseed is famous in history, especially in Egypt. You can see feline or cat drawings on artworks in ancient Egyptian civilizations.

Thus, a race of Feline starseeds became a thing in Egypt's history. Lyran starseeds helped humans build the ancient world, including ancient Egypt and Atlantis. Three main Starseed souls come from the Lyra constellation: Lyrans, Vegans, and Felines.

Lyran starseeds also have telepathic abilities, and experts say they are excellent psychics. They develop spiritual skills faster than other Starseed types. Their spiritual gifts are helpful to them because they enjoy them, especially for their physical realities. Most Lyran starseeds live in higher dimensions. They seek clarity and light through eternal consciousness.

Here are some specific traits that Lyran starseeds have:

They have cat-like physical appearances, especially the eyes. Most Lyran starseeds have cat eyes and a bird-like appearance such as a thin face shape.

They enjoy manual labor. Lyrans are among the most hard-working beings in the universe.

For their leisure, they like enjoying good food and alcohol. They also enjoy exploring sexual stuff.

Lyrans have a strong connection to both cats and bird species.

Since they always do manual labor, they also love to exercise. Sweating is not a problem with them since they are athletic.

Their consciousness is not stable. It can change from time to time.

They need more sleep compared to the average human being.

Unlike the Orion starseeds, they are the observant type rather than being the life of the party. During social gatherings and events, they sit and observe everyone else in the room.

They are independent compared to other Starseed types.

Although they have well-planned goals, they get distracted all the time. There is a possibility that they end up abandoning their tasks. They also get bored fast.

They love to travel and explore.

They have a cat-like type of curiosity.

The zodiac signs they most likely incarnate are Leo and Sagittarius.

Venusian Starseeds

There are stories where other planets and worlds once supported Earth before it came to life. Not only that, but it could also be possible to many other planets in other galaxies and the universe. Aside from Earth, there is one planet that humans think they can inhabit. That planet is no different than Venus.

Venus is like Earth's twin sister. Thus, Venusian starseeds are prominent on Earth. Among other starseeds types, Venusians reincarnate in humans most here on Earth. Venusians live in the fourth dimensions and have a name called Hathors.

In ancient Egypt, Hathor is a cow goddess where Egyptians pray for motherhood and love. According to legends, Hathor came from Venus and had a Venusian soul inside her. They say Hathor came to Earth to teach humans how to love.

Here are among the traits of Venusian starseeds that you should know:

Venusian Starseed beings are tall and slim.

They are sensual and passionate beings. They are also compassionate, but they always find it challenging to commit to one mate for life.

They are nurturing individuals that care for others.

One of the most spiritual beings. They still feel guilty and overthink that they are always at fault. They also need to remind themselves to stay grounded since they can go high up in their head sometimes.

They are more connected to the universe and spiritual guides.

They are knowledgeable about metaphysics. They always encourage to bring the new age in and evolve.

Because of Hathor and Venus, they also believe in Aphrodite. They are more drawn to ancient Egyptian values as well.

Since they are people of Venus, they look beautiful in all aspects. Women Venusian starseeds are always the model-looking type. For men, Venusian starseeds still have a perfect masculine figure.

Martian Starseeds

There are tons of stories about how Martians came to life billions of years ago. Martians wanted to take part in the Earth's evolution. Thus, they went here and have existed before humans did.

Other stories say Mars has bred beings in a different dimension because there is water on the planet. But there is not much evidence yet for people to claim it is true. To know more about Martian Starseed traits, here are some you should know:

Martian starseeds are more drawn about Mars. They also aspire to travel and build a whole empire on Mars in the future.

They have a desire to build a new and advanced human race here on Earth and Mars.

They have strong connections to both water and fire elements.

They tend to have visions and dreams that involve living on Mars.

Polarian Starseeds

Polarian starseeds are the first spiritual beings here on Earth. They originated from the North Star Polaris. According to experts, they came from a higher dimension, and they are among the biggest ones. During that time, they come in gigantic sizes. Here are some traits you can look into in Polarian starseeds.

They are more drawn to the North Star Polaris since it is their origin place.

Aside from the North Star, they are also drawn to other dimensions.

They are spiritual beings compared to different Starseed types.

They are more interested in human origins and the process of ascension.

They are empathic beings.

They are also nonbinary.

They are gigantic in size and height.

Polarian starseeds often feel like they have existed for a long time.

They can sense catastrophic situations, such as earthquakes. They can feel it in their soul.

Their energies are always aligned with the Earth's energy. They can feel climate changes, shift in seasons, and other natural evolution.

They still have dreams and visions of Lemuria. Lemuria is a long-lost civilization.

They love relationships and teamwork. They make great partners to their husbands and wives.

When it comes to finances and riches, they are always lucky. They can gain wealth as well because they are hard-working beings.

They have an interest in spiritual enlightenment and metaphysics.

They have a strong sense of purpose on this Earth. But they are unsure of what their goal is.

They are often shy beings and prefer stability rather than spontaneous events.

Draconian Starseeds

Draconian Starseed souls came from the Draco constellation. According to astrology studies, Draco means “dragon,” and they are the toughest starseeds. Since their name means dragon, they are always linked with reptiles as well.

Most beings in the Reptilian race came from the Draco constellation as well. Among the famous Draconian beings are also the Lifgarians. Many say Draconians are selfish beings, not to mention they are evil ones too. But there are Draconians here on Earth who do their best to help humanity.

To know more about Draconian starseeds, here are some traits they have:

They are intelligent beings. They love math, science, and technology topics.

They are born leaders in different communities.

They don't follow the authorities. They find themselves higher among others and will only listen to themselves.

If they are not in their right alignment, they can be a bit manipulative and greedy.

If they are in their right alignment, they want to achieve a common goal and unite humanity as one.

As talented beings, they are great at coordinating and leading.

They are more attracted to reptiles, dragons, and amphibians.

When it comes to physical attributes, they have reptile-like features. Among these are having long faces, thin bodies, and lizard-like eyes.

They have a lower body temperature.

They like fitting and blending in, like a chameleon.

They are more drawn to the sun and warm places.

Most of the jobs they fit in are in politics, architecture, engineering, and the military. They can also be community leaders.

They always make sure to finish what they started.

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