Twin Flame Mirror Exercise: Here’s How to Master it! -

Twin Flame Mirror Exercise: Here’s How to Master it!

If you are traversing your twin flame journey, you might have encountered Twin Flame Mirror Exercises. This article will explain what it is and how you can do it.

Mirroring happens when your inner reality reflects in the outer reality. The twin flame mirror exercise has many variations which you can use effectively.

Twin flame mirroring is when your twin reflects all your subconscious and unconscious thoughts. It allows you to see their behavior of the things that are triggering you.

It may include beliefs, patterns, or any aspect that requires healing. They may lack attention towards you because you lack self-care, for example.

It is a fragmented reflection of you that tells you many things you have to realize. Usually, their unfavorable behavior stems from abandonment issues or rejections.

You can see why you are being triggered by actions or stuff through mirroring. They repel the energy you are giving them.

If you have not yet completely healed, broken cracks still are visible and resurface. Since both twin flames share the same soul frequency, you will encounter issues in your relationship.

These issues are necessary for both of you to learn to proceed with your journey towards Union. Whatever you do affects your twin flame and your vibrations.

When you look at yourself in the mirror, you see what you want to see. But when you stare longer and ask your higher self as your guide, you know the truth.

You cannot fool your higher self by telling stories to your ego self because it always tells the truth. You will also feel the truth in your heart no matter how difficult it is to see in reality.

The twin flame mirror exercises open up and heal your Union. It is a way to identify and release all that is clouding your twin flame union.

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You cannot see yourself truly because of the past wounds and fears accumulated in many lifetimes. As a result, your twin flame cannot see you, and they cannot clearly see themselves.

It is essential to release the baggage you are carrying, which is not yours, to begin with. You may have been carrying some loads from your past relationships that are affecting your heart now.

With the help of practicing the exercises, you have a clearer vision of yourself. Consequently, your twin flame will begin to see you as their partner and the clarity of your Union.

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When you make a choice using the exercises, you choose to heal. Therefore, it is leading you to your twin flame union.

So, to get started, here is the step-by-step guide.

How to do the Mirror Exercise?

You need a pen and a paper to write out what is upsetting you in as few words as possible. For example, you write: I am dismayed with my twin flame because he is possessive and controlling.

It is vital to put into words the most significant problem you encounter in your twin flame journey. You can take your time while doing this and be honest.

Write the sentence once again but change the pronouns to point them to yourself. For example, you change it to: I am dismayed with myself because I am possessive and controlling.

After changing it, ask yourself if there is truth in your statements. As you go deeper in your contemplation, you’ll discover the root of the issue.

You'll happen to say that there is truth to it because you often become jealous. As a result, you sometimes misinterpret things causing you to think negatively.

You tend to act like a control freak, and sometimes, you believe that it is from your twin flame. But in fact, it is yours.

Keep in mind that there’s no need to rush in this exercise. Most of the time, you want to finish the exercise quickly, so you want to make it fast.

However, when you do this, you'll not be able to identify the primary cause. Moreover, practice can also improve your speed in doing the exercise.

It is difficult to see the truth when you are in a hurry. But as you do it often, you can spot easily when you are lying to yourself.

So, close your eyes and imagine what the hurt and problem you are experiencing is. Imagine them in front of you and ask them straightforwardly.

Ask them what they need in order for you to heal. Do they need love and attention right now?

Imagine hugging that part of you with much love or anything it may need. You can also ask them for advice on how you can heal that part of you.

This step may require an imaginary dialogue with yourself like a consultation. You understand what and why it makes you upset in that conversation.

You start to grasp what you can do for healing by following your own advice.

Depending on your issue, it is an important step that may require one or several sessions.

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What are the results of the Mirror Exercise?

When you do the mirror exercise frequently, you will know yourself better. In addition, your twin flame will recognize you profoundly.

Both of you appreciate the twin flame connection you share, strengthening your relationship. You can explore and work on the things that surface, whether expectedly or unexpectedly.

As a result, you gain the motivation to continue your twin flame journey together. It is keeping you going all the way, and you can feel the Union coming into manifestation.

You feel great, ecstatic, and grateful in your heart for the healing and learning. Union becomes inevitable because, at this point, you get going without turning back.

You most likely feel better emotionally as you continue your twin flame spiritual journey. You start to learn how to give yourself all the love and acceptance you seek.

It makes you realize how incredibly a wonderful person you are and capable of many things. You recognize that you have the power to heal yourself, including anything that upsets you.

Aside from solidifying your twin flame connection, you strengthen the relationship with yourself. You prioritize yourself by loving yourself more and being genuinely you.

As you recognize the real you at your core, it also reveals who your twin flame is at their core. It is part of a beautiful process, so don't be hard on yourself when you are learning.

The twin flame connection is all about introspection for self-discovery. You learn self-love as your twin flame stirs up your darkest shadows.

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They bring up your darkness without judgment to open up your heart. It can be painful, frustrating, or may take a lot of time and effort to accomplish.

You have been hiding behind your fathomless skeleton in the closet for so long. It is time for change and for healing.

What matters most is that it allows you to unfold the truth and allow the light to get in. Go into the corners of vulnerability and bring love there within you.

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(P.S. Finding your twin flame is a meeting of souls, and could lead to a tumultuously hot ‘bedroom’ experience.)

What are the areas you can heal with Mirror Exercise?

Mirror exercise is a self-help tool anyone can do. It is a valuable tool you can carry out in your awakening process.

It targets many areas in yourself, your twin flame, and your relationships. The list below mentions a few areas to look into.

The traumas you have had in the past life and wounds that impact your current reality. You have lived countless lives which accumulate unhealed traumas.

These upsets are imprinted in your psyche, and you carry them into your present. They resurface, especially when with the help of your twin flame's triggering.

Sometimes, these are also childhood wounds that may be related to family relationships or abandonment issues. They may also stem from problems involving self-love and confidence.

Moreover, the lineage through ancestral traumas can be involved when it comes to family. When you are in your mother's womb, you get all the life force from both parental families.

Similarly, some diseases you have are from your family lineage or, shall we call it, hereditary. Any traumas from ancestors could bleed through the origin to future generations.

There are many to mention psychological symptoms of trauma. For instance, shock, denial, disbelief, anxiety, and fear.

You may also feel disconnected from yourself, people, and everything around you. You withdraw from others or push them away with your anger, irritability, and mood swings.

You feel hopeless, sad, and confused, and you become too focused on negativity. You blame and direct such guilt to yourself.

Trauma, in general, has different faces, and it shows in various situations. It may be easy to spot them, and as you look closely, you can see them clearly.

Unhealed traumas could send harmful messages to your mind and body.

Another thing is aligning your imbalance of the chakra system. It is vital so you can generate and circulate well-balanced energy throughout your body.

It is just like food nourishes the body or exercise improves circulation. The chakra system must be adjusted or tuned in frequently to enhance your well-being.

You may also need healing regarding the systems taught to you by your school, race, religion, etc. Some programs create mind conditioning, which you must break free.

When you learn to break down the walls that create boundaries, you strip their power over you. You are taking baby steps towards finding the truth and connecting to the Source.

You cut cords from toxic past or people like friends, lovers, or family members. You begin to clear money blocks and balance the Yin and Yang energies within yourself.

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