Twin flame with someone else: What to do now? -

Twin flame with someone else: What to do now?

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You may be wondering if it's possible that your twin flame is dating someone else. Yes, it is, but the next question you might ask is what you should do next.

It can be totally fine when you are not yet with your twin flame. There is nothing to worry about because everyone has their divine timing when they meet their twin flame.

Everyone has a unique timeline in their journey, and it is possible you meet different people. There will be moments when you create relationships with other people.

In the same way, it can also happen with your twin flame. You both go through many experiences before meeting each other.

When you see your twin flame dating someone else, you might feel confused. You may doubt destiny and question what true love is.

It is a reality for some twin flames knowing that they are not yet together with their twin flame.

My twin flame is with someone else. What should I do?


Everyone has a path they follow in their life, and each person makes choices. You might be missing your twin flame. However, it can be inevitable to feel jealous seeing your twin flame with someone else.

It is normally given that you have an intense soul connection. You might feel attachment because of it.

When you know about your twin flame's romantic status, you might be angry, also. You feel that the world is unfair because you met them in such a situation.

However, it is essential to understand the reason why you are not yet together. You are not yet with your twin flame because you are not yet ready.

It may be possible that you are both in a stable relationship. It may mean that you may have to continue learning things by yourselves.

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Whether they are with someone else before or after they met you, it is not important. It only means it happens when you are in separation.

It is possible for your twin flame to like someone else or even date them. You should not consider it as if they are cheating on you.

The fact that you are not yet together means that you are not ready for the intensity. Your intense relationship in your twin flame journey may not be for them at the moment.

They may prefer the lighter relationship for now than the fireworks. It also means that they are still suffering from their past trauma and may not enter healing yet.

The wounds from the past make them vulnerable. They may still be in denial of the strong bond of the twin flame.

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Being separated from your twin flame can be a great time for you. You are free to do what you want without concerning yourself too much about them.

Use the time to shift your focus to yourself. You can focus on your health by exercising and preparing meal plans for the week.

Remember, you have to work on yourselves first before you can work on each other. If you want your relationship to work, you have to work on yourself.

It means that your twin flame destiny is just as important as your personal goals. But you can’t put one on hold while pursuing the other.

Assess yourself because maybe you lack giving them attention, so they seek it from someone else.


It could also be that they are waiting for you to get your act together and become ready for the union. Or they are afraid of the commitment of a relationship.

They may want to see how things go before they make a decision. Your twin flame might not be aware of your twin flame's destiny yet.

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In that case, you have to be patient and kind until they will have their awakening. You can help them to recognize that they are meant to be with you by sharing with them your twin flame awareness.

You can also tell them that you have become consciously aware of your twin flame destiny. This can help them understand what you mean when you say you are meant to be with them.

Whatever the case may be, you can’t force your twin flame to come to you in a hurry. You can’t rush your own or their ascensions and thereby union.

If you’re still waiting for your twin flame to come into your life, you might feel a little frustrated. Don't let that frustration turn into anger, but rather just keep it cool.

Remember that you’re on a journey together, and it’s best to keep the focus on the journey. Don't pressure yourself and your twin flame, but rather support and assist each other.

If you’ve become consciously aware, you might be tempted to put your love life on hold in the hopes of hurrying union along. But it doesn’t work that way, so all you can do is patiently wait.

It’s important to remember that if you are waiting for your twin flame destiny, you’re not just waiting for them. You are also waiting for your true self and soul awakening to be ready for them.

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Let it Flow

You need to let go of any expectation or desire that they are going to magically appear in front of you. Instead, focus on raising your frequency and staying in a state of love.

You certainly can’t make someone fall in love with you just because you’re waiting for them. Love comes, and there's no way to make it happen any faster.

You must keep a very high frequency to be able to sustain the journey with your twin flame. Being at a lower frequency, it would be difficult to harmonize with the higher frequency of unconditional love.

You need to raise your frequency as much as possible. You will have to do that by consciously transcending into higher-dimensional thinking.

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Twin flames have a divine mission they have to fulfill, and they both radiate unconditional love. However, there will be twin flame partners who choose to avoid the journey.

Their hesitations stemming from past relationships deviate them from the truth. They are afraid of what will happen to them because they always think about getting hurt.

But because twin souls are energetically linked, they feel each other’s joy and pain. The eternal bond cannot be dissolved through time or any human experience.

Embrace the sequence of events in your timeline and stop comparing yours with others. You don't have to worry about your twin flame's feelings toward others, too.

Continue to live your life and learn more about twin flames so that you can equip yourself. There are many helpful articles and expert opinions.

You can also ask for advice from guides and advisors on how to deal with it. But one thing is for sure, enrich yourself with wisdom and knowledge to make the right decisions.

It will hurt when you know they confess their feelings towards someone else. But what can you do about it? Let it be, and allow your twin flame to undergo the process themselves.

They will eventually come back when they are ready for the very special love of twin flames.

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What are some tips if your twin flame is happy with someone else?

If you have already met your twin flame, but they are happy with someone else, what should you do? Here are some tips you can do, starting with overcoming jealousy.

There are many issues because of your jealousy towards your twin flame. It can be a real obstacle for a relationship to succeed.

Be ready to accept the fact that they can also be happy with someone else currently. It is normal to be happy with someone who is not your twin flame.

It's a bit sad, but that's how it works that way. Learn how to deal with jealousy to have a healthy relationship with your twin flame.

Focus on what you can do to make them happy when you are together. In that way, you can take care of them better as no one else did.

We can meet people who waste time and emotions with people they are not compatible with. Finding your twin flame is a difficult task, and you will recognize them when you see them.

Another tip is to stay away from your twin flame if they are with someone else. You are likely to get into trouble meddling with them.

Don't follow them everywhere they will go, and just let them be. If they are happy that it doesn't involve you yet, be grateful.

You don't want to scare them away, thinking you are their stalker. They are likely to keep their distance, especially when they haven't known you well yet.

You may be sad, but everything will be better soon. Think about it as something you do for the both of you. Do not entertain any twin flame suicidal thoughts

It leads to more pain and disappointment if you stay in contact with your twin flame. If you are unsure of your role yet, it is best to give them space to grow.

If you stay away from them, they realize many things, like how much you mean to them. They can also realize how letting go of their current partner will lead them to you.

But you must remember not to expect anything from them. They cannot just drop everything at once and change instantly.

It is possible that they will start loving you eventually. However, it is also possible that they might never love you again.

Just prepare yourself for whatever possibility that can happen. If they are with someone else, be happy for them while they are being happy.

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